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New Food Policy Coming Soon Canteen, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy A school canteen, nutrition and healthy eating policy is to be implemented across all NT schools this year, to meet a growing concern amongst health professionals, teachers, parents and carers on the quality of foods available in schools. The policy aims to reduce the number of energy dense, low nutrient foods sold in schools, and teach children good eating habits, in order to address the fears about the level of health amongst NT children. The policy was designed over a six month period by members of the Department of Health and Families, Department of Education and Training, and the Heart Foundation. It included a consultation process with parents and schools so the policy will suit the needs of NT schools. What is in the Food Policy? More on the Canteen, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy The Canteen, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy: Identifies the categories of food and drink items that will or will not be available in schools Promotes nutrition education through the NT Curriculum Framework Provides guidelines for classroom rewards, healthy fundraising, excursions and other school activities Children will still have access to a variety of foods, but their choices will now lean towards products with fresh ingredients such as sandwiches and home cooked meals with vegetables, fruit, dairy and other core foods. Processed foods that meet with nutrient criteria such as fat and salt reduced meat pies and sugar reduced snacks will only be available up to four days a week. Junk food, like soft drinks and confectionary, will no longer be sold in schools. Please see below for some ideas for lunch boxes which will help support the Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy. Alternatives to chips & muesli bars Snack size potato chip packets and muesli bars are convenient options for lunchboxes, however they are not nutrient rich foods. Chips are high in fat and salt, while muesli bars are high in sugar. Instead try one of our suggested alternatives for healthier eating: Rice cakes or crackers Pretzels Prawn crackers (cooked in microwave) Mini toasts Pappadums (cooked in microwave) Pita chips Bread sticks Wholegrain crackers with cheese Unsalted popcorn Dried fruit Small tins of corn Small bag of breakfast cereals eg. Fruity Bites, Fruity-Bix *Check out our newsletter each week for more healthy lunch box suggestions* Parents running late at end of school day We understand that very occasionally circumstances arise where parents are running a few minutes late and unable to collect their children at 2.40 pm. Students from Year 1 to Year 6 who have not been collected on the bell will be asked to wait in the assembly area. A teacher is on duty outside from 2.40 pm until 3.00 pm each afternoon. Transition students will stay in their classrooms. . At 3.00 pm the teacher on duty or the classroom teacher will contact parents of any students who have not been collected to investigate why. Parents, please park in Council car park when picking up children. If you know you will be late on a regular basis, please make alternative pick up arrangements for your child as continually ringing parents who are late is time consuming and not productive for either party. Thank you for your cooperation. Please remember that after 3.00 pm there is no teacher on duty and only children who are enrolled into Outside School Hours Care can be supervised.