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The Northern Territory news Sat 22 Dec 2012

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32 NT NEWS. Saturday, December 22, 2012. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 2 2 -D E C -2 0 1 2 P A G E : 3 2 C O L O R : C M Y K On this day IN THE TERRITORY 10 YEARSAGO: One-third of all money spent by Territorians on alcohol at Christmas is spent on beer, it was revealed yesterday. 20 YEARSAGO: PrimeMinister Paul Keating has granted $7 million for environmental restoration and protectionwork on threemajor conservation projects in the NT. 25 YEARSAGO: Darwinwill have a new$40 million private airport terminal by the end of 1989, the NT Transport andWorksMinister, Mr Fred Finch, said. SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2012 Plentymore life to live THE end of theworld came andwent yesterday withoutmuch happening. Hippies gathered at Uluru the new-age Australian equivalent of Stonehenge for a spiritual shindig. And then theywent to an after-party inside an asteroid crater. Awhat? How can you have an after-party after the end of theworld? It shows that the hippies didnt believe theworld was about to close shop in the first place; they just wanted an excuse for a smoke and a bit of free lovin. Its surprising howmany times that life aswe know it is supposed to have come to an end at least three times in the past decade. Many people have sold all their possessions and sat down to await the end. But theworld has cruised past every deadline without somuch as a sideways glance. It probablywonderswhat all the fuss is about. For the record, theworldwill come to an end in about five billion years . . . when the Sun goes out. The Sun which, at 5726C, is almost as hot as Darwin in October has used up about half of its hydrogen fuel since it was born 4.6 billion years ago. Of course,man cant survivewithout the Sun . . . butwell probably have flown off to inhabit another universe by then. So theres a lot of life left yet and youd better pay that fuel bill after all. Letters to the editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters toGPOBox 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NTNews, GPOBox 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 ... and another thing FOR the record, the lowest temperature ever recorded in Darwin was 10.4C on the night of July 29, 1942. The lowest temperature recorded in the Territory was -7.5 at Alice Springs on July 12, 1976. The highest temperature was 48.3C at Finke, near Alice, on January 1-2, 1960. Letters That is not all. I fell to the ground then, their bootswere laid intome SEE LETTER BELOW TRYWALKING INMY SHOES FORAMOMENT I AM a home owner and occupier and unfortunately on a disability support pension, fearing to face the year 2013 because of such high price increases that have been thrown up at us Territorians recently. A hard blow to the ribs for me it was. That is not all. I fell to the ground, then their boots were laid into me. Why? I am an innocent victim of their HomeNorth scheme, facing the loss of my home, my castle. Im down and out. We are humans, not just a number. A heart has feelings what is pumping theirs? For Gods sake pollies, put yourself in my shoes. Stan,Marrakai DONATEWAGERISE TOALOCAL CHARITY THE Labor Party say they are not going to accept any of the wage rises that are recommended. I would suggest that what they should be doing is accepting the wage rise and giving the full amount of the rise to a local charity. The reason for this is it protects the Legislative Assembly from a rash of backpay claims once the commotion has died down. I would also like to ask Delia and her offsiders why they are accepting payments and perks for being the official Opposition when it is quite clear that they are not fulfilling that function as Nigel Adlam and the Editor of the NT News are the only visible opposition in the NT. Peter Cavanagh, Howard Springs RUBBISH SCULPTURES MESSUPOURSTREETS RE: REPLY to Julie, Marrara (Letters to the Editor, NT News, 20/12/2012). The whinge isnt about Trevor collecting the rubbish which is already there. The whinge is about him picking up rubbish which is out of sight, bringing it to the roadside, piling it up (you call it making a sculpture) and then leaving it for someone else to cart away. It then becomes an eyesore and if not collected, it falls into the gutter and then the few plastic bottles attached to it will end up down the gutter and into the sea the next time it rains. He is still a serial pest/lit terer and needs to stop trashing our streets. You probably dont see him at Marrara, but he makes quite a mess in Alawa and the surrounding areas near Casuarina Centre. Robbo, Casuarina WATCHFULEYEOF THE LAW ISONUS IF you said to a stranger Im watching you it would amount to stalking. Yet our fine police service thinks nothing of using offensive totalitarian number plates such as WATCHNU on our police cars. Ross S Finocchiaro, Winnellie MADMAGMATERIAL INTHEMAKING WHAT, me worry? The last thing Tony Abbott read was Mad magazine. Not too surprising given that hes their cover boy. ShanePhillips, Durack The Fixer WHAT: Branches of a dead tree are hanging over a footpath and road, and may fall, causing injury. WHOSRESPONSIBLE: Darwin City Council general manager for infrastructure Luccio Cercarelli is responsible for telling the property owner to prune the tree. CONTACT: (08) 8930 0581 DOYOUknowof something in theTerritory that needs fixing?GiveThe Fixer a call on8944 9750, email thefixer@ntnews.com.auor followonTwitter @NTNTheFixer NEW ... and another thing WHAT would you do if the world was to end tomorrow? Eat chocolate? Call in sick? Catch up on sleep? Well, heres a cheerful thought: It has been said the extinction of mankind is inevitable just part of the come-and-go evolutionary cycle.