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Page 3 SCC Newsletter 2012 ELC Corner A final reminder that the ELC are having a Tupperware party fundraiser this Saturday the 17th of March at 10am in the ELC class room. Please let one of the staff members know if you are planning to attend for food catering reasons. We would love you all to come and be a part of this event. If you are unable to attend please feel free to make an order or let us know if you would be interested in having a party. We will be having a light morning tea and some activities out for children. We hope to see you there. The ELC team Creation Photo GOD made this giant tree to watch over us. It feels very rough like a cove of crystals. Its beautiful colour blooms all over the grass. The tree looks so beautiful and is as tall as an explosion. Thank God for your amazing tree that watches over us. Declan Amazing Vines God made this mysterious design for us to discover. Some of the vines are as smooth as a new born babies hand. Some are as rough as a rock. The vines look like a tangled octopus trying to get out of a glass tank. God has given the vines a colour splash of green. Thank you God for creating this amazing plant. Sarah Creation Photo God made this awesome tree so thin that it looks like it is going to fall over! It has very thin branches and its leaves are a big green explosion. Its tall as a skyscraper with a big crown of leaves on top. Thank you God for this super cool tree. Denzel The awesome Mushroom God made this amazing mushroom to look like a squishy explosion. It looks like a smurfs house that is wrinkly and mushy. Its colours are white and brown. Thank you God. Ethan Gods Creation God made this weird nut that grows in a tree. On the outside its rough as sand paper but on the inside it is as smooth as glass. Its like a flower and it is very black like the night. Thank you God for the way you created this shell. Lachlan Beautiful Leaf God made this beautiful leaf for all of us to see and be amazed. Each leaf is smoothly and carefully made by our amazing God. The leaf has a dark green, mixed in with red and yellow colour with a green stem. Thank you God for making all kinds of leaves. James From the classroom Year 4/5 Creation