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The Northern Territory news Mon 6 Aug 2012



The Northern Territory news Mon 6 Aug 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Monday, August 6, 2012. NT NEWS. 39 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:6-AGE:39 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Well there you go, conned again, just like I said. Shame no one ever listens to common sense anymore.Whos the losers now? SEEBELOW ONWHOFOOTSBILL FORMARINES? n Have the US rent properties from DHA at the Market rental rate for Darwin, if they dont like that. Leave them in tents then they will not consider this a PERMANENT base that they will NEVER leave! They are marines supposedly training for war! the Lion n Were does it say that tax dollors are being use on the marines. The way I read it, is that they are still working out cost to for them being here!!! Ben of Darwin n I told you, I told you, I told, but nahhh, the US lovers were all in favour of having these losers here! Well there you go, conned again, just like I said. Shame no one ever listens to common sense anymore. Whos the losers now? We should send em off shore for processing in the US!!! Willsey n The joys of spending tax payers money with confidentiality. ron of parap n The cost of wars!!! We are all being made fools of! Whos war, why.....we are paying for their depopulation agenda! But it is ok because everyone is slowly but surely... waking up!!! Theres nowhere left to hide!! of HumptyDoo n An army should be selfsufficient.Would they say to an enemy country Were going to invade you next week and would like you to provide 5 star hotels with meals, internet and swimming pool? AnotherMick of Karama n My TAX Dollars will be footing the bill...Gees..What do you expect?...They cant even look after their own in their own country!!...Shame on you Yanks!!...GO HOME!! Fruity Bat of Katherine n The US War Machine should be footing the bills for having their troops here. We cant even sufficiently fund our own forces. How can we be expected to foot their bills???Realist of Darwin n Why not set up a moratorium of understanding and have a reverse exchange? The experience would be invaluable for our troops and the costs could be shared both ways. Think outside the box! of Darwin ONPAYUS FIRST TO GET JOBDONE n Many of these southern companies put in cheap tenders and then do a runner with the progress payments. The NTG should insist on them having suitable insurance-that will get rid of the wasters and thieves. AnotherMick of Karama n Housing Prices are not going up in Alice, they are going down pretty quickly too. Darwin is booming while Alice has been left to fend for itself. Want a house come and buy here. Anne S of Alice Springs ONFAIR GAMEFOR CROC n Id compete in Croc wrestling. Cazza n As an incentive for the thong race lets put a case of beer on the winners line and make a fair dunkum run at it! Thatll bring competitors out. warragal 2 of Darwin SpeakUp: ARE you bothered by the jet noise? YES Its annoying. Im 10minutes away from the airport but they still drownout theTV during themiddle of the day. ANDREWSPIERS,Wanguri NONot at all. Im happy to hear them, and it only happens every second year anyway. I think its fabulouswehave the exercise at all. JACKIEEDWARDS, Jingili NO It doesnt bother me. Its not a great thing (that the exercise is over theTopEnd), butwere preparing for something that could happen. ZOLTANBODNAR,Nightcliff NO Imnot bothered by it, and I live under the flight path. They have to prepare for whatmight happen. RONDAFROST, CoconutGrove NO Imused to the aeroplanenoise. Ive lived inMoil for over 20 years, and Iwouldnt havemovedhere if I thought the planes would botherme. MICHAELWATT,Moil 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Its been aweek since an dumbass put a firework up his arse. Get ova it n print n talk about something else. Im ova it n Ill bet hewants to forget it. Tired of hearing about stupid idiots. ATTENTION Until the holding of the Northern Territory election, no texts specifically dealingwith the electionwill be published unless senders provide their full names and addresses. Full names and suburbs only will be published. We reserve the right to verify senders identities by calling senders mobile numbers. ONPITCHBLACK n Dont whine about jet noise? Compared to late 80s early 90s when we had mock raids on Darwin B52s and all! Its quite now you sooks stephen h/doo n To wacker who wants 2 live in syd because of jet noise $%@! off back this is a defence town and always will b long time here 50 yrs n So what if the Jets are LOUD Graeme Dunstan from the east coast,get over it or get out their here to stay and your not!!!!MokoParap n Graeme if u dont like the jet noise dont park at the end of the run way or come to Darwin during pitch black. Stay on east coast for an extra couple of weeks. My family love it.Ally Nightcliff ONTHEOLYMPICS n Aussie aussie aussieCHOKE CHOKE CHOKE!!! n Just saw trampolining on the olympics How is this an olympic sport It is only a laneway for gymnast or divers who have failed It is laughable Cant wait for lure casting or dominos or poker to b an olympic sport Largey stuart park n Know why aussie olympic team not doing well. No rest. They up all night worrying about the carbon tax. Tony of the never never ONOTHERTHINGS n head lice and nits were treated on the spot by school nurse when my kids went to school, no permission just mandatory. My kids were rarely infected. Oops nowadays its all to b politically correct. HaHa. Jenny the retired nurse n $24.99 a kg at wollworths for flathead fillets from Argentina (what a joke) your telling me we cant get Australian flathead cheaper??????????P#$$ed off n Chinas continue support of Syria should send shockwaves around the globe and into the hearts of those who believe in Israels right to exist. long bow or visionary of ncliff n Thanks to gerry wood and rob knight on turning bureau cratic bullshit into a reality. This has enabled a very sick friend of mine to use my airfare to receive treatment. Nice to see some compassion and common sense! Thank u again n NT News (and others) FB pages should come with the warning, Any moron can post comments. Seriously makes you shudder the crap that some people post!! IB Rose, NT n To the wonderful Trisha at the Territory Wildlife Park. Hope you had a great day. You have always been a great guide to our kids and visitors at the park. PS. Sharing your bday with my sons 21st n Fannie Bay pulsating techno music 1am I not only judging you but your parents who seems didnt teach you right Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Poor crowd a national trend THE board of the AFLNT must have a close look at attendance numbers right around Australia before criticising numbers attending our last AFL game in the NT. AFL numbers are in decline across the states, a very worrying sign for the AFL and Andrew Demetriou. The introduction of Greater Western Sydney and Gold Coast Suns into the competition, making a league of 18 teams, has made for a great division in the competition ladder. AFLNT has pointed out the numbers attending the Melbourne v Port game may come under the scrutiny of the AFL and make our NT game an unviable prospect. On the other hand, Colling wood, the biggest sporting club in Australia, could only manage 8000 spectators when it played GWS at Skoda Stadium in Sydney (a GWS home game). Both Port Adelaide and Melbourne are not going to make the final eight, and the expectation of watching two AFL teams playing for the four points is taken away from spectators in the NT as teams play a young list and rest a few big name players. AFLNT must not be too harsh on ground numbers in the NT when AFL is struggling nationally. And to add to AFL woes, Melbourne has now been accused of tanking for the past four games. PD, Leanyer All Pets Veterinary Hospital vet Celia Daleys beloved seven-month old Irish Terrier Jasper boasts a perfect set of chompers Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD PICK OF THE PICS