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The Centralian advocate Tue 17 Jul 2012



The Centralian advocate Tue 17 Jul 2012


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8 NT NEWS. Tuesday, July 17, 2012. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 7 -J U L -2 0 1 2 P A G E : 8 C O L O R : C M Y K TXTS of theweek All over theWorld there are Floods, Famine andWars. Daily 1000s of children die of disease and starvation. And all some people have time 2 do is txt the N.T. News andwhinge about a few firecrackers. Get a Life. FromCase. Stuart Park Why is it everything I read refers to the Henderson Government arent they the NT Labor Government! Why the detachment from Labor? Something is off! They said it I dontwant $100million. Itwould be nice to go and buy a decent place andmewifes nearly bedridden, nearly blind, nearly deaf, and Im not 100 per cent, Im crook ... and Iwant to get this done before its too late. Coolalinga resident Harry Cooper, 78, onwhy he wants to build a perpetual motionmachine Territorymoment A 22-year-old Livermoremanwas arrested at the Alameda County Fair for allegedly slapping a show pig and pulling its ears and tail, according to the San JoseMercury News. James Anthony Horn, 22, was arrested in the barn area by an Alameda County Sheriffs deputy after witnesses said Horn hit it with his hand on the head and buttocks and pulled the six-month-old pigs ears and tail, according to court records. Liberals climate policy is as utterly useless as Labors Why is Tony Abbott now attacking the uselessness of the Governments carbon tax when he is as guilty? T ONY Abbott is finally making the killer point about the carbon tax. Trouble is, its the same point that makes his global-warming policy seem crazy, too. It will raise every familys cost of living, it will make every job less secure, but it wont help the environment, the Opposition Leader said two weeks ago. And to prove this was a rehearsed attack, his deputy, Julie Bishop, repeated it twice this week. The terrible hoax in all of this is that it will have no environmental gain. So its all economic pain, no environmental gain. Spot on, sister. But, er, right back at you. Yes, Labors tax on carbon emissions, green power and $10 billion clean energy slush fund will do almost zero for the climate. At the most, it will lower the worlds expected temperature by just 0.0038C essentially nothing by 2100. And thats provided we keep spending these billions every year for a century. That isnt my figure; its that of warmist Professor Roger Jones, lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, using the most generous assumptions to work out the gain from the pain of Labors plan to cut emissions by 5 per cent by 2020. This is one of the three facts about this tax that makes it so toxic to Labor. The tax isnt just a lie (there will be no carbon tax) and a pain. It is also utterly useless. Many Australians seem to have suddenly worked this out, too, yet the Opposition has been too scared until now to exploit it. Reason? Because guess which other party also promises a 5 per cent cut? Guess which party also plans to spend billions to make zero difference? In fact, Bishops attack on Labors policy applies precisely to the Liberals: The terrible hoax in all of this is that it will have no environ mental gain. True, the Opposition says it will cap spending on its direct action policies to just $10.5 billion by the end of the decade. Thats less than Labors splurge but its as wasted and ripe for rorting, with big grants to be thrown at mad emissions-cutting schemes, from burying carbon to turning farmland into forest. Nor is that the full measure of the Oppositions stupid waste, since it still backs the renewable-energy targets that have us paying billions extra for solar and wind power. And what difference will all this make to the temperature? Like Labors scheme, zero. So why is the Opposition now attacking the uselessness of the Governments carbon tax when its as guilty? Well, Abbott is pretending hes making a different point that the Governments scheme wont actually cut Australias emissions by 5 per cent by 2020, but raise them by eight. The reason is that of the 160 million tonnes a year of emissions Labor plans to cut by 2020, up to 100 million tonnes will be emissions well pay foreign companies to cut on our behalf, while we gas on. So well send $3.5 billion a year (and rising after 2020) to companies in places like China, India and bet on it Nigeria, which offer youbeaut emissions-cutting schemes such as closing down old power stations they swear theyd have probably kept going otherwise, or saving forests they claim they were about to chop down. Wink. No one yet knows how all this dodgy trading will happen and how it could ever be policed but, if it did work, Labor could rightly claim we are indeed cutting emissions, if not exactly our own. Doesnt matter to the planet who actually makes the cuts. Whats more, Labor can boast that paying the Third World to (pretend to) make the cuts for us will probably be cheaper than paying Australian carpetbaggers instead, as the Coalition intends. So Abbotts claim that Labor wont actually cut emissions is trickery, much like the Coalitions entire global-warming policy, really. If you think Im too hard, try asking Abbott the question I cant get Labor to answer, either: By how much will your billions of dollars cut the temperature? A refusal to tell will say all you need to know. Abbotts scheme is as pointless as Labors. Still, at least he seems to know it, which is our best hope.

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