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Northern Territory weed management handbook



Northern Territory weed management handbook

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Weed management handbook


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Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This manual has been developed to provide detailed information about weed control in the Northern Territory.


Date:2012; Includes: Weeds in the N.T. -- Legislative responsibilities -- Strategic & planned approaches to weed management -- Prevention -- Weed control methods -- Integrated weed control -- Using herbicides correctly -- Herbicide toxicity -- Modes of action -- Herbicide resistance -- Herbicide control techniques -- Using adjuvants, surfactants & oils with herbicides -- Factors affecting adjuvant use -- Records of use -- Disposal of excess chemicals & used chemical containers -- Chemical handling training -- Weed control option tables -- Publications -- Websites.




Weeds -- Control; Weeds -- Northern Territory -- Identification

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Northern Territory Government

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53 p., : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 30 cm.

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46 NORTHERN TERRITORY WEED MANAGEMENT HANDBOOK 2012 Appendix E Modes of Action Modes of Action (Barrett, M. and Reed, G., 1997) Resistance Risk Mode of Action Group Typical Actives High A - Inhibitors of acetyl co-enzyme A Carboxylase (lipid synthesis, cell membranes) diclofop-methyl clethodim fl uazifop-P haloxyfop propaquizafop sethoxydim B - Inhibitors of acetolactase synthase (ALS) (amino acid synthesis) chlorsulfuron halosulfuron-methyl imazapyr metsulfuron-methyl triasufuron iodosulfuron Moderate C - Inhibitors of photosynthesis at photosystem II atrazine diuron fl uometuron prometryn D - Inhibitors of tubulin formation pendimethalin trifl uralin Low E - Inhibitors of mitosis Carbetamide Triallate bensulide F - Inhibitors of carotenoid biosynthesis norfl urazon G - Inhibitors of chlorophyll biosynthesis oxyfl uorfen H - Inhibitors of protein synthesis thiobencarb I - Disruption of plant hormone action 2,4-D 2,4-DB dicamba triclopyr fl uroxypyr MCPA picloram J - Inhibitors of fat synthesis fl upropanate K - Herbicides with diverse sites of action metolachlor MSMA L - Inhibitors of photosynthesis at photosystem I diquat paraquat M - Inhibitors of aromatic amino acid synthesis glyphosate glyphosate-trimesium N - Inhibitors of glutamine synthetase glufosinate-ammonium In Australia, the letters (A, B, C etc) are used to identify the different Mode of Action groups whereas overseas, the numbers (1, 2, 3 etc) are used.