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The Northern Territory news Wed 5 Sep 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Wednesday, September 5, 2012. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:5-SEGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Its the young kidswho continue to suffer for the actions of their rolemodels. SEEBELOW ONNEWCABINET n hope this new found success hasnt gone to Terry Mills head! He and the rest of cabinet need to take a few deep breaths, step back and make some wise decisions with the power thats been entrusted to them! Progress is moving forwards, not sideways or backwards. Kezia Purick is an experienced and respected member of his team so why is he throwing her the crumbs? Ross Dudgeon of Batchelor n I dont like Dave Tollner but give the guy a fair go. He might just atone himself and may set an example for all of us. If he does not do the job right, sack him! But for now, lets sit, wait, and see! Plato and a Platypus go to a bar! ONCOPSDOING IT TOUGH n What are Police Officers carrying CS Spray and Tasers for if they dont use them in times that they need to defend themselves from assualts like this; maybe if a few of these drunks were sprayed and zapped from time to time then the word will get around the 'camps' that CS Spray burns, and a Taser hurts, even when you are blind drunk. Start Using Your Armaments to DefendYourself n The police are being let down by the law that they are trying to uphold, these indi viduals will go to court get a suspended sentance and/or a measly fine, only to go out and do it all again. Its time for judges to go out there and see what life is really like instead of looking at life from behind their rozy coloured glasses. Irish of Strathalbyn SA (exDarwin) ONLIAMQUITS DEMONS n I am trying to understand this in two ways. On the one hand there is the Liam Jurrah desire to be closer to family. On the other the situation of the Melbourne Football Club who have stuck with this player through thick and thin. Now, there is a walk away from the club by the player and this seems to happen so often when players have been taken, nurtured and developed by clubs. There is something both sad and also alarming about the relationship often being one way . Around the Traps n Not only is a dreadful shame for the man, but its another setback for aspiring players from remote Australia. He was a huge risk, as was Troy Taylor and Relton Roberts the same year. They are all far more skilful than 90% of the kids playing AFL but just could not adjust to the life of a professional footballer. Why would a club chase a young Indigenous kid from the bush now? Its the young kids who continue to suffer for the actions of their rolemodels.Andrew ONMOVIE PERMIT DIFFICULTIES n Yes everything in the NT is too bureaucratic. Filming is not the only industry being strangled. Paul from Darwin 2 of Darwin n YEP 2% of the population holding the other 98% to RANSOM!!!! And howmuch did the GOVT spend on them!!! last year alone.. JUST over $24.5 BILLION... yeah thats right!!!Wilbur of Darwin ONFATHERS TRIBUTE n No eco warrior here, but anyone who left their porch light on last night waives the right to complain about high power bills for at least 12 months. Thanks. Empty Gesture Is Empty of Palmy n People always find the negative. Weve had our light on the last 2 nights & will again tonight. Ill just add a little extra in budget for next power bill.Dee ofWoodroffe Speak Up: Do you ever cycle to work? NOSometimes Iwork in the bush, and thats a bit far to ride. But I work in construction, so Iwould have to leave too early to get there at a good time. EINER JAGD,Malak NO Im on adisability pension so I dontwork. But I havent ridden a bike since Iwas about 14years old.Maybe I should get one. GLENDARCY,Wagaman NO I live atMarlow Lagoon its too far to ride everywhere. Iwalk around the area a bit, its a really beautiful place. Iwould ride though if I could. JANVOWLES,MarlowLagoon NO I work in the city and its too far to ride. I wouldnt get there in time. And I dont trust Darwin traffic. JALIL JADUE,Karama NOBut I should. Im slack and I dont even ownabike.Maybe its time to start. I work in Nightcliff. SIMONECORNEY,Karama 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Half themen in Darwin say they are gay to avoid molestation by drunken, foulmouthed ExtraTerrestials calling themselves ladies . A Bachelor Gay, Darwin ONBUSES n Mum palmo... I had to stop my special needs son catching special needs bus as gov sub contracted to a company and do NOT supply a carer..so why would it enter their minds to do so on amainstream bus? n Feet on seats is NOT OK. Shoes carry dirt from streets & toilet floors. Wake up & teach ur brood some manners. Bus driver, thumbs up! Owen, Nightcliff n To lady with kid who got slapped on bus, just leave it. I was a kid like that and hated school, got the oddwhack. did me no harm. Dont believe every thing kids tell ya. n A proud parent in 70s was a parent whose child comes home and didnt get slapped by a bus driver. How times change.Gibbo, Stuart Park ONGOVERNMENT n New leader of gov has obviously not heard the saying 'shot him self in the foot' dumping a popular candidate like Kezia could be fatal. n Terry Mills please explain boot camp to territorians as local kids think you are taking them camping eg x.factor or biggest loser or 1 mile camp. Moulden Camp n Mills shouldnt be in too much of a hurry to get rid of Hendos spin crew. Hell need someone to explain scrapping of the BDR register and Tiwi full strength beer promise. n Millsy. You had us in the palm of your hand until you put Dracula in charge of the blood bank. A smoker & drink driver in charge of health & alcohol? Ian, Berry Springs n Terry how bout gettn rid of sum of the dinosaurs that work 4 darwin port corp, 2 give locals ago n stop given job southerners.Barraman n Too bad Mills cant sack Palmy council!Annoyed ONOTHERTHINGS n Boat show; five years since ive been to one. at 28 bucks for family, 5 to park the car, i think ill go fishen next time. Hip, Virgina n Ch 9 should try and get malarndirri McCarthy on the news team. Looks, sounds good?Hopeful n Dear ex-prisoner, im sure the cost of your incarceration far exceeded any costs you incured while in prison. It was the law abiding taxpayer who funded this so spare us the sob story. Jono, Herbert n The DCC could do worse than hire some of sydneys drive by shooters - send them out to moil to shut the bloody yapping dogs up.Not Def Yet n Wouldnt it save a load of money on airfares if Katrina Fong moved her office to Singapore?Pete, Pine Creek n I have a fridge that needs regassing. If any fridge repairers willing to donate their time to fix it, Id gladly donate it to Ms Neilson.Nicole n Kris Keogh. To each his own. I wont stop you murdering vegetables if you leave the human race alone. Ross, Winnellie Letters LETTER OF THE DAY There in our hour of need I REFER to the letter published in your August 15 edition, NT Morons Have No Concept of War by Lt Col John George OBE, a distinguished former army officer. While I lack his knowledge and fluency, I am impelled to register my own protest at the ignorance and ingratitude of some. It is indeed sad to learn that a younger generation of Territorians have no knowledge, understanding or appreciation for the role played by the Defence Forces in relation to the security and prosperity of Darwin. It was the army, navy and air force that defended Darwin from the onslaught of the Japanese, which was a dan gerous and noisy undertaking. It was a serving army general who took charge after Cyclone Tracy. It was the ADF that led the recovery and clean-up post-Tracy. It was the ADF deployment to East Timor that again put Darwin on the world map. It is the taxpayers dollars spent in Darwin and the NT via Defence that makes a significant contribution to the prosperity that Darwin enjoys today and yet it would appear that the relatively minor inconvenience of aircraft noise gives the pampered, protected, mollycoddled, whingeing few, cause for complaint. Its rather sad and pathetic really. KevinBovill,WA Locals should be questioning whether US Military will use its bases in the NT to retain cluster munitions SOAPBOX Speaking out against clustermunitions RECENTLY the Australian Parliament passed the Criminal Code (Cluster Munitions Prohibition) Act. This Act brings into law Australias commitment to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. What this international treaty prohibits is the manufacture and use of clustermunitions. Cluster munitions dispro portionately kill and maim civilians, particularly children, because of the high numbers of unexploded bomblets left behind. The Convention has been signed by 107 countries. The USA, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel and Brazil are among the countries that refuse to sign. The Cluster Munitions Prohibition Act makes it a criminal offence for Australians to use, develop, stockpile, retain or transfer cluster munitions in Australia or overseas. However, the Cluster Munitions Prohibitions Act does not apply to the citizens of the countries that have not signed the Conventions, even in Australia. The Australian Govern ment has made it clear that this is intended to exempt the United States military from the Cluster Munitions Prohibitions Act while in Australia. The Australian Govern ment has announced a policy that it will not permit the US Military to stockpile cluster munitions in Australia but Senator Feeney, the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, while speaking in the Sen ate, made it clear that the Australian Government will not though object, or even ask, if the US Military retains or transfers cluster munitions while operating in Australia. It is possible, and even li kely if a US airbase is established at Tindal, as proposed by the Australian Government, the US Military will use its bases in the NT to retain cluster munitions and to transfer them to wherever it is fighting its next war in our region. This is something our local politicians can and should speak out against. Even the most enthusi astic supporters of the US Military presence in the NT must have difficulty justifying our complicity in the USAs use of these horrible weapons. TonyYoung,Nightcliff Write to THESOAPBOX, POBox 1300, Darwin 0801or email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au