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Plant species and sites of botanical significance in the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory



Plant species and sites of botanical significance in the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory

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Matthew White ... [et al.]


White, Matthew; Albrecht, David; Duguid, Angus W.; Latz, Peter; Hamilton, Mary


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Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This report provides a benchmark for the conservation status of botanical values in the southern, predominantly arid part of the Northern Territory. It will have many and varied uses, providing information about conservation values to land holders and managers as well as government departments and conservation groups.

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Volume 1 : Significant vascular plants -- Volume 2 : Significant sites




Plants -- Northern Territory -- Alice Springs Region; Northern Territory -- Alice Springs Region

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Arid Lands Environment Centre

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Alice Springs (N.T.)


2 v. : maps ; 30 cm.

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0724527842 (v. 1); 0724527850 (v. 2)

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Other taxa only known in MAC bioregion from this site: Acacia rhodophloia, Eragrostis speciosa, Eriocaulon A87689 Arid Zone, Eriocaulon cinereum, Erodium cygnorum subsp. cygnorum, Euphorbia australis s.lat., Gnephosis tenuissima, Halosarcia indica subsp. leiostachya, Phyllanthus maderaspatensis var. angustifolius, Senna D132522 Tanami, Setaria surgens, Stackhousia megaloptera, Yakirra australiensis var. australiensis Other taxa only known in GSD bioregion (NT portion) from this site: Sclerolaena glabra Type locations of the following were collected from the site: Amperea spicata (1981), Brachycome blackii, Euphorbia sarcostemmoides (1966), Sedopsis filsonii (1966) Botanically Significant Waterholes at the site: Bagot Springs Waterholes, Kathleen Spring waterhole, Kings Canyon waterholes, Penny Springs, Reedy Creek rockholes, Stokes Creek Springs, Wallaby Gorge waterholes Vegetation Map Units (mapped as occurring at the site on the 1:1000,000 NT Vegetation Survey Map): Map unit 93 (31 %): Triodia basedowii (Hard Spinifex) hummock grassland with Allocasuarina decaisneana (Desert Oak) openwoodland overstorey between dunes. Map unit 73 (2 %): Acacia tetragonophylla (Dead Finish), Acacia kempeana (Witchetty Bush) sparse-shrubland with herb/grassland understorey. Map unit 83 (10 %): Triodia basedowii (Hard Spinifex) or Triodia pungens (Soft Spinifex) hummock grassland with Eucalyptus gamophylla (Blue Mallee), Acacia tall sparse-shrubland overstorey. Map unit 79 (14 %): Triodia melvillei (Soft Spinifex) hummock grassland with Acacia aneura (Mulga), Acacia kempeana (Witchetty Bush) tall open-shrubland overstorey. Map unit 92 (40 %): Triodia brizoides (Hillside Spinifex) hummock grassland with mixed species low open-woodland overstorey. %U %U %U %U Wipita Swamp 24-2-1 Ochre Hill Parana Hill Poochie Bore No 10 Oil Well AMG Zone52 2430' 2430' 2415' 2415' 2400' 2400' 13130' 13130' 13145' 13145' 13200' 13200' 730000 730000 740000 740000 750000 750000 760000 760000 770000 770000 780000 780000 790000 790000 800000 800000 7280000 7280000 7290000 7290000 7300000 7300000 7310000 7310000 7320000 7320000 7330000 7330000 7340000 7340000 7350000 7350000 N Volume 2 , Part 2, page 191 MacDonnell Ranges