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The Northern Territory news Sat 22 Dec 2012



The Northern Territory news Sat 22 Dec 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, December 22, 2012. NT NEWS. 33 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:22-DGE:33 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K SpeakUp: HAVE you ever found a strange animal in your house? YESBlue-tongue lizards. Regularly. I generally get rid of themwith a broom. Andgreen tree frogs are regular visitors on the toilet seat. BARRYDOYLE,Nightcliff YESAgiant python about 3.5m long.We found it because the dogwasmaking strangenoises and the snakehadwrapped itself around it. SIMONMANZIE, Leanyer YESWhen Imoved, thenewhomehad bush at the endof the street. As Iwaswalking past a chair a brown tree snakewas coiled aroundon it. DAVEROWLANDS,Wulagi YES I wokeup to a possumchewingonmy nose. Itwasmy first timeout of homeand I was asleep on a couch. MIKKURLE,Darwin YESAbabypossum in the study. The cat brought it home.We took it outside and freed it into the backyard. NICOLEMANISON, Leanyer 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor ABIG thankyou to Rob of Ti Tree roadhouse for returningmywallet and bringing it all theway to Alice Springs. Youre a legend!Wouldnt even accept a reward. Thanks! Kath of Palmerston ONGOVTSURPLUS n Well done the federal government. Clearly from the NT experience and the recommendations from the of the oecd, that having a surplus is not always the best for the economy and those of us that live in it. n Who wouldve guessed. No surplus. Just another lie from a labor government, just like no carbon tax! StephenH/Doo n Sowhat the Gillard Government is saying now with a budget defecit is that the surplus that got them through the financial crisis (thanks to what was left to them) and Swan was a hero (wouldnt give him my lunch money) is now all gone. They cannot give more handouts to voters to spend at Harvey Norman because they are now in the red same as every Labor Government. Didnt take long did it! Shane ONCOL FULLER n Col Fuller #1 in the NT? Havent seen his face around Darwin streets b4. Is this why they r called the faceless men that run the NT? n See Mr Fuller as No 1. He was not elected, yet seems to run the NT now. This govern ment will not pay for schools and schools have raised from somewhere. Fullers pay would cover 15 schools. Hey Terry Bills, Mr No 2, we need a chief minister not a chief puppet. n Are you sure that Col Fuller isnt Gerry Wood with a smile as a disguise?Anon ONOTHERTHINGS n Families are being financially raped & pillaged by a govt they elected that lied about making it more affordable to live here! Enough of this political excrement they feed us. The 2 party system never has & never will work where political pointscoring is involved. Show them what u think on today at govt house.Arth n Here it is. Just shy of 10.00 and we are in a sweat. So the Aircon is going. Three weeks away is a time many of us are going to have to consider whether sweating and saving or cooling and living while shelling out big dollars for extra power cost is the way to go. What a phyrric choice. Living Just n Pity the world didnt end. Was looking forward to the once in a lifetime opportunity to take part. Immaculate. Misconception, F/Bay n What a load a crap. Kiwis can play State of Origin, but NT born and bred cant! P***ed Off league fan, H/Doo n R u really that naive blaming the American massacre on violent games. Please. Ive played them 4eva & so far no murderous tendencies. Wow. Surprise, surprise. n How would u like it if a tinnie full of p*** heads was flicking lures chashin ur dinner in ur lounge room? Then trying to stick his fingers up ur a**? WTF . Id bite you too! Ur an idiot if u believe it actually worked unless u had go go gadget arms.Ben theBushie n Shame on the coast guard! How on earth would charging people for boat registration and licenses have stopped a boat running into a dredging pipeline at night? Pathetic! John, Fannie Bay Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Message to wallet thief DEAR Thief with the white Holden Commodore, remember me? The person whose wallet fell out of their pocket, which you then walked over and stole from out the front of Casuarina pool? Thats right, the person you blatantly lied to when you were spotted, with your child in the pram, at the exact spot 30 seconds after I walked off? Thought you were vigilant when you were taking it out of your bag in the boot, moving to the front of your car, stealing the cash out of the wallet and then throwing it on the ground in front of your car? Well, Im the person that took a photo of you and your bogan wife, who eventually colluded in the scheme, and I also got your numberplate. Heres to hoping that you at least spend the money you stole from us on your children and not grog. The great irony is that you are not going to read this as you cant actually read. Nevertheless, someone in your bogan family may have had the good fortune of at least graduating from primary school. If so, please pass this message on to the thief in your pathetic brood. The wrong people in the world are procreating. Weve sent you a lovely Christmas present in return for your good will THE POLICE. Name&addresswithheld If youre in Alice you might recognise these guys. Damon, Jordan and Amy Vander Shuit with Fred Johnston make up the Christmas-themed band Jingle Rock who have been playing around town for the festive season Picture: CAMERON BOON PICK OF THE PICS If Mayans couldnt predict their own civilizations demise how can they foresee ours? End of the world pfffft!What a load of garbage. SEEBELOW ONCHILDCARE CHAMBEROF SECRETS n Hope they were sent to parliament house. Plenty of rats there.Tony of D n At least it wasnt a crocodile nest but with our preservastionistic attitude, could be in twenty years time. Around the Traps n Good one Tony of D. Couldnt have said it better myself. Snakelady of Palmy ONLOVE-FESTMEETS DOOMSDAY n All the normal people just get onwith their lives. Mikey of Darwin n Whos gonna clean up the filth & squalor when theyre gone? Make no mistake. Once these peace, earth, tree loving hippies go there will be plenty! LukeOldDarwin n What the hell has Ayers Rock got to do with anything related to this media beat up...Just goes to show the lack of intelligence of these crazy hippies and lack of media common sense. A pathetic story which seems to motivate the media. Grumpy49 of Sunshine Coast (ex Darwin) n Ayers Rock is the centre of a lot of Leylines. Thats its significance. Wow. These com ments are quite ignorant. Kirsty of Adelaide n Hope these hippes would be probed by aliens. At least more than usually. After all this is a special day. End of theworld and all that. Charlie of Darwin n No doubt if we survive Gillard will introduce an Oxygen Tax!Wild Bill of Top End n I hope Carl Goodsell does not plan to forge a new civilisation with that dog & parrot. Timmy from that southern place of Mount Barker n I want what they are smoking. We dont need boat rego of Top End n Meanwhile, all the normal people are getting on with their lives and looking forward to Christmas. Mayan calender had to end one day. Poor dude carving calender in stone probably past away or had enough by the time he carved dates up to today and no one wanted to take over his job! If Mayans couldnt predict their own civilizations demise how can the foresee ours? End of the world pfffft! What a load of garbage. Ironic of soon to be another Ex Territorian ONBUYBEFORETRY n So what u are saying is as we are renting we are paying off the mortgage of some low life land lord at the cost of them getting fatter. So when the crash comes who going to say oooooo I cannot get what I paid for my home or unit ... The price of homes cannot keep going the way it is and some day soon there will be a crash and I hope it takes all the scums bag down with it that are making fat cats of themselves ... Buy ripping the one living in their places. Fat Cats downof Darwin n Did anyone mention the added cost of building insurance, rates, maintenance, etc? Theres more to owning a house than just paying off a mortgage. Most people on these forums tend to forget that greedy landlords have to fork out these costs, as well as pay themortgage. AndrewKof exWulagi