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Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council



Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council

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Groote Eylandt (N.T.); Anindilyakwa Land Council; Aboriginal Australians; Land tenure; Periodicals

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Anindilyakwa Land Council

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Issue 11, October/November 2012 Edition

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18 | CMYK SPOT A Ayakwa | A PUBLICATION OF THE ANINDILYAKWA LAND COUNCIL arT & CuLTurE This story was told by Jabani Lalara in May 2012. baCKGrounD Emerald River Mission was established on August 1, 1921 by the Church Missionary Society (CMS). CMS made a mission settlement at Emerald River for the children. Thats where the stolen generation from Roper River mission came to Groote Eylandt on a boat named the Holly. Reverand Warren was the first Superintendent at Emerald River Mission. During the war a big cyclone hit the Emerald River Mission. Many of the buildings were damaged by white ants and by the cyclone. THE STory The flooding started from Amagula River to Adubarrinja. It flowed and flooded the land through low level areas.The floodings came from two directions. One from the back that flowed where Duduwa made the river bed, which flowed through Arnduwamurramanja through to the cemetery and to Ngurruyurrumanja. The other water flowed through rocky hills, and towards Yiningamanja. The water surrounded the Mission settlement. The CMS and the people did a lot of talking, they used Fred Blitner to interpret Anindilyakwa to English and visa versa for both parties to discuss to look for a better place to live. Emerald River Mission was a low level area that always had lots of flooding and the decision was made that Mr Bill Hodge, Fred Blitner and a group of men were to look for a new place to live. The men that went on the search were men from four tribes, one from Wurramarrba, Wurramara, Lalara, and some men from Numbulwar that were from Murrungun tribe. At first they went to Mebirruwerra; the water there was fresh. They explored down the river. At Angurrkwa the men stopped and discussed where they were going to establish a new place to live, but the water was salty so they went back up stream to followed the river Yinuma and decided to establish a new settlement at Mungwardinumanja. Today the place we live in is Mungwardinumanja. The name Angurrkwa, they took it from where the mouth of the river is because it was easy for the nonIndigenous to pronounce it. After that they went back to Emerald River and told the people about the new place that they found, which is now Angurugu. nuwandiyuma-langwa angalya enikaduwawa warningkambilya-yada Looking for a new place to live In DEPTH: The story can be viewed on this storyboard at Groote Eylandt Linguistics in angurugu. baCKGrounD Yedikba Mission narringekburakama 1st of August 1921 wurrakina Church Missionary Society narringekburakama angalya yakwujina Yadikba wurrakinayada wurriyukwayuwa. Wurrakina nuwangmaduma wurriyukwayuwa angaluba Roper River Mission-langwa nalikenuma yangkwurrangwa Groote Eylandt mijiyanguma memikirra Holy nakina Reverend Warren nakina neningadinubawiya superintendent akina-manja Yadikba Mission. Akina yada nangajinuma war akwa wuyarrirda aruma nangajukwama akina Yadikba Mission. Ababurna alikira nuwurrariyakama wurrilukwukulya kembirra wuyarrirda nuwarriyakama akina. STory Kemba narralarrka wurrakina wurrabiyarbuwa warnungkwarba biya nuwilyaba Wurramarrba akwa nuwilyaba Wurramara akwa nuwilyaba Lalara akwa wurrukwala warnungkwarba Numbuluwar-langwa wurr-Murrungun nilikena-murru-manja numangkadirra nenumikirra Bill Hodge. Adinubwiya nalikenuma Mebirruwerruwa biya akina akungwa narrilabena-manja akina eningaba wurrakina nalikenuma adalyuma-langwa. Yakwujina Angwurrkwa mudalyuma warnungkwarba nangwanja akwa nalyelyumbukweyina ngamanja warnikingekburaka angalya enikadawa akena akina akungwa amakarduma, kembirra wurrakina nalikena abalkayuwa adalyuma emikirra Yinuma akwa nalyangkuwerribikajungwuna warnikingekburaka enikaduwa angalya-da yakwujina. Aduwaba ena angalya emikirra Mungwardinumanja akena narrumanguma Angurrukwa mudalyumlangwa akina ekirra kajungwa wurrumangkadirra warnikiyengbija-yada wurrakina Angwurrkwa. Kembirra wurrakina nalawurradina Yadikba-wa akwa narramaka warnumamalya-manja akina-langwa enikaduwa angalya ebina narrkburrangama enana angalaya Angurugu ngarrambilyama. Ena Alawudawarra numakinuma Jabani Lalara Akina wiyarrirda akwa akungwa nuwaburradaduma Amagu-langwa adalyuma akwa adubarrinnjalangwa akina neyabarrinuma yalina iya yalina nangwurdirruwaruma angalya. Awilyaba akwaburrangarna-langwa ebina Duduwa yingambilyama -langwa nuwangkarrinama Arnduwamurru-manja-langwa, yadikina yadikba-langwa ebina narrarungkwa bama warnikijungwa warnumamalya yanda-langwa Ngurruyumanja. Umba engka adalyuma nuwangkarrinuma yimurndakibinalangwa yinijirra engerriba Yiningamanja-uwa. Akina akungwa nakwurdakama akina Mission Settlement.Biya wurrakina CMS akwa warnumamalya nalyelyumbukweyinuma biya nakina Mr Fred Blitner nikwarrkwajuwama ayakwa Anindilyakwa-langwa angerriba amangkadirrawa warnikaburangka-langwa enikaduwa angalya. Yadikba Mission akina angadingidirra nuwambily umba akwa arngkababurra-langwa akungwa wiyarrirda-langwa akwa adalyuma-langwa nungwurdirruwarnuma akina angalya akina kemba wurrakina warnumamalya akwa wurrakina wurrumangkadirra narralarrka warnikaburangka enikaduwa angalya. CMYK