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NT trends in ecstasy and related drug markets 2011 : findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS)



NT trends in ecstasy and related drug markets 2011 : findings from the Ecstasy and Related Drugs Reporting System (EDRS)


NT trends in ecstasy and related drug markets; Reports; PublicationNT




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Date:2011; Australian drug trends series No. 80




Drug abuse surveys -- Northern Territory -- Periodicals; Ecstasy (Drug) -- Northern Territory -- Periodicals; Drug abuse -- Northern Territory -- Periodicals

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National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, University of New South Wales

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Sydney (N.S.W)



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44 Variability in the quality of speed powder was highlighted a few KE who suggested that powder quality varies from very low to high. Ice was considered to be of high quality by a Health KE (who also suggested that ice was better value than powder due to its quality), Two other KEs reported that ice purity was generally 80% or higher. Both Legal KEs noted that many methamphetamine users did not know what they were purchasing. KE comments varied in regard to the availability of speed powder and ice. One Legal KE stated that both speed powder and ice had been more readily available over the past six months and this was a noticeable trend. Another KE commented that powder was more readily available than ice while another KE suggested that powder appeared more difficult to obtain while availability of ice appeared to be increasing. One KE suggested that ice had become readily available and the second Pharmacotherapy Program Worker, commenting upon speed powder, described fluctuating availability. A law KE declared that speed powder remained far more common than ice and was readily available. However, he also referred to a noticeable increase in the availability of ice over the past six months and a slight increase in the number of seizures of ice. Another law KE advised that the source of methamphetamine in the NT remained a combination of locally manufactured and imported from interstate. He considered that the availability of ice fluctuated. Only two KE commented upon base methamphetamine and no KE mentioned liquid. One KE said that she had not heard of any reports of availability of base while one police officer observed that there was not much base available in Darwin, noting only one seizure of base (imported from Queensland) last year. 5.3 Cocaine Key Points No participants were able to comment upon the cocaine drug market. KE comments confirm the rare use of this substance in the NT. As in 2010, no participants were able to comment upon cocaine price, purity or availability. 5.3.1 KE comment Three KE commented upon cocaine availability. One Health KE referred to reports of some cocaine availability approximately a year ago. One Law KE stated that availability was rare and said that he was uncertain as to why cocaine was not more popular. Another Law KE that there was some information that cocaine was available in small quantities, among a select group of individuals.