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Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters



Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters

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Roper Gulf Shire Council


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Roper Gulf Shire Council

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RESIDENTIALWHEELIE BINSAREFORHOUSE HOLDRUBBISHONLY WHEELIEBINSFOUNDTO HAVECONCRETERUBBLE, ROCKS,SOILORSTEEL WILLNOTBEEMPTIED COLLECTIONDAYSARE MONDAY&THURSDAYS ATTENTION TOWNRESIDENTS Page 6 Borroloola Matters Community No ces Borroloola Swimming Pool PicSource:Candice Opening Hours Wednesday 11:00amto7:00pm Thursday 11:00amto7:00pm Friday 11:00amto7:00pm Saturday 10:00amto5:00pm Sunday 10:00amto5:00pm Monday Closed Tuesday Closed PublicHoliday 10:00amto5:00pm (excludingChristmas,Boxing&New YearsDays) Pleasenote:PoolwillbeclosedbyLifeguardsifdeemedunsafee.g.electricalstorm,kaka,earlyduskorchildrenfigh ng Our local dump as been going through a transforma onoverthe last fewmonthswiththe importof spoil from the PowerWater Sewerage Program with the compliments and assistance of Steelcon. Without this assistance the standard of upgrade would not have been possibleatthis meduetocostfactorsofheavyplantand materials.Thereisapproximatelyanotherfourmonthsof work required and town residence pa ents is greatly appreciated. The increased dumping ac vity due to mining and explora onhas seenquitean increase in thedeliveryof wastematerials.Theupgrade isalso inpreparing for the recycling of housing materials expected in the 2013 StrategicIndigenousHousingandInfrastructureProgram(SIHIP). Thankyoutownresidentsforfollowingthesignsanddumping inthecorrect designated areas. This assists us greatly in maintaining the dump and preservingandextendingthelifeofthedumpformanymoreyearstocome. BorroloolaDumpUpgrade On the 10th of October 2012 the Borroloola Swimming Pool reopenedandsincethenRoperGulfShirehashadposi vefeed backfromthetownresidentsinregardstotheswimmingpools opening hours. Wewould like to thank the RoperGulf Shire staffmembers that took up the challenge and the addi onal hourstoensurethepool isopenforpublicuse. Specialthanks toLifesaversKennyLansen,ValdaSeib,ChantelleJohnsandIan McIntoshforhelpingachievethissuccess. Since the pool has been opened we are ge ng on average around3560kidsaday,whichiswonderful. Wewould like tomake the public aware that the swimming poolhoursaresubjecttochangeespeciallywiththecomingup wetseasonstorms. Pooluserspleaseusethewashdownshowerinfrontofthebig poolbeforeenteringthepooltoeliminateexcessdirtandgrass from ge ng into the pool. Please respect all pool rules and mostimportantalwaysfollowthedirec onoftheLifeguards.