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Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters



Borroloola matters : keeping Borroloola residents informed of Council matters because Borroloola matters

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Sport and Recreation Page 9 JANUARY 2013 BORROLOOLACHRISTMASSCHOOL HOLIDAYPROGRAM TheBorroloolachildrenhavebeenhavingagreat me withour SportandRecProgram team. Sport&Rec team members Shonada Anderson, Alistair Evans, KennyLansenandAnthonyBakerhavebeenverybusy duringtheho estpartoftheyearandhavebeendoing agreatjob. Shonada and Anthony successfully a ained their LR DriversLicencesotheycannowdrivetheS&Rbusto pick up the children for the ac vi es. Anthony is currently on loan from the Animal Management programtohelptheteamout. Thankyoutovolunteerbusdrivers,BillyAndersonand RobbieCollinsforhelpingSport&Rec getchildrento theac vi es. Itsbeendisappoin ngtoseechildrenfigh ngandasa resultonediscowascancelled.Badbehaviourwillnot betolerated.Everyonecomestogethertohaveagood me and a small number of children ruin it for the group.Parentsareencouragedtotalktotheirchildren thatfigh ngisnotacceptable. Some town residents have made comment that the Sport&Recprogram forAustraliaDaydoesnothave cricket. The soccer final is scheduled as it a lead up from compe ons being played each previous Saturday. Please take into considera on that the Sport & Rec program has been put together by the Sport & Rec teamwhocarryoutac vi esasperthewishesofthe local children andeven though it is tradi on in some families to play cricket on Australia Day, its not in others. However in saying this, therewilldefinitelybecricket equipment available for everyone to have a game of thismuch loved game. So comeand joinus foraBBQ andgames.Pleasenominate someone for the Australia Dayawards. Dontforgettobringyourtogsasthepoolwillbeopen forarefreshingdipa er. At this mewewould like tomakea specialmen on that we are extremely proud of the great work and dedica onfromtheBorroloolaSport&Recteam.They havedeliveredallmorningandeveningac vi essince the startof the schoolholidays (except a couple that stormsshutdown),andtheirselfmo va onhasbeen fantas c. Specialmen onalso to thePoolLifesavingTeamwho deliver ac vi es at the pool on Wednesdays and Sundayswhen theSport&RecTeamarehaving their RDOs ThankyouRGSTeam,townresidentscommentshave beenveryposi ve!! General Informa on Childrenunder theageof10mustbeaccompanied byguardian16yo+ Outoftownexcursionsareonlyabletohave limited numbers and childrenmust have signed permission formbyguardians Children that misbehave will not be allowed to par cipateinac vi es Sport & Recrea on Staff are not responsible for personalbelongings Ac vi esmayneed tobe changedor cancelleddue toweathercondi ons Turn page for the next four weeks of planned ac vi es... Pic Source: Candice ST You may have seen on the Carpentaria Highway a old Ironwood tree with sand around the base. The sand has been placed there in the hope that future fires will not do more damage to the trunk of this unusual tree that display light cream and pink foliage at the request of a few town residents. Pic Source: Candice ST Source: Borroloola Clinic BorroloolaClinicOpeningHours Mon,Tue,Wed,Fri 9am4:30pm Thru1pm4:30pm