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18 Sun Newspapers WEDNESDAY, November 14, 2012. the courage to be WE CANT STOP THE SWARM BUT WE CAN CLEAR YOUR DOMESTIC YARD OF RESIDENT SANDFLIES. No cleaning, no maintenance! 30 DAY FREE TRIAL NO MONEY NO OBLIGATION Try and test our sand fl y trap and if youre not happy with the result in 30 days simply return the product. LIMITED STOCK. SANDFLIES ONCE AND FOR ALL PHONE GARY NOW 0487 280 654 HOPE YOU HOOK UP ON THE WEEKEND! 1 0 8 3 5 2 3 0035 2.21 0605 7.09 1253 0.12 1928 7.87 0158 2.25 0728 6.97 1416 0.39 2052 7.61 0337 2.63 0902 6.18 1546 1.52 2220 6.85 0439 2.85 1002 5.64 1638 2.23 2308 6.40 0526 6.92 1213 0.36 1845 47.71 0447 2.41 1132 6.65 1759 0.87 2354 7.27 FRIDAY 16 MONDAY 19 TUESDAY 20WEDNESDAY 14 THURSDAY 15 SATURDAY 17 SUNDAY 18 0116 2.18 0645 7.11 1334 0.13 2010 7.83 Full Moon Last Quarter New Moon First Quarter Mozzie Alert: Low - Moderate Midge Alert: Moderate DARWIN HARBOUR TIDES 1 0 8 3 6 2 2 TUESDAY 22 Silver bullets a killer bait Greg Harris with a lovely golden snapper from Bynoe Harbour. These fish are suckers for a local sardine. Particularly over the neap tides the sardieswill hold up in big bait balls TO be perfectly honest, Ive never been a big bait fisherman, mostly preferring to ply my trade with fake wobbling fish lookalikes, wiggling bits of plastic and weird creations of the fur and feather kind. But occasionally I dont mind the peaceful low work rate side of the bait fishing and the undeniable fact that good fresh bait can quite often put a feed on the table when the fraudulent fish draw a blank. I remember years ago fishing with an old Greek mate for goldies on a pinnacle just off the Esplanade foreshore. It was a magical session, with big fat golden snapper to 5 kilos gracing the Esky and eventually the dinner table. This bloke was a bloody good fisherman, with an intimate understanding of the importance of tidal timing, water temperature and of course, putting the right tucker under the fishs nose. His secret bait? Well, we all know golden snapper wont knock back an offering of good fresh squid, but my ouzo-sipping friend was a big fan of fresh locally caught sardines. Sardines are pretty easy to catch with those little Japanese bait jugs from Stokes Hill Wharf, but there are also massive schools of the critters that move in and out of the harbour at different times of the year. Particularly over the neap tides, the sardies will hold up in big bait balls over many of the reefs and wrecks in the harbour and become a big part of the menu for many reef species including golden snapper. Now contrary to popular belief, you can successfully freeze sardines, but there is a bit of preparation involved and a food vacuum sealer is the key. As mentioned earlier, Stokes Hill Wharf is a top spot and you can even make it a family outing, as the little tackers will have a ball catching the little silver bullets. Take a small Esky with you with a bag of crushed ice and tip in some seawater to set up a brine slurry. As you catch your sardines get them straight into the slurry. When you get them home, dry them with paper towel, give them a good dose of salt and place them in clip seal bags. Press all the air out before sealing and then pop them in the freezer. Youll then have a ready supply of sardines when the goldies come on the chew. Ive used both fresh and cures and Im of the opinion the fish cant tell the difference. Chance to reel in a great magazine HAVE you ever fished Ruby Island jewfish hole, or Twin Creeks on Cape Hotham? You can find out more about these spots in the latest edition of North Australian Fishing and Outdoors Magazine, and Sun newspapers have five copies to give away to lucky readers. The magazine has a custom Dr Depth micro chart of the jewfish hole as well as low-tide aerial photos of Twin Creeks. Theres also an article on one of the Top Ends great barramundi gurus, a report on multiple metre barra from Roper Bar, tips on how to catch huge mangrove jacks, the latest spearfishing reports out of Darwin, the detailed log book of Crackers, and heaps more. For a chance to win, email mailsun@thesuns.com.au before close of business on Friday with the subject NTMag. Include your full name and contact details.