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Plant species and sites of botanical significance in the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory



Plant species and sites of botanical significance in the southern bioregions of the Northern Territory

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Matthew White ... [et al.]


White, Matthew; Albrecht, David; Duguid, Angus W.; Latz, Peter; Hamilton, Mary


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Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This report provides a benchmark for the conservation status of botanical values in the southern, predominantly arid part of the Northern Territory. It will have many and varied uses, providing information about conservation values to land holders and managers as well as government departments and conservation groups.

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Volume 1 : Significant vascular plants -- Volume 2 : Significant sites




Plants -- Northern Territory -- Alice Springs Region; Northern Territory -- Alice Springs Region

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Arid Lands Environment Centre

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Alice Springs (N.T.)


2 v. : maps ; 30 cm.

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0724527842 (v. 1); 0724527850 (v. 2)

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Volume 2, Part 2, page 272 Tanami Index to Sites in and adjacent to Tanami Desert bioregion (NT portion) Site No. Site Name Significance Principal Bioregion Page 18-1-1 Winnecke Hills bioregional Tanami 280 18-1-PL1 Browns Range undetermined Tanami 311 18-1-PL2 Birrindudu Range undetermined Tanami 311 18-2-1 Hooker Creek and Floodout bioregional Tanami 282 18-2-PL1 Winneke Floodout undetermined Tanami 312 18-4-1 Whittington and Short Ranges bioregional Tanami 284 19-1-1 Gardiner Range bioregional Tanami 286 19-1-2 Pargee bioregional Tanami 288 19-1-3 Coomarie bioregional Tanami 290 19-1-4 Tanami Range bioregional Tanami 292 19-1-PL1 Lake Buck undetermined Tanami 312 19-2-PL1 Central Tanami Paleodrainage Depression undetermined Tanami 313 19-2-PL2 Wilson Creek and Floodout undetermined Tanami 313 19-4-2 Short Range Waterholes bioregional Tanami 294 19-4-3 Little Lake Surprise (Ngwrratiji) bioregional Tanami 295 19-4-4 Headwaters of Brunchilly Creek bioregional Mitchell Grass Downs 232 20-1-2 Dead Bullock Soak bioregional Tanami 296 20-1-3 Western Tanami Paleodrainage Systems national Tanami 274 20-1-4 Mongrel Downs bioregional Tanami 298 20-1-PL1 Bluebush Hills undetermined Tanami 314 20-1-PL2 Tanami Paleodrainage System Extension undetermined Tanami 314 20-1-PL3 Lake White undetermined Great Sandy Desert 161 20-2-1 Lake Surprise and the Lander River Floodout national Tanami 276 20-3-1 Paleo-Lander River bioregional Tanami 300 20-3-2 Upper Lander River national Tanami 278 20-4-1 Thring Swamp bioregional Tanami 302 20-4-2 Algoolgoora Swamp bioregional Tanami 303 20-4-3 Kurundi Creek national Davenport Murchison 96 20-4-4 Gosse River and Edinburgh Creek national Davenport Murchison 98 20-4-PL1 Numagalong Dunes undetermined Tanami 315 20-5-1 Lower Frew River and Floodout bioregional Davenport Murchison 100 20-5-4 Wonarah Beds bioregional Tanami 304 21-1-1 False Mount Russell bioregional Tanami 306 21-3-PL1 Central Tanami Remnant Mulga undetermined Tanami 315 21-3-PL2 Nanga Range undetermined Burt Plain 63 21-4-1 Osborne and Crawford Ranges national Burt Plain 46 21-4-4 Watt Range Floodouts and Fringing Sandplains bioregional Tanami 308 21-5-3 Elkedra River Floodout bioregional Tanami 310