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Newsletter : Araluen news & views


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Araluen Christian College newsletter 1 May 2007 - 27 November 2014

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3 Results of the ACC Parent Response Survey On page 4 are two more graphs from our parent response survey. The top graph shows the answers to; how caring and approachable the teachers are at Araluen Christian College, the students having someone to talk to when they need to, how valued parents believe they are at ACC and the approachability/availability of the principal to parents. The bottom graph shows the responses to parent awareness of some of the wellbeing programs we run and the presence of our Chaplain who began work at ACC in Term 4, 2012. Here are some of the written responses to the question in the Survey about time with our school Chaplain. We thank you for taking the time to help us develop our understanding of parent perceptions and to improve our service to our families and students. The Chaplain is funded and employed for 2 days per week. He covers a wide range of classes/students in that time and is available to students in the playground too. If your child has had interactions with the Chaplain please comment on their experiences: According to my children the chaplain is very friendly, willing to help, he engaged with the kids in sports. My son has spoken very highly of Dave. He talked about his involvement in the playground activities and how Dave was extremely encouraging. At a classroom level, not effective as repetition of what the teacher is teaching. They are very excited and really look up to the Chaplain and think highly of him. I would have to agree. A great addition to the ACC family. Only the boys go out to the Chaplain. My girls have had the opportunity to chat to him. They say he is cool and nice and easy to chat to. All of my children have had time with Dave and wish they had more time with himhes fun! Unsure if my kids have had contact with the Chaplain. They have not mentioned it to me. I think it is important because as they get to know him they will have someone else to talk to at school.