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Labor's clear alternative - a fairer, more prosperous Territory



Labor's clear alternative - a fairer, more prosperous Territory


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domestic revenue in one year. This budget hits the pockets of Territory families in every single way it possibly could. And while costs are going up, jobs are going down. 3600 full time jobs have been lost since the CLP came to Government less than nine months ago. Failure to tackle alcohol crime I mentioned earlier that this Governments biggest claim to fame was their decision to increase the cost of living. But not far behind was their decision to increase public drunkenness and anti social behaviour on our streets. Police told them that scrapping the BDR would be removing the best tool police had. They ignored them. Police were right. Public drunkenness has escalated. Last week we saw the farcical policy of bringing back the BDR only it wont be enforced. A banned problem drinker is free to buy as much alcohol as they like. This budget saves $2 million by scrapping the BDR which police said worked and instead the CLP spends $45 million on a plan that wont. A plan that police and doctors say wont work. The CLP say that the $45 million being spent next year will deal with 500 problem drinkers. That is $90 000 for each problem drinker on treatment that experts say wont work. What happens to the other 2000 problem drinkers who were on the banned drinker register? They can drink as much as they like. They can purchase alcohol without restriction. It is not just police, doctors and alcohol experts that say their plans wont work. The CLPs own member of parliament the member for Arnhem says wont work. She says that this policy