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The Centralian advocate Tue 17 Jul 2012



The Centralian advocate Tue 17 Jul 2012


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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, July 17, 2012. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:17-JGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K SpeakUp: Do you think there needs to be tougher gun control in the Territory? YESThebig question is howdoyou strengthen them. If they dopick themup they say, yourmother didnt love you . . . and slap themon thewrist. BARRIEHOLLOWAY,DarwinCity MAYBENot sure. Theres pretty strong laws in place already. And sort of sensible laws to toughenup regulationswould be good. BRETTMEEHAN,HowardSprings YESTougher laws would bebetter but whether that is going tomake it harder for people to still get them or not, I amnot really sure. MICKYROBARTS,Darwin MAYBENot sure. But they definitely do need to do something about it because people dont need to be worried about walking outside. LAURENHOBBS, Lyons YESBut no. I think puttingmore regulations on itwill make them rebelmore. But saying thatwe cant just haveno control over it. KRISTYKETTUNEN,CullenBay 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Loved the beer can regatta especially the tug of war SEEBELOW ONTAXI DRIVERS n Just getting my two cents in for the taxi strike, some of them are nothing but scum, Ive been hit on, offered free rides for sex and even a guy said he would pay me to flash my boobs, so the taxis need to get off there high horses. U drive people around cause U need money get over it, some of U need to learn ur manners. n I agree with Matt from Drivers comments. I too have had badly keot/non-English speaking taxi drivers. But I now have a friendly/polite taxi driver thanks to Peter!! Plus I get a good chat on my trips! Somuch nicer. n On taxi drivers my mate was looking for a cab in Kolkata after Commonwealth Games when he saw a sign saying Englishspeaking taxi driver and he says, crikey why cant we have that in Australia. brutal of darwin n Re taxi: Ive been abused by drivers on many occasions for simply stating which direction they should take to get me home... Ive also had a driver very nearly lock the doors on me when I refused to hand himmy phone to prove I didnt have porn in it!! Id rather have a drink or two then drive home than run the risk of being assaulted by dirt bags!! S.KARAMA ONEVERYTHING ELSE n On the old woollies building: we painted it with art on Sunday after it was re painted beige AGAIN. Will keep hitting that wall with awesome art from local artists everyweek ! n Loved the beer can regatta especially the tug of war. Awesome effort by the aussie fitness team who generously donated their $500 prize back to the Lions club. n Oh a town like Alice, Id hate 2 b in real estate down there, Only place in australia where locksmiths make more money than the pollies. They need to implement a type of curfew for say 16 yr olds & under? n Only a matter of time before someone in Alice gets hurt after disturbing someone robbing their house. We all knowwhich minority group is usually responsible but political correctness states this group cant be pointed out. n Massive military build up underway in Persian Gulf as I write. This is the end for all countries in the region excluding Israel. Lets hope Australia doesnt get sucked into this OILY conflict. Arth n Re Palmerston shooting death!! I am a firm believer in live by the sword, die by the sword. CanManDwn n Three service stations in the city and not one of them has air that works. Not the first time Ive had this problem either. Going nowhere, Darwin City TV JOURNALISMGOING DOWNTHESPOUT TV JOURNALISTS have stopped reporting and commenting fairly. They spin and try for ratings support. You have become negativity-seekers, slaves to common trends, searchers for some out-of-context support to your thoughts rather than listeners. The standard of our modern TV Journalism, commercial and ABC, is like Abbott, head of the Liberals: full of short slogans, hypocrisy and disingenuous spin. BillyMoir, Nightcliff NUMBERSDONT WARRANTWHINGEING CREED draws a very long bow over his whinge about Asylum seekers we are talking about just 28 people per day out of 35,000 people a day who cross our borders. What on earth does their arrival have to do with MPs pay? And why is the arrival of 0.0001 per cent of the worlds refugees something to whine about so incessantly? The neighbours laugh their heads off as they cope with millions of refugees between them. Marilyn Shepherd, Angaston, SA WHICHPOLICY IS THEMOSTEXTREME? BOTH major political parties have labelled the Greens asylum-seeker policy as being extreme. Labor policy is to lock boat people into detention centres for years, with 800 per year to be packed off to Malaysia as a deterrent. Coalition policy is to turn Asylum boats around and send them back to lndonesia, putting at risk both the Australian Navy and our relations with Indonesia. Christine Milne suggests co-operating with Indonesia and the UN to set up a processing centre in Indonesia whereby we would select several thousand refugees from the camps in Indonesia and Malaysia for safe passage to Australia and thereby undercutting the incentive to pay huge sums of money to people smugglers and risk their lives in leaky boats, in addition to saving millions of our taxpayer dollars Is it really the Greens who are being extreme? Jo Vandermark, Larrakeyah SUGGESTIONFOR BIGBANGFANS MORE boom for your bucks. When the government eventually bans fireworks, the first and most vocal complainants will be the morons letting off fireworks at all hours of the night months after Territory Day. If these inconsiderate maggots are so addicted to loud bangs and colourful explosions I suggest they stick a shotgun in their mouths and pull the trigger, by far the best boom for your bucks. RohanWightman, Parap SOMEONECANSOLVE LOSTPLANEMYSTERY ON April 17, 1943, a RAAF Dragon A34 serial number 47 took off from Sydney airport. Mystery surrounds the disappearance of this aircraft, which carried five people and unknown cargo. There were unconfirmed, unreliable and confusing sightings of the aircraft later that day. Searches over the next 69 years have failed to find any trace of the aircraft, which until now is believed to have crashed into the Burragorang Valley NSW. I recently spoke to a 90-year-old aircraft mechanic who worked on the aircraft and did maintenance prior to takeoff and filled out the EE77 maintenance service pre-flight for the A34 47. The mechanic and I believe, beyond a doubt, that this aircraft was found within hours of the crash. The cargo and the two accompanying Americans are key to this mystery, as this plane came from Darwin to Sydney en route to Melbourne. There will besom eone who can now come forward and tell the story 69 years on. It may even be a son or a daughter. Over the years I have written to the American Defence Department and they have replied, wishing me success in finding what really happened I believe they can help. The 70th Anniversary is next year and I believe it is high time the mystery was put to rest. David Funnell, Narellan, NSW ONESTEP IN FIGHT FORFAIR FUELPRICE DARWIN motorists are being duped by profiteering Diesel petrol and LPG wholesalers. They are not passing down fuel price cuts at the bowsers and I believe more consumers should complain.I have written to the ACCC Watchdog twice in the past months and havent even had a reply from them. Perhaps if they received more complaints they would act and investigate. Also, I urge your readers to contact this paper. The more of us that do the more this newspaper will act. I call upon Northern Territory News to name and shame whoever it is that is responsible for the high prices at the bowsers. Perhaps also, you can dedicate a small section of your paper to reporting the gate entry price of all fuels and the Saudi CP for LPG. The Saudi Aramco contract price for LPG has come down from $1250 in March to $575 in July per tonne. This price could be listed each month on a two or three-day continuous basis, as is reported in other states. With a comparison three to six months back to present, showing the different margins of profit to from $AU to $US, we would be able to monitor the prices until we are charged a fair price for our fuels. FrankMarotta,Wonthaggi, Vic Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Can-do spirit is key to future THE Wilderness Society wants to turn us into another Tasmania, sponging on the rest of Australia. Their politics include: tying up land and sea with world heritage/national parks, limiting agriculture including pastoral and commercial fishing, restricting mining, no coal mines, closing uranium mines, alternative energy waste and no more dams. Here is an industry manifesto for the NT: downstream industry using natural gas (including consideration of Andrew Liveris proposal), strong commitment to min ing, working with Queensland and Western Australia to establish a tax concession across the north of Australia. To encourage development, agriculture to support Australian and global demand, lead Australia. Development is the key to prosperity. Forget the sustainable creed and its global warming fraud, climate chaos, personal guilt, fear of the future and instead ignite the Australian can-do spirit. Progress and wealth are not incompatible with environmental management. JohnAlcock, Leanyer Charley Laver, 14, and Angie-Rose Verzeletti, 14 (front) enjoy the net spa of the 30,000-can Beer Can Regatta entrant Extravacans. It didnt win but it brought a lot of joy to Rex Verzeletti, 16, Stephen Williams, 32, Mick Keeley, 50, and Geoff Verzeletti, 50, who aimed to bring back the supertanker-size beer-can boats from the 1980s Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS

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