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The Northern Territory news Mon 6 Aug 2012

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38 NT NEWS. Monday, August 6, 2012. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 6 -A U G -2 0 1 2 P A G E : 3 8 C O L O R : C M Y K On this day IN THE TERRITORY 10 YEARSAGO: The Governmentwill today unveil the first phase of its $80 million plan to end blackouts in Darwins northern suburbs. 20 YEARSAGO: A newPort of Darwin is to be built at East Arm at a cost of $68 million over the next four years. 25 YEARSAGO: Protesterswho daubed pink paint on the gun outside RSLHouse ruined the meaning of HiroshimaDay, said Opposition Leader Terry Smith. Letters to the editor should be kept to 175 words or less. Send your letters toGPOBox 1300, Darwin, 0801, or email ntnmail@ntnews.com.au You must include your name, home address or PO Box number. Name and address will be withheld on request. The Northern Territory News reserves the right to edit letters. Responsibility is taken by the Editor, NTNews, GPOBox 1300, Darwin, NT, 0801 MONDAY, AUGUST 6, 2012 Alcohol sales onway down SOME Territorians would have laughed or, at least, smiled wryly when it was reported that the equivalent of 6.1 million cartons of full-strength beer were sold in the Northern Territory last year. The statistic seems to confirm theNTs reputation as a friendly, larrikin, slightly boozy place. In fact, the bald figuremasks appalling suffering, deprivation, neglect and cost to the community. There is good news. Believe it or not, the latest tally of pure alcohol sales shows that Territorians are drinking less. Apparently, there has been a drop of 3 per cent the equivalent of 164,000 cartons of beer. Alcoholmanagement campaigner Dr John Boffa says the reduction in drinking shows that a string of initiatives areworking. He specifically points to the decisions by Alice Springs supermarkets, halfway through last year, to stop selling casks ofwine. This had the effect of increasing the cost of a standard drink from 50c to 80c. It has been shownmany times that the bestway to get alcoholics to drink less often apart from outright, rigorously enforced prohibition is by putting up prices. The supermarketsmay have been dragged kicking and screaming to banning caskwine, but they got there eventually and should be applauded. Alcoholmanagement remains a touchy subject for politicians because it inevitably inconveniences thosewho dont drink to excess. ... and another thing NOT much good news comes out of the Territorys indigenous community. So the report that the indigenous death rate has fallen at twice the rate of any other jurisdictions should be put up in lights. The figure surely shows that alcohol management is beginning towork. Letters Its also undeniably good for us all in this globalmulticultural world to get over ourselves and reach out SEE LETTER BELOW ATTENTION All letters to the editor relating to the current Northern Territory electoral campaignmust include the authors full name and suburb for publication. ITS VITAL TOPREPARE FORSTART IN LIFE IN RESPONSE to the recent home ownership comments. My sympathy goes to the genuine battlers who are struggling to take on or pay off a mortgage and those on limited funds who have been widowed or deserted with dependants to support. The usual common thought when starting out in life is that Im never going to have to have anyone to worry about except myself. Weve all been there and have found thats not always the case. When starting out in life some people are not prepared to live as cheaply as possible. They only want the best of everything in life and living for the present with no planning for the future. With expensive living and spending habits, theyll never be able to take on or pay off a mortgage. Nameandaddresswithheld WISETOREACHOUT TOOURNEIGHBOUR I WOULD like to congratulate NT Chief Minister Paul Henderson for his announcement on July 3, 2012, Top End students to learn Indonesian at school. Just brilliant! Indonesian studies in Australia has been bedevilled since 1996 by the perfect storm of calamitous or unfortunate events, negative reporting and plain old fear, racism and indifference. It is ridiculous that despite positive rhetoric from the Commonwealth about Asia, literacy and Australias Future in the Asian Century, so little translates into real and effective change in Austra lias attitudes, classrooms and national skill set. You have recognised this is not a choice. Indonesia will forever be our neighbour. Darwin is on the doorstep of the fourth largest population in the world and an economy that has just pulled ahead of Australias in net worth and can only continue to grow and become more powerful. Its also undeniably good for us all in this global multicultural world to get over ourselves and reach out to different values, different cultures, different life practices. Thanks for biting the bullet and showing that leadership means responsibility for our peoples future. Best wishes as you develop the only jurisdiction where students can study a language from primary school through to university with an exchange program. Semoga sukses! DrPhillipMahnken, Indonesian Language Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast EASYALCOHOLACCESS MAKES LIFEDIFFICULT VINCE Kelly, Northern Territory Police Association President for more than a decade said (NT News, July 20): I think without a doubt that if alcohol was not as freely available the police force could probably be a half to a quarter the size it is. Territory people pay $4000 each every year (Northern Territory Government figures) to cover the cost of alcohol harm and alcohol related crime. The Northern Territory community is traumatised by alcohol related deaths, broken families and ill health. Others profit from the high sales of alcohol. There needs to be far more restrictions on the sale of alcohol, including takeaway alcohol trading hours, late closing hours and a floor price for alcohol. JuneTapp, Katherine UNLIKELYTOMAKE RETURNTRIPTONT AS A VISITOR to NT for the first time I was disappointed to read Kylie Stevensons article of July 29 in which she describes how she and others feel about wrinkly wanderers. Ive been in the Territory for about a week and spent at least $1000. My wife and I visited the Desert Park today and we knew every other visitor there. They were fellow wrinklys there. In every other part of Oz grey nomads are welcome whereas my experience of the Territory so far is . . . its a beautiful place but facilities are third world standard. Were in a caravan park in Alice the only one in town that accepts us with our pet and the conditions are disgraceful. Locals live here under plastic sheets! Your tourism slogan en courages us to come but well likely never never return. TerryMcHutchison, Victoria SADTOSEE FISH POSTERS LETGO FISHERIES used to give out free fish identification posters. They are handy for fishos and great for teaching kids about NT fish. But they have just informed me that the posters are no longer available and there will not be any more produced. What a disappointment. FishMama HELPREQUIRED INHUNTFORFILM I WAS in the US Navy as a young man and was stationed on the USS Robert E Peary FF 1073. We were fortunate to be in lovely Darwin we were treated so nicely by the people of Darwin. I participated in a ceremony commemorating the crew of the USS Robert E Peary DDG226, which as you probably know was sunk in Darwin Harbour doing her duty protecting the people of Australia. The ceremony I was in was filmed by a three-person crew and I am trying to track down the video or film of that ceremony. It was in 1989 but I dont know the exact date. Can you help me? RickMesler, Emeryville The Fixer DATEFIRSTPUBLISHED: 26/06/2012 WHAT: Several lights on Tiger Brennan Drv, from Stoddart Drv toMcMinn St, including this one at junction with Gonzales Rd, are out. WHOSRESPONSIBLE: PowerWater general manager power networks, BertramBirk. CONTACT: (08) 8924 5400. FIXED: 3/07/2012 DOYOUknowof something in theTerritory that needs fixing?GiveThe Fixer a call on8944 9750, email thefixer@ntnews.com.auor followonTwitter @NTNTheFixer