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2009 Corporate total asset management plan



2009 Corporate total asset management plan

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55 Corporate Asset Management Plan CCoorrppoorraattee AAsssseett MMaannaaggeemmeenntt PPllaann 7.3 Asset Management Information System Improvements Asset management information systems are defined as the systems to support asset management process and manipulate the data. This includes the following asset management functions: Asset registers; Financial system; Maintenance management system; Condition monitoring; Capital works programming; As constructed plans; Geographical Information systems; and Advanced applications e.g. deterioration modelling. Such systems may replicate and/or automate the asset management processes. Weaknesses in the current asset management information systems will be identified in the sub-plans. As a consequence of these weaknesses, incomplete data sets have been utilised to prepare the financial forecasts. The improvements identified and prioritised in Table 9 below will seek to improve the information systems Council utilise to manage and store data on its assets. Information System Improvement Urgency Importance Timeframe Responsibility Asset Registers. Consolidate all registers into corporate register (AIM). High High 2006 - 2010 IT/FD/AMT Financial System Better tracking of activities to assets, particularly with respect to O&M. High High 2006 - 2010 IT/FD/AMT Maintenance Management System. Implement MMS for most asset classes. Low High 2007 - 2011 AMT Condition Monitoring Formal condition monitoring required for all asset classes. Medium High Ongoing AMT Capital Works Programming. Development of capital works program and prioritisation database. High High 2006/07 AMT Geographical Information Systems Link GIS with Asset Module of Asset Register corporate register (AIM). Low Medium 2009/10 IT / AM Advance Applications Improve/develop deterioration modelling for long lived assets. Low High 2007 - 2011 AMT Table 9 Asset Management Information System Improvements