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The Northern Territory news Tue 21 Aug 2012



The Northern Territory news Tue 21 Aug 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, August 21, 2012. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:21-AGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Thiswas just a designer having a bit of a personal light hearted laugh. Get serious people. SEEBELOW ONPLAYINGHOST n Didnt invite a soul up this dry, Funnily enough never got one invo to come on down or over either? Darwin festival had plenty to see and listen too, the rodeos are great and there seems to be more backpackers sleeping rough than any other year, seen a lot of dogs running free both two and four legged varities, wave pool busy, day and night, someone needs to look into that. Great food even without the company. leisurely dry for me, this season bring on the wet, cant wait for the storms and xmas. Warragal 2 of Darwin n I am from Melbourne and I have to confess it was my first time in the Top End and I did all of that touristy stuff and loved it all. The weather and the atmosphere was so good and you just dont get that consistent sunshine down our way. But I would love to go back and enjoy the place without doing all the touristy stuff. Although I would have to go back to the market for Kens crepes! Terri n I am a former long term NT resident and visit my family up here at least 4 times a year. I still own my home up here which I rent out. I loathe Mindl markets and the touristy sites (but have previously been). I am used to the Geckos, the oversized roaches & dress down when I visit! You will know me as a southerner though by the fair complexion I have! My mother loves to point out the tourists & their dress sense and when I say but I dress like that she says but you are one of us! Carlton of Former Resident, Current Ratepayer n Great little yarn Kylie. I can just picture you trailing through Mindil Beach markets like a flustered parent dragging along the kids. How time changes things and reverses family roles! At least you have the consolation of living in beautiful Darwin and thank goodness the 'heat and humidity' drives all the southerners away! Jilly of Darwin Born andBred n Great article! Im a bloody southerner and I cant stand the markets or the tourists crap. I think it is the city folk from down south that want to do all the cliche crap. Oh and I love being here during the build up and wet, its when all the street theatre happens and the fish start moving. I dont stay with my sister who lives here, i freeload off my mates who play ping pong and drink tequila! I go to Darwin for at least a couple of months a year, im here for the territory iced coffee! Ben of Fannie Bay ONCLP JERK-OFFAD n This stuff helps me decide never to vote for them. The sheer amount of dead trees stuffed in my letterbox every day from politicians squalling at me, begging for my vote, it is pathetic, and a waste of good paper.Dimmie Flay n Disgraceful that someone would introduce a bit of humour into an election campaign.Ric Innes n Unfortunately both major political parties have stooped a bit low with their advertising. Im sure the majority of voters want to hear about policies etc, not muck raking and childish taunts. Laila McIntyre n Vote independent. Kassandra Gould n Resorting to name calling... hmm, the mad monk, peter rabbit... sound familiar? This was just a designer having a bit of a personal light hearted laugh. Get serious people. If youre so uptight, move back down south! If you want to see some name calling just go and check some of the Young Labor stuffDavid Auld SpeakUp: Have you been to any shows in the Darwin Festival? YES I sawKenny Rogers andMegan Washington andKate Miller-Heidke. I didnt enjoyKennyRogers so much. Its not reallymy typeofmusic. NATASHAPAUL,RapidCreek YES I sawTrevor Ashley. He is doing Liza (On anE). So I did that on Friday night and were doing La Soiree next Sundaynight. ROBTRENERRY,Woolner NO Ive been toobusy. Ive heard about some stuff that people are really enjoying so, yeah, Iwould like to go. But I have beenbusy. MELISSALEMMERS, Leanyer NO Imnew toDarwin andhavent been. I suppose I didnt know toomuch about it. Somepeople have talked about it atwork. MELITACALVERT,Palmerston YES Ive been to KennyRogers. Itwas very good, but itwas very hard to get a drink ofwater. JENNYDAVIE,Nightcliff 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Aaah, the humidity. I can hear the grey nomads whining their way south already. Trucky, Berry Springs ATTENTION Until the holding of the Northern Territory election, no texts specifically dealingwith the electionwill be published unless senders provide their full names and addresses. Full names and suburbs only will be published. We reserve the right to verify senders identities by calling senders mobile numbers. ONEVERYTHING n Has the rubbish warrior moved out to berry springs or do we have our own? whoever, hes doin a good job. n Went 2 fish n chip shop. asked for $5 chips. told we only do $4 or 2 lots of $2.50. which i would get less than if i got $4. it doesnt make dollars, it doesnt make sense. Juls n Cape employment want to employ 1000 scafolder/riggers from outside OZ 2 fill labor void? Ive got 20+ yrs exp & had an app in for 10 mths with them. Maybe i need to throw ID & licences overboard? Chap, Achills n If pollies think standing on d side of d road waving at me with balloons in their hands is goin to make me vote for them their dumber than i thought. theyv had 4 years to get to know all of us yet they all come out a few weeks before an election. ha. Allan, Driver n Hey Cobargo. 20c to swim in a cold southern NSW pool? You got stitched up mate. Ian, Berry Springs n Thanks to guy and his girlfriendwho foundmy purse at Palmerston car wash and dropped it to my house. Legends. Drop by and Ill gladly give you some cash for a carton. n Could someone please fix palmerston pool so it can be re-opened! I am not enjoying driving into Casuarina from Howard Springs to go for a swim! Shannon n Both colin hay concerts sold out-put on another one col!DownUnder Guy, Parap n To the white Mitsubishi throwing water bombs at people on saturday nite. I got ur plate! Next time I see ur car, dont get angry when I fly kick it. SG, Tiwi n When will someone address the outside of bagot community its a disgrace to all that live near it. n Interesting union ads use a Ned Kelly symbol. Their leaders certainly seem to embrace robbery - of their own members. Tony, Karama n When you vote in the NT election, your first preference vote is worth $242.70 to either a party or candidate! think about not only what u want for the NT but where the cash is going too. people can make a lot of money 4 nothing. Toni, Leanyer n Could the Sunday Terror have a page three stunner of a Crocodile in a bikini? Many hot bloodied males would appreciate it. John, Darwin n Queenslander re boiled salted peanuts. You can order them from fresh produce distributors on bagot road. We will ship them up for you. n Re; invaders say sorry, for what? For trying to escape the tragedy of their crap lives. What has it got to do with so called original inhabitants. u seem to think they own the country. say sorry, were not sorry, whywould they be. n Looking for salted sunflower seeds, any1 know where to buy some? Baseball not samewithout a cheek full, thanx,Paulie, HumptyDoo Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Geography in need of help ON our way home from the beach at Nightcliff recently we stopped at a service station to buy milk. While I was inside a fight broke out near the fuel pumps. A man was beating a woman and another man tried to stop him. The first man than turned on the other man and the fight got so bad the first man picked up the second and threw him hard on to the bonnet of a car, which didnt belong to either of them. My husband had the presence of mind to move himself and our car away from the fight, however, I was now tra pped inside the shop. I rang 000 from my mobile. The first question I was asked was, What city are you ringing from? I said Darwin. The second question was, What state are you in? Its bad enough that I am put on to an operator thousands of kilometres away, but what kind of people is the emergency service employing if they dont even have a basic knowledge of the geography of this country? Darwin the capital city of the Northern Territory. God help any of us if we need help in a hurry! JanPershouse, Karama Matthew Rosier struggles with Daniel Dzufer from Redland during the NT Thunder v Redland game at Palmerston Picture: DANIEL HARTLEY-ALLEN PICK OF THE PICS