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The Northern Territory news Fri 14 Dec 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, December 14, 2012. NT NEWS. 37 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:14-DGE:37 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K I feel for this lodger as he or she did nothing wrong. KEEPING IT REALOFPALMERSTON ONTHEHILFIGERHOBO n He was on the bike path opposite the NT News offices on Tiger Brennan Drive yesterday.Here2go of Darwin n Good on him ... hes not hurting anyone! Just hope he stays safe and free. The Barkaroo n This country is full of people that dont fit in the square hole, or are different. As long as they do no harm, let them be. Darwin has its share. It always has. Pioneer Family of Darwin n I see him frequently at the Palmerston Shopping Centre (Coles Complex) and my wife and co-workers know him as a regular at Smokemart. He is nearly always identified as the boxers man. He gets away with it too. Security never approach him. He sticks to himself and harms or incumbers no one. But it is upsetting to see someone like this in such a disarray. Obviously something wrong mentally. I just hope he has a carer because it would break my heart if someone hurt him just for being different. David Giles of Palmerston ONMILLS STAFFER EVICTS LODGER n Freedom of speech shot down again.MyName Is Earl n I support the electricity increases but I think its silly to kick someone out just because they dont share your political values - if that was to happen everywhere it would be pure anarchy. Malakman ofMalak n Ive blockedmany negative people ... Like the entire population of Darwin? lol. Mild ManneredMan of Darwin n She has a right to decide who lives in her house and could have taken offence to his wardrobe choices, his friends, his BO or anything and asked him to leave. At least she had the guts to say why she did it rather than making up some random excuse. Dusty Dave of Tennant n This lodger was kicked because he posted stuff on his personal facebook that are anti CLP? Wow. Excercising his DEMOCRATIC right to be p***ed off with the Government and express that, and next thing he knows he is HOMELESS. Well done CLP. Rob of Jingili n Welcome to Terry Mills North Korea.Rob n Pfffft. Not news. What about HER democratic right to decide she doesnt want to live with someone, for whatever reason? Uncle Bob of Palmy n Im not sure where the vicious and negative commentary comes in. It seems to be the truth. CLP are bleeding Territorians dry. Will Terry Mills and the rest of the CLP clan get a pay rise this year to cover the increased costs? Probably. Will I get a pay rise to cover the increased costs? Never. I think this new govt lied through their back teeth about the cost of living. They should be sacked.Grimreper n It is not easy having strangers boarding with you. I have had over 10 who have helped pay the mortgage. The bloke was probably being a smart-a*** (he seems to have a few brains in his head), was maybe bringing women around and being lazy. He has rights and I just hope she gets all the locks changed ASAP. Yes, I have been going after the dollar and Ive had pigs stay with me - girly mags are OK but not when left for view of a child, empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, smelly bedrooms. OUT. 38yr Single Happy Mum of Sanderson Electorate ONEATING SNAKES n Nom, Nom, Nom - delicious cooked on coals and sprinkled with soy sauce.Barkaroo n Now, thats one meal you would not forget! David R. Ingramof Sydney n I have a good recipe for it and they taste delicious. Ex Bushman SpeakUp: DO you think there has been an increase in anti-social itinerants? NO I dont think there is a particularly large increase due to the licence thing. TONIWYTHES, Jingili NO I havent seen violence lately here. It was bad for awhile. Its the opposite ofwhat youhear on the radio. ANNETTEHARTE,Nightcliff DONT KNOW Its not as simple as that. Years ago itwas real bad and it got better last year andnow its bad. PAULINE JOY,Nightcliff NOWeve beenhere 50years andwe havent noticed any increase. FRANKBARAADISIS,Nightcliff YESYou seepeople everywhere around towndrinking. Id say so. Theydont have to show IDnow. ARMINFORSCHINGER, 15-Mile 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Lady Driver, Moulden. Dont you look at your rego sticker? It tells you the date your rego expires. People need to stop expecting everything to be done for them and think for themselves. Sick of Spoon Feeding, Gray ONCOSTSANDCUTS n I luv the NT & am prepared to pay what ever to stay! Our family will try to be a bit greener, but beer fridge is stayn on, aircon off. Just have toworkmore!P n Re-introduce BDR until u sort ur magic fix. Guarantee this will hav immediate & positive effect. Common Sense Should Rule n Why cant the government just get on with the job rather than keep blaming the last government. Im sick of hearing about it. n Gov wants to save money. Maybe all gov employees should have their cars & fuel cards traded in for bus passes. Out of debt in no time. n Mr Mills. Stick at it. Who wants debt. Pay it off. Im here long term. Well reap benefits down the track. All you sooks who dont like it, leave. I want to live debt free. A good budget sees minimal debt. Debt free NT for me!GD, Palmo ONOPENSPEED LIMITS n Open speed limits need to be from Darwin to Alice. Dont skimp on this promise Millsy. JB, Girraween n Re: open speed limits. As a motorcycle rider. Yes please. Tony S, Alice Springs ONRUBBISHWARRIOR n R/Warrior. At night his sculptures look like small kid or dogs on the side of the Rd. Why cant he put them on the fence line, and less of them. Concerned,Wanguri n Shouldnt you be cracking down on the people who actually leave the rubbish on the side of the road? Most people love the sculptures. My flatmates and I get a kick out of them. ONOTHERTHINGS n Steph, leaf blowers are the pinnacle of human achievement. In the land of the obese they give employment to tattooed high school drop-outs and allow pensioners to annoy their neighbours - especially in Fannie Bay.Rent Boy n On ticks. Try getting a few chooks. They eat ticks and you get free eggs. Everybodys happy! Works for us. Anne n Mario, perhaps you should get your facts right before you imply things in your fishing write ups. The big girl was successfully returned to the water, much to our delight. Gus, Howard Springs n Pete. Meliodosis is serious. I almost lost my daughter to it when she was 2. Being a tropical born virus ppl need to be aware of the risk in the NT. Its not as recognized as tobacco related illness nor is it self inflicted. The only weirdo here is you for being so small minded.Parent n Oh that our political leaders would focus on matters for our collective good. The ran cour, backbiting and horrible attitude our leaders show toward those whose viewpoints are different to theirs is saddening. Personal power at all costs. Tunnel Vision n So North Korea has a big rocket and starving people. Well, Ms Gillard we have starving people and no rocket.Pete, Pine Creek n All the very best for the holiday period to NT students and staff going on a well earned break. Keep safe, be refreshed and travel kindly. AnAppreciator n Why is the postal service to Darwin SO slow?? Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Taxi service is simply rank I SEE in the news the current owners of taxis and the Taxi Council are whingeing over the additional taxi plates being issued. Boohoo. If the current taxis on the road gave any semblance of service I might agree with them. Just try getting a taxi when the southern planes are coming in around lunchtime. Or for a short trip, or any trip, for that matter. After one waits on the phone for an indeterminable time (I know, one can text, but does that make a difference?) one is in the lap of the gods as to when a taxi will turn up. While waiting for an operator one might hear the message that taxis to airports should be booked two hours before check-in time. That means for overseas flights it is four hours before check-in. One could conceivably be at the airport 3 hours before the plane departs. Service? Frustration is doubled if one is trying to get a wheelchair taxi. The new $20 lift fee does not seem to have improved the service. One hopes winners of the new taxi plates can improve the service. Bill Kerr, Tiwi Territorian Lachlan Boye, 14, won five medals including three golds at the Special Olympics Junior National Games in Newcastle Picture: DANIEL HARTLEY-ALLEN PICK OF THE PICS