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The Northern Territory news Tue 2 Apr 2013



The Northern Territory news Tue 2 Apr 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, April 2, 2013. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:2-APGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: Do you think the north needs to be developed? YES Itwill be good for theTerritory. Itwill be good for jobs. MARSHALLROGERS,StuartPark YESAs long as they also developmore housing and create more jobs. STELLAKALIDONIS,Darwin YES Itwould begood for Darwin to grow bigger likeMelbourne andSydney. GUNKANG, Larrakeyah YESBut there needs to bework for the peoplewhomove uphere rather than putting a burdenon the local economy andhousing. KEITHWHITE,Darwin YESWehave a unique lifestyle up here. Itwould be good to getmore people uphere. CRAIGPASSANTE,Parap 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor time to close our border from southern invasion become our own nation ONEVERYTHING n I am no fan of the cash for containers scheme and feel ripped off. To get a refund one has to drive for miles with a sometimes long waiting time but Cokes court decision is obscene for Territorians. Now that I cant get a refund, I intend to drop my empties at the front door of their premises in Winnellie. Lots of space there and they can then dispose. n Jeremy Greaves dean of Christ Church Cathedral: please dont resign from your calling in Darwin. There are many ways you can assist in facilitating fixing this without your personally shouldering the grief of compassion burnout. My thoughts are with you. Shy Scribe Nightcliff n how about arresting twiggy and gina for suggesting such a plan jaol them if they set foot on our soil n I am a 68yr.old pensioner I cant work due to a chronic illness which affects my mobility. before that I worked all my life. My complaint is. Why do people who still work, receive rebates on every thing plus free air fares just because they are of pension age? n On 'Pot Believer', i think people should be allowed to grow two plants for personal use. I have serious medical problems which cause intense pain; this is greatly reduced if i smoke pot. The al ternative is to take morphine and other addictive drugs, which i dont like taking. Why cant myself and others like me use pot to help relieve pain, allowing us to function and live instead of just existing? n Im wondering if any of these psychologically deranged nutcases running Nth Korea have any clue whatsoever just how many nuclear warheads there are sitting out there aboard US nuclear missile armed submarines that are presently targeted on every place of any strategic significance within Nth Korea? n Bravo Sian Jones, Moil Primary. Letter to editer 01-04.This country needs more kids like you!! Dont let the big boys push you around & stick to you guns n AHA regards cruelty I say go put your energy into real cruelty to animals these dogs are not cruel nipping is not biting camp dogs and dogs roaming are amajor problem n Thank you for the informative articles in the Sunday paper on Gut Goodies, Healthy Belly/Healthy Headspace and The Bottom Line. The Mexican Choc Cake was good too. No egg, no dairy.A. Kruger n To accuse the Afghan govt & not mention our own govt shows you have no finger on the pulse of reality.Arth n Hey coffee angels. We still drink coffeewhen it rains Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Pain easier to bear than cost IN his letter, Please explain your ignorance on March 23, 2013, Lawrence challenges Tollners view that we all must share the burden of the previous governments spending, because it was the previous government that spent this money and not the Territorians themselves. That is not quite correct. Every electoral cycle we vote in a new government and, in doing so, we give them authority to spend our money and trust that they will live within their means. A good current example is the present Federal Government. Over the past five years, the Gillard/Rudd governments have spent our money like drunken sailors and the sad fact is that they have not only spent our money but that of our children and grandchildren. If you vote for the Federal Labor Party in Septembers poll, then you are basically authorising them to continue to spend money we do not have and, in that instance, you are responsible for allowing this debt to continue to grow. I would prefer to have a bit of pain now rather than subject our children to massive austerity measures forced on to us once the debt reaches such a level that other countries will not allow us to continue down that path. If you find this implausible, consider this fun fact. Cyprus has a population of over 1 million people and is considered a basket case because it owes $6 billion. There is concern that, if Cyprus fails, it could bring down Europe again. The Northern Territory has a population of under 250,000 people and yet has a debt heading towards $5 billion. So you decide a bit of pain now or forced austerity measures and riots further down the track? Peter of Larrakeyah Winston the six-year-old King Charles cavalier is not the greatest fan of the wet weather Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS If it means folks like Gina and Twiggymoving north, Id rather keep the taxes! Andy ONTHENORTHERN DREAM n Cant wait to earn $4.00 / hour in Ginas Special Zone, paying back the company for the house that they built so they could claim the tax breaks. We need local NT companies, not interstate or overseas owned megacompanies, to develop the NT. Capt Cook n Please fellow Territorians keep these two loonie tunes characters away fromNT affairs ( Gina and Twiggy ) they are aswelcome and benificial as cane toads, Looks likeWA is becoming too small for themNT rummyof Humpty doo n Keep dreaming this wont happen anytime soon simply because we have stupid people in Governments up here and in Canberra. They cannot see this through the rose coloured glasses this fools wear 24/7. Too much in their own dream worlds to worry about the progress of the NT or anywhere else for that matter. P***ed Off Voter & Taxpayer of Northlakes n Good one youse guys!!!! Your April 1st stories are always good. Jilly Darwin Born andBred ONBIKIE INVASION n About time, the quality of bikie in the NT has been pretty poor over the last few years. About time we had some fresh ideas and new faces. Really, if you asked a local bikie you want to buy some meth, theyll offer to give you a ride to Bunnings and tell you where the paint counter is. Ice ? Ummm ? Try up at the local servo, about $2 for a 2 Kg bag ! Capt Cook n Well the police better make a move now, because when theres a disturbance at Malak it takes 45 minutes for the fuzz to arrive. LMFAO PJ of Graa Castles ofMalak n What an over-kill of Police presence. 1 cop per 1 bikie FFS. Gee the Hells Angels are privileged to have such a large Police escort. I guess the crime rate will rise up here because the 'boys in blue' are busy babysitting bikies.!!!!! Anon ofNT ONCROCRUNOVER n I know that road well and in the last ten years I have run over a black panther and only recently hit a full grown Yowie that limped of f the road and threw stones at me! NT rummyofHumpty doo n @NT rummy of H Doo. Why the heck didnt you stop and catch them. Do you have any idea how much you can get for a black panther and a full grown Yowie on the black market! Next time STOP. Ask about borrowing croc traps, Im sure they will be able to snag 'figmentus imaginitus'. Jilly Darwin Born andBred