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The Northern Territory news Fri 4 Jan 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, January 4, 2013. NT NEWS. 31 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:4-JAGE:31 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K If hes savvy enough to negotiate the deals he would need to constantly travel he should be smart enough to have a job SEEBELOW ONBDR LAPSE LETS MURDERACCUSED BACKONGROG n Its going to be the previous labor govs fault until its the previous CLP govs fault! NickA of DRWN n Cant argue with this. Has the CLP actually done anything we can be happy about since being elected? They are an absolute disgrace. Billy Smith ofHumptyDoo n We all know the BDR did not work, in fact the statistics did not change. Those who were on it just got friends to buy them alcohol. I saw it happen many times. You cant blame the CLP for that. Punisher of Palmerston n The CLPs gross arrogance, irresponsibility and stupidity in abolishing the BDR against the wishes of all relevant informed public service and key agancy opinion, and without commissioning any kind of objective evaluation of the BDRs effectiveness, and without providing an alternative means of containing the excessive drinking of the 2,300 people who were on the BDR indicates they are unfit to govern the NT. This new evidence proves the dangerous madness of their precipitous action. Bob Durnan of Alice Springs n Umm. They were always able to walk into any pub and drink. Matter of Opinion n Yes, Mr Matter, you could walk into any pub and drink. But pubs and clubs have laws preventing them serving people when they are drunk. Thus the capacity to get completely and violently blotto was reduced. Not completely eliminated but reduced. The Banned Drinkers Register was one initiative aimed to reduce the impact of alcohol in the community. It wasnt going to make us a sober society on its own. But ask any police officer. It really really did help. Basset of Rapid Creek ONFREE TOROAMON PENSION n And here the rest of us are working our butts off and bloody paying tax to survive, while other people are living like kings overseas. It really makes you feel like not going to work today or tomorrow or the next day or the next day. Good to see the saying fair go is alive and well!!!!!!! NOT. Wassa of Darwin n If hes savvy enough to negotiate the deals he would need to constantly travel. He should be smart enough to have a job like all the rest of us 60 year olds who are paying for his lifestyle choice and would love to be paid to travel but cant prove that tired of working is a disability. Centrelink needs to review these cases. Complainer n Great work if you can get it. Steve n How many jobs has this guy applied for lately? If he can travel through Asia then he can hold down a basic job. A lot of people in the NT are working harder because the organisation they work for cant find enough staff. If I dont see a follow up story about this guy losing his dole and being forced to work then Im heading down to Centrelink. The argument that he can afford a better living in third world countries on the dole than in Australia is no excuse for this insult to taxpayers. KMDof Darwin ONNEWYEARDOOA REALRIOT n Kick the little disrespectful p***k out Mum! Then he might grow up. Mic of Darwin n Pretty much sums up what is wrong with society today Brian Welch obviously has no respect for his mothers property. What hope is there for him having respect for anyone else or their property? mhayli SpeakUp: DO you think we should change the Australian flag? NO I dont reckon we should. I just dont think we need to. Its just tradition. STEVENOLSSON,Anula NOT SURE Im all about change. Thats all good, but you do have to pay respect to your roots. WILLIAMBURTON,Tiwi NO I think we should keep our links to England. JOYCEALLEN,Wagaman YES It should be a bit of the indigenous flag and a bit of the Australian flag. I think we should make it both. CLIVENUNGGARRGALU,Numbulwar NOMy husband is exDefence, so definitely not. There are still a lot of old Diggers around and to them its special. KERRYNSTEWARD,Tiwi 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor 300 plus party host. You clearly dont have any respect for yourmumor HER house. Id be kicking you out if I were her. Your bogan buddies need a reality check too. 26yo bloke ONTERRYMILLS n Mr Bills. How dare you take from Territorians what is not yours to take their lives and quality of life. What is yours is to look at is the inept desk jockeys that supposedly run these organisations. Just ask around. I am sure a few intelligent voters can help you save money. TA, CAS n Why dont these developers etc who build new suburbs and massive units pay for upgrades for pawa? After all they overload the infrastructure. Terry hater n Terry, this country is not Red China. You and your goons are accountable to us (like you said, remember?). The little people who put you there. We are twenty per cent smarter then you think we are, you patronizing ****. WW n Moses led an exodus from Egypt. Who will lead us to salvation free from oppression and persecution in Darwin? Not Terry. That is certain. Pj inMillner ON JENNYMACKLIN n Whether Jenny Macklin could live off the dole is irrelevant. The system is not designed to be lived off and nor should it be. KS n This Ms Macklin or what ever. Who says she can live on 30 bucks a day. Can ya show me how? Theres living and then theres existing. Take ya 9 hundred a day and get some therapy lady. Darwin pensioner n Ms Macklin. I am sure you could never go to a restaurant or a dress shop of your choice ever again. Thats what pensioners lives are like on $38 a day with no hope of ever earning $900 that you dont deserve. ONHOSPITAL FOOD n For petes sake its a public hospital. If you want better food go to private hospital & pay for private health cover. From cant believe it n Hospital food. Ask homeless or people on low incomes. Im sure theyd eat it. n Re: hospital food. Food is there to eat. If u dont like it dont eat it or dont get sick. From no 5 star hotel food at public hospital n Maybe they should sell hospital food everywhere in Darwin. Some people might lose some weight. Weight watcher ONOTHERTHINGS n Lights on when its raining please :-) n As kris kristoferson sings, where r all the great revolutionarys like che gueverra, nelson mandella and jesus christ? Darwin needs them. b.b n If feral hunters are so passionate about the enviroment why arent any of you wildlife carers, bird watchers, or conservationists? n Trees need pruning. Its a part of growing. Its not like theres no other trees at east point. Walker n Fireworks. Toughen up, this is the Territory? This has 0 to do with toughening up. Its becoz they are grossly misused every year all year round. Not just poor dogs. ppl woken up round the clock all year. Fireworks nothing to do with being Darwinite. 5th genDarwinite n Padophilia cover ups, homophobic, anti euthanasia, total mysoginists, anti abortion + the pill beware the power of the religious right. Pro ChoiceMike Letters LETTER OF THE DAY My, Terry, how youve changed IN ANSWER to Letters Of The Day in the NT News (Wednesday, December 26 and Thursday 27), I fully agree with every word. I have known Terry Mills for a number of years and thought he was a nice man. Now he has the top job (which he always wanted), he has changed. He used to come to some of our senior clubs in Palmerston, sing songs, put on a barbecue, give us Easter eggs and send us a Christmas card with a photo of his family on the front. Not any more now he is the big chief. We are only his little Indians. He doesnt care for the people any more. I am neither Labor or Liberal. I voted for the person who I thought was doing a good job, Ross Bohlin, but we all know what happened to him. He got shafted by the CLP. I am an 87-year-old pen sioner living in a Housing Commission unit, so I am doing all right. I feel sorry for all those young families struggling to pay bills. Its all right for Mr Mills, the taxpayers pay his, he doesnt have any worries. To all you CLP voters who put Mr Mills in the top job a happy next four years. BrianWhitbread, Driver Kara Holdom wants a ban on the sale of fireworks in the Territory after her dog, Rex, spent most of New Years Eve cringing in terror in the back seat of her car Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS