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2009 Corporate total asset management plan



2009 Corporate total asset management plan

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5 Corporate Asset Management Plan CCoorrppoorraattee AAsssseett MMaannaaggeemmeenntt PPllaann useful life by the late 2020s and will require major refurbishment works or replacement. There are also projected renewals that may be required for buildings and road assets that do not appear to be provided for in the planning period that require further scrutiny. However, anecdotally, Darwin City Council has no current critical problems with the road and pathway asset categories. This can be attributed to the proactive nature of Council in a number of areas such as undertaking detailed condition surveys, and developing long term plans for road resurfacing works, and footpath and driveway upgrades. Council does need to collect, maintain and analyse more information on the condition of building and stormwater assets, and quite likely other assets classes. This will enable Council to move from a reactive approach to a more proactive approach for maintenance and rehabilitation works for these asset classes. The current expenditure levels on new capital works may be unsustainable with the identified existing asset base needs for maintenance, refurbishment and/or renewal. A detailed review of this initial analysis will be carried out to ensure that the information provides a reasonable and accurate representation of Darwin City Councils financial sustainability and whether dollars are going to be spent where they are actually required. Councils asset base has not grown steadily over time, but rather in short bursts due to a strong and growing economy and a rising population associated with the development of defence, tourism, trade and mining industries. The financial analysis in this plan is only snapshot for roads, building and stormwater assets as this data was the most readily available at the time of preparation. More detailed financial analysis will be carried out during the preparation of individual asset management plans for key asset groups. The financial projections for roads, buildings, and stormwater assets for planned operating (operations and maintenance) and capital expenditure (renewal and upgrade/expansion/new assets) are shown in Figure 12. These projections are based on inputs from Councils Ten Year Financial Plan, historical operational expenditure and anticipated renewals. At this stage it only provides an indicative financial projection based on the existing best available information for a limited number of asset classes. The projections will be refined further as individual asset management plans are developed for each of the classes (buildings & structures, road network, stormwater drainage, waste facilities, plant & equipment, parks and open spaces and carparks). Note that all costs are shown in current 2008/09 dollar values.