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The Northern Territory news Sat 25 Feb 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, February 25, 2012. NT NEWS. 31 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:25-FGE:31 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K SpeakUp:WOULD you vote for Julia Gillard in a leadership challenge? NO I think it needs to goback to the peoples vote, not just the Labor Party. Thatswhywe haveelections in the first place. NATASHAMEDBURY,Bakewell NOCertainly not. I just think shes a bit of a back stabber. Shes all talk. RYANTIMMS,Northlakes NOMainly because of her policy onboat people. I dont thinkwe should be allowing boat people to come in so easily. TIMWILDE,Nightcliff YESShes as good as anyone as far as Im concerned.Who else is there?Awoman should run the country. Shes smart, that woman. BERNICEKRUHSE,Bayview NO I dont vote Labor, simple as that. Every timeLabor gets in power they stuff up the country. GRANTKEETLEY,HowardSprings 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Trev for PM! Lets piss both Rudd and Gillard off and put Trev in there :) Angel ONLEADERSHIP CHALLENGE n Yes, Kevin. I have paused for thought. Now piss off and take Julia with you. You are embarrassing our country. n Put Kev & Julia in a ring with a star picket each & broadcast it live. Its already a bloody circus. Might aswell be entertained. Ian, BS n This is great! Sitting back and watching the happy little vegemite totally destroy what was left of the Labor party. Wheres BK of Gray on this? His silence is deafening! Venomhouse n If Rudd & Gillard really want the best 4 us all, why dont they both resign, ALP should make Darren Lockyer captain.Dave@Katherine n Australia must demand an election so those who run the country remember whos boss! n Thanks to everyone who voted Labor into office. It has been the most hilarious couple of years of politics ever. Smugs, Southport n Kevin or Julia? Either way, theyre screwed in the next election! Ones a wimp, the other is a lying backstabber. What a joke the Labor party has become. Bring back the Liberals! n If they want to stay in power, surely KRudd v Juliar is a no brainer, isnt it? CLP should just put Mal in the top seat. Then the Labor dog fight wouldnt matter. n Politics. Ho, hum. Footy started yet?PDP, Tiwi ONNUDITY n If you can be seen from the road nude, then you forgave your right to claim privacy. n Re to Palmo deputy naked in his own home. Why are your girls walking to school at 6am. It is still dark and school starts after 8am. Im up at 4am to get ready 4 work and if your girls want to look in windows they will see stuff they dont want to see, so the moral of the story is dont look in.Dragon, Palmo ONOTHERTHINGS n Just had a roast pork, hot chip and gravy roll from the chook shed. Best in the NT. Fromhungry tradie n So over hearing about Azaria Chamberlain. Who gives a rats a** anymore? Let the poor child rest in peace. Steph, Northlakes n The only thing embarrassing about the Bombing of Darwin cermeony was wanka Ray (Martin). What a buffoon. Hope WE werent paying him. Bigbird, DwnRiv n Holden have to keep producing Commodores simply to keep dickheads out of Fords. Blublood, HumptyDoo n The grass (or should I say grass full of weeds!) in the middle of the new section of Tiger Brennan Drive between Tivendale & Berrimah Roads is as high as your car window and growing. Its an eyesore & needs to be cut urgently. Tom, Coolalinga n Re: New Nightclub Business. Unfair to dump past trading history of the venue onto someone who had nothing 2 do with it. Public scrutiny for the new owner & new business should not happen until the doors are opened to the public. Give him a chance 2 dowell.Anne-Maree n Macleod stands for Palmy mayor then he gets my vote. TonyGunn Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Gillard stomps opposition to imposewishes CLEARLY a resignation is preferable to being sacked. The PM obviously intended to sack her Foreign Minister as he did pose a risk to her holding on to her position. With megalomaniacal zeal and stomping around on all opposition she has managed to impose her wishes, in the guise of being positive for the good of the nation on all fronts yet to be tested. Seems to me that Kevin R had no alternative but to precipitate events even while overseas, realising that he has only a few days to shore up support on his return to Australia. Can the PM be trusted when she says that she would be prepared to serve time on the backbench if she loses the leadership spill and not have any further ambition to challenge for the position again? The general ALP supporter should be aware of her chicanery and reject her outright. Kevin R seems to be displaying fairly normal reactions for having been stabbed in the back and deposed in the manner that he was. Theman in the street, Darwin Roderick Brooks threw a wreath into Darwin Harbour in memory of his grandfather Catalina Spain who died during the Bombing of Darwin Picture: JUSTIN SANSON PICK OF THE PICS If I was amother accused of killingmy child, I wouldwant a coronial inquest until they gave the correct verdict also. SEEBELOW ON INSULTSACROSS PARLIAMENT n Children make them look childish. Theyre both a complete waste of space and should be made to step down at the next election. Clowns. AdmanofNt n Sounds like the sort of carry on we get from itinerants who are drunk on the footpath. Grow up, Angry, and show some class if you want to be a good representaive and example for your people. Indigenous people need real leaders, not angry, offensive idiots like you. Take a leaf from Malandirri McCarthy and try being profesional. Darwin of Darwin n I listen to question time on the radio and I pray that my kids will NEVER go on an excursion to Parliament to listen and watch their so called role models carry on. The bully tactics, the derisive comments on both sides. I dont want my kids exposed to this kind of behaviour. They get enough of that from bullies at school. There is no respect from either side, something which I try to instil in my kids. So teachers, please note, sending the kids to parliament is giving them the wrongmessage. figures ONFOURTHAZARIA INQUEST n I remember when this hap pened. Why call in Aboriginal trackers who are the real experts in tracking - just to disregard their evidence. They showed where the dingo tracks led to. I also believe former detective Marchant when he says there was human intervention. That probably happened at the point Aboriginal trackers followed the tracks to.Davo n It was bad for tourism to blame a dingo, so they blamed and jailed an innocent woman. The whole investigation was an absolute farce! If I was a mother accused of killing my child, I wouldwant a coronial inquest until they gave the correct verdict also. Its the least the NT can do for the mistakes they made. Have some compassion of Cullen Bay n So sick of hearing about the Chamberlains. Just go away and accept what happen, and STOP wasting taxpayers money. No amount of inquests will change the past. Lindy & Michael need to stop flogging a dead horse. Either admit the truth of what happen that night or MOVE ON. Granpa Lemon ONVIGILANTE SMASHING CAR n Another road rage incident by another moron who thinks he is above the law. Whats worse is that in this case it appears to be pre-meditated. Stalking motorists with a spotlight and camera on the Stuart Hwy at 10.30pm. Are you insane? Your no better than the hoons you complain about, Jason. Hope they throw the book at you and make you pay for the dam ages. Make an example of this idiot and deter some of the clowns commenting, from taking the law into their own hands before someone gets killed. Another road rage incident of Darwin n ALL hoons are silly immature little vermin, whose puffed up egos make them think that their car makes them a real hero as they push that pedal right down. Ooh yeah, look what I can do! Watch this! Pay attention to me! Because if you dont, I have nothing. I am a pitiful loser without my car, proven by the sorry specimens that appear on TV outside court without their cars. K Illallhoons