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The Centralian advocate Fri 22 Jun 2012



The Centralian advocate Fri 22 Jun 2012


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6 Centralian Advocate, Friday, June 22, 2012 P U B : C A D V D A T E : 2 2 -J U N -2 0 1 2 P A G E : 6 C O L O R : C M Y K OPINIONOPINION Nowonder rates areup After reading Jerry Fs letter, Time for ratepayers to protest on greed, I think two uncited figures deserve consideration. Fully 74 per cent of the land within the municipality of Alice Springs is crown land, and crown land is nonrateable. I dont know the corresponding figure for similar-sized towns in Australia, but 74 per cent sounds like a lot. And 260 remote communities call on Alice Springs as their service centre. Again, I dont know how many extra residents using our essential services that represents, but if Alices population is around 30,000 then the remote communities could swell that total over the course of a year up to 40,000. Maybe more, but probably not less. So with 74 per cent of our land non-rateable, and up to 25 per cent of our residents not paying rates either, or at least not here, it might be little wonder that the rates the rest of us do pay keep going up. Im not saying thats good or bad. Just saying. Hal Duell Alice Springs Roundabout madness Jane from Eastside re: roundabouts I totally agree that people need reminding how to use them! I have seen people going in the wrong direction on the roundabout and thought it must have to take an accident for action to be taken! Angela Hermannsburg They should all behere I was flabbergasted to hear on the grapevine on Wednesday that Damien Ryan, mayor of Alice Springs, is at a LGANT meeting in Canberra while the council is heading into a debt of $9 million in the coming financial year. Not only that, but some of the most important information that will shape the town the census data is being released this week and neither he nor anybody else in the council is around. The constant gripe of about half the council members is about people leaving town and changing demographics (God forbid anything should ever change). The census data will categorically state where Alice is at in terms of its population demise (or otherwise). The council should have discussed strategies and otherwise be prepared for the fallout from the census data: but guess what? A whole bunch of them are either sick, unavailable, in Canberra or on holiday: If Mr Ryans media team were genuinely concerned about the councils image, surely he would have been advised to be here when the data comes out, let alone have the council primed and ready to act. Jane Eastside Domore for Beanie fest Its Beanie Festival time in Alice Springs again. A lot of people love this time of year here, and the Beanie Festival is drawing bigger and bigger crowds and more and more entries. Whats surprising is that theres not more of a wholetown approach to this wonderful event. At Christmas and Easter we have window displays and street decorations: Why not do something similar for the Beanie Festival? At Finke there are banners and ads on TV. Why dont more businesses get behind this popular event and support it with something similar? People come from overseas and all around Australia, every year, to volunteer or take part. I would like to see more businesses, more advertising and more attracting of international visitors and other tourists to this unique event. The Blue Mountains has Christmas in July. Why cant we have Beanie Festival Fever in our freezing cold winter? Name withheld Alice Springs ALICE BY NUMBERS 1478 The number of litres of alcohol police tipped out last month 30 The number of trucks owned by ABC Transport in Alice Springs 38 The number of cyclists in Sundays 26km race at the Road Transport Hall of Fame 4000 The number of beanies in this years Beanie Festival @girlinthepjs (Ali Bitar): Newspapers never should have allowed their content to go online for free. That was their downfall. @NTNewsAtParly #Estimates back on: K Vats and his crew under hairy eyeballing from Conlan and G Wood. @ColinWicking (Colin Wicking): Just turn them into blogs and be done with it #Fairfax @pancakemafia (Alyssa Betts): Oooh-ahh. Giles is being a hard nut. ... Office now debating how to spell oooh, which rhymes with you. Style guide no help. #Estimates @rohwick (Rohan Barwick): Thank you NT News for spreading this footage of a cat playing guitar during the #melbquake. Gold. @Adrianpatten (Adrian Pattern): #RumourHasIt Just heard that Kmart are considering charging for parking? here in #alicesprings #greed #ItsAliceNotSydney @bookdragon (Jeanie Burrell): Just spotted a Dominos Pizza going up next to Mad Harrys. Oddly excited! #alicesprings @jamesmacpherson (James MacPherson): Reports of a Tsunami warning for Alice Springs have been exaggerated! #earthquake @2kidsandcaravan: Leaving Alice Springs today & heading for the UFO capital of Australia, W y c l i f f e W e l l r o a d t r i p # a u s t r a l i a #northernterritory @The QI Elves @qikipedia: Australias Alice Springs used to be called Stuart. @KazzNT: Alice, I love you, but you are very cold #gettingusedtowinter #AliceSprings @BakedBoons: The winner of the Sausage Off in #alicesprings was Charbray Meats with their camel and date creation. Im not tired of saying Sausage Off. @CaddieBrain: When you wake up in #AliceSprings and its below 0 degrees its warmer in your fridge!! your thoughts TEXT 0421 261 177 Walk on Who else Hand it in Few seats Re Open up ; (Centralian Advocate, Tuesday June 19). M a y b e N a m e Withheld should visit the other end of Todd Mall where almost all the shops are open every Sunday and Public Holiday. The Gem Cave Alice Springs Does a month go by when we dont see the same photos of the same heads doing drinks at sunset or some similar function? Cmon Advocate, surely there is someone else we can look at? Name withheld Alice Springs Could the person who picked up a HTC HD7 mobile p h o n e f r o m Plowman Street Van Senden area please hand it in to the police station. Worms Gardening would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. Name withheld Alice Springs A hearty Bronx cheer to all involved in making the Post Office bus stop shelter seat less people than the old one. Richard Alice Springs Couches, cars left behind after Finke Letters to the Editor PO BOX 2254, 2 GAP ROAD, ALICE SPRINGS FAX: 8950 9740 ceneditorial@aliceadvocate.com.au AS a landholder, I would like to express my extreme disappointment at the rubbish left on my property after this years Finke Desert Race. I love the Finke Desert Race, having been involved with the event since it first began, as a spectator and a competitor, and I have great respect for those competing today. However, the amount of rubbish left by campers on my property after Finke weekend has been increasing over the past few years, the past two being the worst I have ever witnessed. The rubbish (including signs, couches, carpet, and burnt-out cars) left behind at campsites along the track, and notably around the 40km mark, is an absolute disgrace. I acknowledge the work of the Alice Springs Town Council and the Finke Committee this year there were a number of television advertisements regarding responsible camping. Yet still I was left to deal with numer ous out-of-control spot fires and campers discarded rubbish. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bushfires NT, which had a number of people patrolling up and down the track, helping to get these fires under control before they had the chance to do too much damage. My message as a landholder is this: This is my livelihood. A working cattle station is where you are dumping all your rubbish. You brought it with you; please have the decency to take it home. The Alice Springs Town Council provides skip bins at the end of the bitumen and has a public waste disposal for all your rubbish. We now have no option but to push for designated camping areas. It is a minority who are threatening to ruin the Finke experience for the greater majority, and this minority know exactly who they are. So, in years to come, when you and your friends have family of your own and you are boxed into sectioned off areas next to the new generation of idiots, you can sit back and thank yourselves for changing what Finke is about for a whole community. Billy Hayes Deep Well Station