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8 Sun Newspapers WEDNESDAY, November 14, 2012. VEHICLE SAFETY RECALL Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited is recalling immediately Escape vehicles equipped with 3.0L V6 engine and factory cruise control as described below. Applicable Vehicle Application/Affected Dates Certain Escape vehicles equipped with 3.0L V6 engine and factory cruise control built from November 1, 2001 through February 1, 2006. Condition Affected vehicles may experience a concern where inadequate clearance exists between the engine cover and the cruise control cable. This concern could allow the engine to be stuck at full power when the accelerator pedal is fully or almost-fully depressed. A throttle that is stuck fully or almost-fully open may result in very high vehicle speeds and make it diffi cult to stop or slow the vehicle. This risk exists regardless of whether or not cruise control is being used. Action Required by Owners An owner of a recalled vehicle should, as soon as possible, arrange with an Authorised Ford Dealer to modify the engine cover fi tted to their vehicle. This service will be performed free of charge (parts and labour) by any Authorised Ford Dealer. If an owner does not already have a servicing Ford Dealer, the nearest Authorised Ford Dealer can be located at http://www.ford.com.au. Each registered owner will be notifi ed by letter from Ford of the actions to be taken to arrange for this service. This condition can be avoided by not fully or almost-fully depressing the accelerator pedal until the vehicle is repaired. Should you experience what you believe is a stuck throttle in this or any other vehicle, you should fi rmly and steadily apply the brakes without pumping the brake pedal, shift to neutral, steer the vehicle to a safe location and switch the engine ignition OFF after the vehicle is safely stopped. Further Information: Can be obtained from any Authorised Ford Dealer or from Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited, Customer Relationship Centre on toll free number 1800 503 672. Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited A.B.N. 30 004 116 223 Registered Offi ce: 1735 Sydney Road, Campbellfi eld, Victoria 3061 See www.recalls.gov.au for Australian Product Recall Information N EW Lem on & Cream Cheese range.Try some today. Lemon & cream cheese... hard to resist. Visit www.bakersdelight.com.au for your nearest bakery. Hard graft will bear fruit A bit of grafting and you could be growing a triple treat mango tree. Hard seeds, like those of this rare yellow poinciana, often need scarification before propagating. Trees germinated from seeds grow faster and becomebetter established than those propagated from cuttings MOST avid gardeners will agree that every month of the year is a time for special garden tasks, and November is certainly a time for accelerated gardening. Taking advantage of the coming rains for free watering, establishing newly acquired plants and propagating new plants are just some of the main reasons for the boost. Gardening in the Top End has many benefits at this time of year, particularly for propagation purposes. Unlike cold-climate areas where propagation often requires a hot house, we can simply place pots outdoors in sheltered areas (out of direct sunlight and heavy rains) in the garden, on the balcony, downstairs or in your greenhouse. Shrub cuttings are an all time favourite and easy method of creating new plants, simply by trimming off semi-hardwood stems of established plants, cutting into pencil thickness and pencil height and placing in loose potting mix. Several cuttings can be placed in a normal-sized pot and planted out into separate pots when each has established its own root system after about 4-6 weeks. Propagating seeds from large trees will require a different method of preparation. Trees with a large tap root system will require sowing in a tall pot or tube to allow free development of the root without spiralling. Trees germinated from seeds grow faster and become better established than those propagated from cuttings, but the dis advantage is that flowering may occur years later. Seeds with a hard covering, such as cassias or poincianas, often require scarification for successful germination. This means nicking the seed with a sharp knife or using a file to penetrate the hard shell to allow in moisture. As an avid propagator I experiment to find easier ways to do this task and using the humble nail cutters is one of the easiest I have discovered. Gripping a tiny seed while trying to nick it with the pointed end of secateurs is indeed a challenging task, which often results in the seed taking flight. Mangoes are plentiful at the moment and saving the seeds to propagate can be a rewarding experience, especially if you want to create your very own triple treat mango tree with three different varieties. All it requires is sowing seeds separately into a medium-size pot and waiting for them to sprout in two weeks. After about three months of growth, cut the stem at about 10cm and graft on to it your desired first variety of mango from a mature fruit bearing tree. As the plant matures and produces the first three pronged branch system, graft on to it the remaining two varieties of your choice. Your triple treat will bear fruit after about two years of growth.