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The Northern Territory news Wed 20 Jun 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Wednesday, June 20, 2012. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:20-JGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Anyonewho is against a person having a freedomof choice is a traitor. SEEBELOW ONGAYMARRIAGE POLITCS n rising crime, housing crisis and our govt still insist on putting more time and effort into a debate if 2 people of same sex should marry. 1st paul of darwin n You cant be serious? Our local Poliies, including Nightcliff, dont have a say you morons! It is only the the Canberra pollies who get that vote on the Marriage Act. Are people THAT stupid? If so they shouldnt get a vote themselves! Our local Pollies however are the ones who control law & order and Police - and in Nightcliff I would have thought Public safety (or lack of it!) would have been everyones priority? WhatNext of Darwin n It should not be what anyone says, it should be as it is written in our constitution . In our constitution , everyone has a freedom of choice. When you ask someone to marry you, you are asking them to choose you as a partner. Anyone who is against a person having a freedom of choice is a traitor.GTMof Darwin n As long as some of our fellow human beings are not free to be as they choose and enjoy the same rights as we do then none of us are trully free. nesting scrub turkey ofmillner n What is all the fuss about? Homosexuals should be able to get married, and in fact they already are allowed to get married; they can even wear identical outfits.... they just cant have identical out fits underneath. Truman Burbank ONBUFFALO CRASH n I am becoming frightened of driving on our roads because of the impediment imposed by wandering livestock, rogue feral creatures and increasingly bold reptiles. Soon the birds of the air will be diving down into our windscreens. Were he still alive, Alfred hitchcock could make whoopee of our environ mental dangers in developing a thrilling horror plot. Seriously, this a reminder about seat belts. I hope the injured passenger makes a full recovery.Poor OldHenry n Its pretty hard to spot an oncoming buffalo being chased by whos dogs at 9,30 pm on an unlit stretch of highway. The feral animals live here, mammal and reptile, this is the NT not Potts point! people should be more aware to travel slower. Not wearing a seat-belt is not a good idea,belt up or cop the consequences Dont let them ride if they wont put their seat-belt on.Part of being a good driver is to make sure seat belts are on.warragal 2 of NT ONROCKART n Wonder if they have seen the ones under the the big rock at the top of twin falls....awesome pictures of what looks like old Chinese Junks,fellas hunting with boomerangs and some weird looking alien type creatures.Nev n Seeing the art on tele the mind boggles in how they done this and the quality of art work. Indigenousmale Speak Up: ARE you excited about the Dalai Lamas visit to the Territory? YESOf course I am. Anyopportunity that connects theNTwith the rest of theworld through visits from highly esteemed people is a good thing. TONYDUKE,AliceSprings YES Itwill be pretty cool. I dont knowwhat benefits hewill bring to theNT, but Iwould go and seehim if he does a similar parade to BarackObama. AGIGLYNATSIS,Virginia YES Its great that he will be coming. Its amazing that hehas putDarwin onhismap. Iwouldwant to see him. The spiritual impactwill be huge. URSULAKUPFER, Jingili NO Imnot interested inBuddha. Im a stout Christian. HAZELWEIR,Berrimah YESA lot of people forget aboutDarwin, and its sad because there is a great sense of community here. KIMTRAN,CoconutGrove 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor RE:wots the gowith the newphone directories. Nowwehave 2 plant the newones in the garden,water thewhite pages& fertilise the yellow pages in hope the print grows sowe can see and read em.Palmo old timerz ONPETROLPRICES n Once again, darwinites hit at fuel bowser, govt collects percentage. Not in their interest to listen or act. Govt laughing behind our backs, care factor zero. Sick of ACCC inaction. Fuel is 8 cents a litre in UAE. n when the clp were in power labor jumped up and down over the price of fuel where is the clp cookie stuart park n Fuel has apparently hit 18 month low and set to go lower. Darwin petrol stations have dropped by 1-2c p/l. Im sick of darwins rip off attitude! When will this government take action. CLP, do something about this and you have my vote! Good sport mum, farrar. ONOTHERTHINGS n To the absolute moron whining about dogs being smelly, wrecking yards etc... some people like myself believe in TRAINING of animals when young, & the reward is a well behaved dog who knows its part of a pack - not a leader. Its people like you who judge a few and the whole gets a label! I recently vacated a property and NO holes dug, NO damage after 2 yrs!!Kelly NT n Is it me or is Vodafone reception shocking at the moment in Darwin? Johnny Joe Joseph, The Esplanade n Cheers to all the V8 drivers for all the positive, com ments, pictures & tweets over the weekend. Look forward to having you back. n On the rubbish warrior, those piles of rubbish he makes, Ive actually seen him go into the scrub on the side of the road and bring rubbish out to the verge to make those statues. Whats that all about? Hes not cleaning up, instead he is making more mess than before. Phillip, Tradie in van n Re aus story on black caviar - horse racing is a dirty, filthy, money laundering game with the poor bloody ponies as the patsies.A.T. badlands n Peter Kemp, theres only one true world football and thats the one that actually uses feet most of the time; none off this holding the ball rubbish or beefcake players. Ross.Winnellie n Hey Kylie,with all the shit being slung at your column,maybe you should grow some roses coz they thrive on it.Love reading your shit. Hoo FlungDung,Wagait Beach. n a certain popular nightclub in mitchell st need to sack security wank that decides if u can enter. Fri nite im sober bob but refused entry,maybe cos im ova 30? n Does the CLP really believe that painting a candidates face on a car and parking it on a busy road equates to interaction with your constituency?What a joke.Pete Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Police should start policing SO, motorcycle gangs are not allowed to wear their colours on licensed premises and, if they do, the Government will hold the decent, honest, hardworking law-abiding business owner responsible. Personally, if it was my pub, I would have that same No Colours policy too but that would have to be my decision. This communist Labor Government has got to stop making others in society responsible for policing third parties. They want to hold taxi drivers responsible for the baggage contents of their passengers (alcohol). There is a Banned Drinkers Register where every person in society pays for the transgressions of a tiny minority. When is this Government going to do its own policing? As far as motorcycle club colours go, this law is apparently aimed at minimising brawls and anti-social behaviour. So, if this is the genuine case and in the interest of consistency, I expect that no Maroons or Blues will be permitted to be worn into any licensed venue for the next State of Origin. In fact, lets take this to the next level and ban all branded merchandise and all displays of religion and especially ban the wearing of an ALP membership pin (or that of any other political party). Im sure there has been more than one pub stoush over sport, religion and politics in the past. Hendo, wake up. Police enforce policy. Do your own dirty work and leave the business owners to run their businesses. JonDavis, Darwin A review of alcohol management in Katherine seems to have gone missing, a reader says SOAPBOX Action plan needs a broad approach RE: The draft Katherine Alcohol Management Plan for 2012-2015 quote: The Katherine Region Action Group (KRAG) wants the primary focus, but not the only focus to this plan, to be on solutions to the level of public drunkenness. This new plan now ex tends to 2015. In the 2010 Review of the Katherine Alcohol Management Plan by the NT Justice Department, and the Menzies School of Health the major recommendation was: We therefore recommend that in addressing alcohol problems in Katherine due emphasis be placed in future on the broad range of acute and chronic harms arising from alcohol misuse rather than on public drunkenness as the sole problem. This recommendation was based on the fact that focus on antisocial behaviour and public drunkenness directs attention away from diseases such as kidney failure and does not address family violence and issues such as workplace absenteeism. It was pointed out that discussion usually centres on drunks and the police but that there are other players: The licensees who profit from selling the alcohol, secondly, the regulatory authority the NT Licensing Commission charged with regulating the market place so that the pursuit of private profit does not result in public mayhem and the NT Government responsible for creating and resourcing the policies and programs needed to minimise and manage alcohol-related problems. Without these agents as well as drinkers and police doing their job, appeals to change drinking cultures amount to little more than a smoke screen behind which binge drinkers and those who serve them continue on their merryway. Will KRAG be addressing issues such as the pricing of alcohol, the number of alcohol outlets, and long trading hours? At the time of the 2010 review it was disclosed the then current liquor Act recommending sweeping reform of the regulatory powers of the licensing Commission had been presented to the Territory Government in 2008/2009. Where is this review? JuneTapp, Katherine