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Scenes of Darwin, Nightcliff and Middle Points



Scenes of Darwin, Nightcliff and Middle Points,


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Darwin, Nightcliff, Middle Point,


Snapshots of Darwin City, Nightcliff and Middle Point Water Buffalo Breeding farm. The date arrange is 2013 to 2015. Images include Anthony Plaza, Canopy in Raintree Park Darwin, Progress Drive Nightcliff, Sue Wah Chin Building Cavenagh Street, Darwin, Old Post Office Car park Cavenagh Street, Darwin, Phoenix Rebuild Nightcliff, Nightcliff Markets, GPO carpark and building, Litchfield Apartment, Mantra Panadaus and Cavenagh House, Phoenix Apartments, Raintree Park and the steps, Smith Street Mall, Knuckey Street and Soho Building, Removal of Monty's on the Mall eating area and the Mahogany trees and Asian Water Buffalo Breeding Farm at Middle Point,

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