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2009 Corporate total asset management plan



2009 Corporate total asset management plan

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52 Corporate Asset Management Plan CCoorrppoorraattee AAsssseett MMaannaaggeemmeenntt PPllaann 7.0 Improvement Program The purpose of the Improvement Program is to outline how asset management processes, information systems, data and knowledge can be improved based on the weakness identified from the top down analysis. Each improvement will outline the importance and urgency of the project with an indicative timeframe. The improvement projects and timeframes will be reviewed on a regular basis. A selection of projects for immediate action in the current financial year have also been scoped and are underway. 7.1 Introduction Asset management should be considered a journey not a destination, where continuous improvement is the only constant. This initial AMP has been based on the Basic Asset Management Model, with the clear objective of identifying and documenting Councils existing asset management processes, information systems and data/knowledge and determining any opportunities for further improvements in asset management practises. To improve the Councils asset management practices, solutions to reduce the impact of these weaknesses have been developed, however, insufficient resources prevents all of these changes being implemented immediately. The improvement projects have been prioritised according to there urgency and importance. These terms have been defined as follows: Urgency how quickly the improvement is needed i.e. will it prevent other improvements from occurring? Importance how significant a change will this improvement have to moving towards more sustainable management of the asset class? 7.2 Asset Management Process Improvements Asset management processes is defined as the processes, analysis and evaluation techniques needed to support effective lifecycle asset management. This includes the following asset management functions: Knowledge of assets; Levels of service;