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The Northern Territory news Fri 15 Jun 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, June 15, 2012. NT NEWS. 47 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:15-JGE:47 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Being able to do so againwould have amassive effect on tourism and flow-on employment, and economic benefits SEE BELOW ON SWEARING AT BOSS n If your boss swears at you (which a lot do), then you can swear at your boss. If your boss does not swear at you, then no you cant swear at your boss. Its that simple! 3333 n Looks like the roster of the security guard is going to get a whole worse - if his boss was forced to reinstate him I hope the security guard is given every sh*t job that there is. Munjong of Darwin Town n I think telling a boss to get f***** should not be grounds for dismissal. I have had worse things said to me than that and not dismissed people. It depends though, if there was a history of problems with the employee or it was something said in the heat of the moment. CP of Dardar n I wonder what would be the reaction if the boss told the worker the same comment? This is absolutely ridiculous. I am a worker, not a boss, but I think this decicion opens areas which we dont really want in the workplace. Peter of Sydney n No reason to have his/her job given back, unless the boss is abusing the employee. You abuse your employer like that you deserve to be fired. Respect has walked out in this world. UnfairtoEmployer ON CROC SAFARIS n Im all for a cull. I think its long overdue but killing for fun leaves me a little uneasy. Tedted was right about being able to swim off harbour beaches in the 70s but then the croc shooting ban came in and these beasties are around in big numbers now. Jilly Darwin Born and Bred n Get a grip people. If this ever goes ahead, which is very unlikely, it will not be wholesale hunting of crocs. There will be a very limited number of permits issued (probably no more than 2 dozen per year), which will cost a lot of money. We already have a similar scheme for Safari hunting of Bintang on the Coberg Peninsular. Shane of Former Territorian n There are now plenty of large crocs around and so long as safaris are done well with genuine hunters who will shoot to kill as quickly and humanely as possible the croc population will easily remain sustainable. This is also another way of giving jobs to indigenous people. John of Karama n Something definitely needs to be done about crocs in the NT but I dont think killing them is right. I mean, we can go around killing crocs be cause they are a danger to the public but we cant kill people who murder, rape etc? TJ n Its time the PEOPLE, not the crocs, of the Top End got some consideration. When I lived in Darwin in 1970s people swam off harbour beaches (but not in creeks) in relative safety. Being able to do so again would have a massive affect on tourism and flow-on employment, and economic benefits. Tedted of Melbourne n This is a fantastic idea. There are too many of the bastard beasts around. J Public of Darwin Speak Up: SHOULDworkers be allowed to tell their bosses to get stuffed? NO Unless theyre about to quit or arent being treated right you shouldnt have to take that. I know people in that position but I wouldnt say it. LISA CROWLEY, Darwin NO I wouldnt be game enough to say it. Workers should get the sack if they do. RACHEL JAMES, Rapid Creek YES You shouldnt get in trouble for it. I have told a boss where to go and the consequences werent nice. But I like my boss now. IAN HARRIS, Malak YES But in a more politically correct way. I dont have the audacity to say get stuffed. Ive felt like it a couple of times though. LINDSAY AUVINEN, Darwin YES Its only fair to voice your opinion. But swearing should only be used in the right context. ROB DAWSON, Larrakeyah 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor People of Darwin. Please stop treating all roundabouts like stop signs. Ya dont need to stop if theres nothin headin yourway, you pack of prized turkeys! Max of Real World ON LINDY CHAMBERLAIN n Hey Lizard. I suggest you crawl out of that hollow log that u been hiding in at Alice Springs for 32 years. Has been heaps of cases of Dingos taking babies. Justice has Prevailed. n Now that the Chamberlain saga has been finalised, please tell us how much money the silks made from this. This will make for an interesting story! Arth n I dont know if a dingo did it or not. I do know that at the time the NT Govt had their big plans for the development of the rock area (ie. tourism). Dingoes proven as taking babies would have affected it big time. Check the timing. Mark, Tiwi n Anyone that has lived in the NT long enough & spent time out in the desert & surrounding areas know what dingoes are capable of doing. They are very capable of taking babies & attacking people under the right circumstances. There are many cases of dingoes taking babies pre 1950s. They just werent documented. My great grandmother always talked of a baby being taken back in the 1940s. ON ORIGIN II n On Origin. The conspiracy theorists will love how well Queensland orchestrated a win for the Blues in Game 2. So now we go to lang park for the decider. With TV rights up for re-negotiation its all about the money. Brutal of Darwin n WANTED for Origin 3. NSW needs a goal kicker who can kick goals! n Delta was bad enough singing at Origin 1. But what the bloody hell was that on Wed night in Origin 2? Jeffro n Well all Ill say is NSW played good Rugby League! It was good to see some open running league! They certainly deserved to win! ON V8 PARADE n V8 convoy was the shortest Ive seen. Are there only 8 cars racing? Ford Man, Berry Springs n To Pete Davis of 360. Darwin is not the only round where the trucks go in out of city. Bathurst and other places have that privilege 2 where the trucks go in and out on a parade. ON OTHER THINGS n What a crock. Jenkins Rd eighty ks. Inpex already costing us. Motor bike cop go back to where ever you from. n So the uniforms of the NT Police may be donated to Cambodia. Given the size & stature of an average Cambodian & of your average NT copper there will be lots of scope for the Cambodians to grow into the job of filling those uniforms. Lets hope those outfits make them swell with pride. Greville, Darwin n Where do all the mega millions in mine & royalties GO? Why not writen into agreements that x amout MUST go 2 productive community endeavours, not just MOOORE Toyotas 2 wreck and huge gambling sprees. Gillard keeps squarkn that minerals belong 2 ALL Auzis, BULL***T. Bigbird, Dwn Riv n Re: non killer cat. What a dh. all cats are killers, even yours mate. Get rid of them all. Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Time to stop council secrecy IT IS time NT taxpayers and ratepayers demanded the lights are turned on in the NT local government sector. Section 8 in the Local Government (Administration) Regulations (of NT Parliament) defines what is confidential information to ratepayers and what is not. Why is the definition of confidential information in local government in the NT different to every other state of Australia? Why do the annual reports of all municipalities and shires in the NT not have organisational charts of all staffing positions and what the total renumeration salary package is for every position in local government in the NT? In all other states this in formation is not kept a secret from tax and ratepayers, however, in the NT it is. Why should the CEOs, senior executives, managers and all staff salary packages of all job positions in NT municipalities or shires be kept a secret from tax and rate payers in the NT? Taxpayers in the Northern Territory know what the NT Chief Minister and the NT Leader of the Oppositions salary packages are. How is keeping these secrets in Territory local government a best practice accountability measure? It is time for the newly elected Territory Government after 25 August 2012 to change this definition. Lucio Matarazzo, Parap The Darwin Symphony Orchestra will be putting on two shows over the weekend called Hats off to Broadway. Conductor Michael Loughlin, special guest artist Michael Cormick local artist Fiona Wake and concert master Tara Murphy Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS

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