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Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council



Ayakwa : a publication of the Anindilyakwa Land Council

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Anindilyakwa Land Council newsletter


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Groote Eylandt (N.T.); Anindilyakwa Land Council; Aboriginal Australians; Land tenure; Periodicals

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Anindilyakwa Land Council

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Issue 11, October/November 2012 Edition

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CMYK SPOT A | 3 Ayakwa | October/ November 2012 Issue 11 a Queensland biologist who has been a popular face at the aLC rangers for the past year has stepped up to lead the department. Vincent Billy Van Uitregt has taken over from Gavin Enever, who left Groote Eylandt in September to spend time working his Queensland property. Billy studied zoology and wildlife ecology at University of Queensland (UQ) and completed an Honours in Conservation Biology, working with amphibians (frogs). Aside from studying frogs, he has done work on quolls, koalas and cane toads. Billy has been coming to Groote Eylandt for just over a year, as part of the UQ research team studying quolls. Half Maori, half Dutch, he says he has always walked the divide of two cultures. Im interested in working in an Indigenous organisation because Im Indigenous. As far as I m concerned the difference between the Indigenous and non-Indigenous here is just another cultural divide, Billy said. These local guys are great and very confident in speaking up; Im just kind of representing them. Billy plans to continue the projects set up by his predecessor and look at what other opportunities arise. As well as focusing on single species, I want to focus more on encapsulating the biodiversity of the island in our research, Billy said. From a biologists perspective, its really incredible. All the scientists I know who have come here have been blown away with how awesome it is. His vision for the ranger program is to train up his team of 21 to become a strong force in caring for the Anindilyakwa country. Weve got all the infrastructure in place, now we have to work at getting people trained at full capacity, Billy said. Twelve members were re-elected to the aLC Executive board and eleven new members were appointed in September. The new Board met on September 13 and re-elected Tony Wurramarraba as the Chairperson. Lionel Jaragba was elected as Deputy Chairperson, replacing Joaz Wurramara. Lionel currently works with the ALC, helping CEO Mark Hewitt discuss the ALCs proposed new 15-year Strategic Plan with the communities. Mark welcomed the new Board at the meeting and gave them a short update on the plan. Tony said the new Board members were looking forward to a bright and productive three-year term implementing the first stage of the plan. Members will receive monthly governance training. new board members anGuruGu Tony Wurramarrba (Chairperson) Lionel Jaragba (Deputy Chairperson) Donna Wurramarrba Barnabus Maminyamanja Simeon Lalara Rhoda Lalara Elma Yantarrnga Joaz Wurramarra Serena Bara Elaine Mamarika Wayne Wurrawilya Melville Amagula Alfred Mamarika (Community Rep.) bICKErTon Eric Wurramarra (Clan & Community Rep.) uMbaKuMba Geraint Maninyamanja Betty Wurrawilya Phillip Mamarika Jenny Barabara Jodie Barabara Nesman Bara Archie Jaragba Jennifer Yantarrga Jacob Bara (Community Rep.) New ALC board elected aMPHIbIanS: Frogs were the subject of billys university studies. billy steps up to lead ranger program ToP STorIES