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2009 Corporate total asset management plan



2009 Corporate total asset management plan

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39 Corporate Asset Management Plan CCoorrppoorraattee AAsssseett MMaannaaggeemmeenntt PPllaann Customers typically recognise an individual asset, for example the Darwin Entertainment Centre; however, asset management may occur above or below this level. Using the example of the Entertainment Centre, maintaining of the fire services could be managed at the asset type level and a contract arranged for fire service maintenance of all similar buildings. The maintenance of the Entertainment Centres lift may be managed at an asset component level or again at an asset type level to for the maintenance of all lifts in all Council buildings. Asset Hierarchy Definition Example Asset Class The logical grouping at the highest functional level. Road Network, Stormwater, Open Space Asset Group The general grouping of asset types that allows for reporting of the asset types. Road Surfacing, Piped Network Systems, Park Infrastructure Asset Type The lowest level of grouping of similar assets or assets that provide similar services. Aggregate Seals, AC Pipes, Playground Equipment Asset Infrastructure element. An individual asset that performs provides a service. Road section, pump station, individual playground Component Components have an independent physical of functional identity and can be replaced without changing the identity of the asset. Wearing service, pump, swing Parts Parts are replaced as part of maintenance. Mechanical bearings, seals Table 2 Asset Hierarchy Category Definitions The data collected and stored for each asset class varies. Collection and managing data at the parts level needs to be balanced against the benefit of having this information. Each AMP will clearly identify the asset hierarchy for the asset class and the availability of data currently collected and stored. Darwin City Council is developing a single corporate asset register known as AIM (Civicas Asset and Infrastructure Management application) which is a software package that stores and manages asset data. Civica Limited also supply and support Authority, Councils financial management software. The system works on a Parent Asset Child Asset system which will be able to report at the Asset Class, Asset Group; Asset Type; or Asset Component and Attribute levels.