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Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council



Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council

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Issue 11, October/November 2012 Edition

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2 | CMYK SPOT A Ayakwa | A PUBLICATION OF THE ANINDILYAKWA LAND COUNCIL A big welcome to our new ALC Executive Board, which was elected in September. Having a seat on the Board is a very important responsibility in representing the Traditional Owners of the Groote Archipelago. Id like to see the new Board go out to the four schools and talk to the young ones about education and health issues. I hope you can help show to our children that there is more to life; to encourage our children to go off the island and explore because there is opportunity out there as well, not just on the island. But to do that they have to attend school. Parents must take more control and responsibility in encouraging children to go to school and Id like to see more men getting involved with the schools to be a role model for all the young boys. The new board will also be helping us at the ALC to maintain the Anindilyakwa culture. As leaders in the communities, we must set a good example for the young ones and encourage young leaders to take part and actually give them some responsibilities. We need to remember our leaders that are here today arent going to be here foreverjust like the mining company that is here wont be here forever. All of us have grown up with mining and if this stops, it will change the way we live. Thats why were putting together a 15-year strategic plan to prepare for that. We will be spending time Message from the Chairman Tony WurraMarrba Chairman anindilyakwa Land Council umbakumba youth radio launched umbakumba residents have celebrated the first broadcast of their own youth radio show titled y.r.u 102.9FM. Standing for Youth Radio Umbakumba, the radio show has been set up by the East Arnhem Shire Council in partnership with the Alyarrmandumanja Umbakumba School. The aim is to not only bring about a radio program, but also tie the program into the school curriculium, such as the Media and Literacy Studies of senior students. The broadcast reaches about halfway across Groote Eylandt and when Y.R.U is not transmitting, the frequency retransmits CAAMA radio. Word has spread very quickly about the broadcast. Announcer Percy Bishop said they already had a cue of guest speakers wanting to come on the program including Centrelink, the local aged care service, local Warnindilyakwan people speaking in language about local activities and services with a youth focus. The response from the school has also been fantastic and all the kids seem to be enjoying it, Percy said. Running a radio program is such a simple and engaging exercise; the more we broadcast, the more students are coming out of their shell. Everyone is tuning in; community leaders, residents, teachers play it on their radio at school; the CDEP crew, Message from the CEo MarK HEWITT CEo anindilyakwa Land Council Philip Mamarika and Jennifer Yangtarrgna were among five ALC rangers who are training towards becoming Fisheries officers. Full story on page 10. Cover story Welcome to the october/ november 2012 edition of the anindilyakwa Land Councils publication, Ayakwa. It is with great pleasure that I can announce that on September 13 a new ALC Executive Board commenced. I would like to congratulate Tony Wurramarrba on his re-election as Chairperson and congratulations to Lionel Jaragba on being elected to the role of Deputy Chairperson. Both were unanimously elected by the new Board. Both moieties are now represented in the Chair and Deputy Chair positions for the first time, which is great. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the previous board members for all their hard work and support and wish them well. The highlight of my work has been the chance to work together and get to know every one of you. I would further like to congratulate all the elected members of the Executive Board. We have 12 reelected members and 11 new members. What is most pleasing is to see continuity and stability in Tonys outstanding leadership but also a significant injection of new members stepping up into leading and guiding the ALC and representing their clans and communities. My staff and I are looking forward to working with the new Executive Board in implementing the ALC Strategic Plan. We plan to kick off our work with a very focused few days just working our way through the draft document of the 15-year Strategic Plan; it contains a wide range of recommendations and actions that have come out of extensive community consultations over the past year. The timing is good; we have a new Executive Board, with all three communities explaining what the plan actually means. When we do the rounds, we will also be talking to young people and encouraging them to have input. TunE In: Percy bishop works with umbakumba students to create a broadcast. a new NT Government and a new Local Member. The ALC Strategic Plan will put forward where Anindilyakwa people see their future heading and how to get there. More on this in the next issue! Aminjarrinja and council staff have it blaring out their car radios while they work. The young ones like hip hop and a bit of rap, while the older residents love country and blues music. Local bands are very popular with everyone. The council is also providing training in topics such as the National Broadcasting Code of Conduct, programming, public speaking and production. Umbakumba Shire Services Manager Clayton McCudden said the council had long had access to the radio retransmission but hadnt been able to find anyone within the community to work it. If we integrate this into school and youth programs, we will be able to provide training and skills to eventually give participants confidence and experience to pursue a career in the field or host their own programs, Clayton said. WELCoME ayakwa: Issue 11 october/ november 2012 Editor, stories, photography: Daniela Cooper 0400 551155 dcooper@alcnt.com.au anindilyakwa paragraphs: Groote Eylandt Linguistics additional text and photos: Thanks to Groote Eylandt Linguistics, Ngakwurra langwa College, East Arnhem Shire Council Design and layout: Daniela Cooper ISSn: 1837-5340 Copyright September 2012