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Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters



Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters

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Page 16 Borroloola Matters ANNUAL REVIEW COMPLETED In the five years since the Trusts establishment in July 2007, $8.9 million has been committed to 42 grants for programs implemented throughout the Gulf Region. Significantly though, the total value of the programs supported by the Trust is more than three times greater at $32.5 million as on many occasions, the Trust contributes only a percentage of the total cost of the program undertaken. The outcomes generated by this investment have included: - 66 more jobs held by Indigenous em ployees at MRM and the Indigenous workforce participation being sustained above the targeted 20% for two years - Substantial increase in vocational education and training infrastructure within the Borroloola School as well as a successful incentive program which is helping to increase school attendance rates and education results - Refurbishment of the Borroloola Rodeo grounds to support the expanded use of these facilities throughout the year as well as improve conditions for rodeo and gymkhana competitors - Improved self sustainability of the Robinson River community with new equipment to enable local civil works as well as infrastructure support for pastoral interests and the community store and visitor accommodation - Greater knowledge of fish stocks and recrea tional fishing patterns within the waters of the McArthur River and Gulf - Improved facilities for the Wunala Crche, National Trust building in Borroloola - Support for art and culture through the award winning Song People Sessions, the annual NAIDOC and Boonu Boonu Festivals, an international exhibition held by local artists and online marketing - Improved environmental monitoring resources and support for the local Sea Rangers as well as support for ecotourism and development initiatives for the Indigenous Protected Area within the Sea Country. Interestingly, the total amount allocated to grants equates to 110% of the funds committed by McArthur River Mine through its annual investments in the Trust. This is due to commitments to programs over a number of years to 2014. Administration costs averaged less than 1% of the amount invested reflecting the contribution by MRM and the NT Government in providing these services. For a copy of the full report, please go online at www.mcarthurrivermine.com.au/publications or visit the MRM office in Borroloola.