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The Northern Territory news Wed 14 Mar 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Wednesday, March 14, 2012. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:14-GE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Greedy landlords lower your rent to reasonable amounts, home owners sell your houses for what they are reallyworth & everyone else stop cashing in SEEBELOW ON ITINERANTS n It has proven to be impossible for a homeless Aboriginal family to shelter in a public space even during CYCLONE WATCH without being HUMBUGGED by Darwin City Council, NT Police, business owners or nosey residential habitual complainers. Homeless people DO have a right to use PUBLIC SPACE without having to be humbugged to eat, talk or just avoid getting pneumonia. Lucinda Watson of Coconut Grove n Since when was itinerant a race? I am convinced some people try to find hidden meanings in everything just to satisfy their own perverted needs. Among the sane, it has been long recognised that we need to get away from being too scared to say anything or do anything for fear it may insult someone. Well done Ms Fong Lim for having the gonads to break the mould. As a great man will say, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. You have my vote. PeterMcConnell of Karama n When Fong Lim uses the words Targets Itinerants in her media release, you would have to assume she doesnt mean a chain store in Palmerston but a Coniston style of governance. Declan OGallagher of Jingili ONGAYGAMES n Lighten up! Its not a divisive attempt to drive a wedge between straights and gays. Its just an excuse to have some faux Olympics for a number of minorities. At the end of the day, who cares? Im certain if youre a straight athlete, you can meet their qualifying standards and apply. They wont turn you down . . . just like how gay athletes are allowed to enter the main Olympics. Its a bit of fun! Jeez. David A of Bellamack n Therell be the 100 yard handbag sprint, leapfrog, 200 yard high heel race, pole vaulting, synchronised swimming, egg and spoon race, and many more. Plus a glamour parade for best costumes to be judged by John Spellman (no thongs allowed). Davo of Alice Springs n Why didnt they call it the Olympic Gaymes? Deano of Darwin ONCREDIT CARDDEBT n One of the best things I ever did was get a Visa Debit Card . . . uses my own money, yet can be used like a Visa card.Kelly of Brisbane n How do you expect people to pay to live when all of their cash money is used to pay for inflated rent or mortgages and huge electricity bills? Unfortunately, money to live has to come from somewhere and the average wage just isnt enough, so people make the difference up with credit cards. Solution greedy landlords lower your rent to reasonable amounts, home owners sell your houses for what they are really worth and everyone else stop cashing in just because you can due to Darwin being isolated. Michelle of Coconut Grove SpeakUp: SHOULD a judge have the right to lock the public out of a courtroom? DONT KNOW That depends on the cases they are hearing. If its something that is of interest to the public, they should be allowed in. JOHNKADIBA,Alawa NO I reckon they (public) should be allowed. There should bepictures takenof them (people on trial) to let everyone know who they are. DAVIDSMITH,Bakewell YES In certain circumstances. In somethingwhere the person could be disadvantaged. But the majority should be open in a democracy. SCOTTSHERRAH,Nightcliff DONT KNOW It depends oneach case and I dont really know enoughabout it. CLARISALOPEZ,Alawa NOThepublic should be allowed to see, definitely. It is in the public interest. If the person is in court they havedone something to the public. ELVIACRISTIANI,Moil 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Dont knowbout cyclone thisweek, but come sat we gunna have a catergory 1 people cos those Bombers & Tigers can run like thewind. BB ONFISHING n Cant believe what PIGS fishing people can be. Fishing line, plastic bags. U take and take, then s**t in your own Backyard. TheMantha,Moil n Say no to fishing permits and boat registratiin Hendo. Keep our tourists coming! John, Jingili n To all those wanting boat licensing. Bugger off down south and leave the rest of us in peace. Less incidents here than the licensed states, yet per capita we have the most vessels. If you want a change, themove. n To shane. Why are boat licences needed? What accidents have we ever had on water here? Idiots running aground or out of fuel dont count. They will always do that, licence or not. SE,Woodroffe ONOTHERTHINGS n Fong Lim. Who said itinerants should become suburbanised? Aboriginal people were here first. Have some respect for the way people choose to live. Dont like itinerants? Leave them alone and they usually do same! n To the Admirer. Yes, the owner of Toyworld is hot, is a nanna and is married! Appreciate your kind words though. TheHusband n Well done, NT News. A croc/cyclone front page. Outstanding. Chris TheRooster n Hey NT News. Just want to say ur photographer Daniel Hartley-Allen is brilliant! What a talent!Marie-Lise, Darwin n Whilst a lot of people are happy St Marys arent in the grand final, Im sure all NTFL fans will miss seeing Saints skipper Peter Macfarlane on the big stage. Gun power 4wards like him are few & far between.NTFL Fan n Rinehart Family Feud. Just shows money does not bring happiness. People be kind to each other! :) n Would someone from NT govt tell us the rules regard ing work (etc) when we are under cyclone warning? Make it law for all to follow. Too many different rules. Confused, Gunn n I seem to remember the last election was about law and order. Four years on and the same old arguments on the move again. Might as well just let the Commonwealth takeover the lot all at once instead of bit by bit. So much for self govt. SteveKilinko n What the hell r those curbside metal boxes on Gardens Rd-Smith St opp w/w & highway opposite Toyota that ap pear 2 have cameras in them? n To the Bogan Hunter, Leanyer. I dont like the southern cross sticker, nor do I care about ned kelly. Am putting the ode on the ute cuz my pop just passed away who served his country. True Blue Aussie,Wagaman n Doesnt matter how many police we have on the streets when sentences let us down. n I was watching the Moomba Parade on the news last night. What happened to the parade that used to be in Darwin? What bright spark killed that off?RPCDarwin Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Go figure on those statistics WHERE did Jack Alcock get his statistics from (Letter of the Day, NT News, March 12)? $22 billion spent on indigenous welfare etc last year? $100,000 dollars per person? $500 million for Aboriginal land? All Aboriginal land is unproductive? For a start, tied expenditure for Aboriginal welfare (etc) is about $5 billion across all states and Territories. Infrastructure? The way that money is spent is well demonstrated by the fact my family still has no water in their community (Marlinja), but the NT Government has enough for a $5 million boat ramp in Darwin, plus two more in Buffalo Creek and Palmerston. Aboriginal land unproductive? Obviously, you dont go to Nitmiluk, Ranger, have never heard of Gove, Alyan gula, Bootu Creek, Palm Valley to name a few places where mining and other activities are taking place on Aboriginal land. In fact, 90 per cent of all mining in the Territory is on Aboriginal land. Every time you turned on a light in the 1980s, 90s and even now, youre using power created by gas from Aboriginal land. This bloke seems to enjoy making up the usual fish stories about Aboriginal money (ie the amounts Aboriginal people get from mining that get bigger as the story grows). You pay taxes? Well so do I. So do quite a few Aborigines I know, but lets make the tax situation clear its good you pay taxes, but dont expect a medal on your chest for it. Its simply part of life. KeithGregory, Nakara SOAPBOX Local government canwork, and does Kerry Moir THE article on local government (Can He Fix It?, NT News, February 25) was a one-sided personal attack on individuals rather than an analysis of the issues faced by local government. The shires and councils of the NT provide core services at the grassroots, such as local roads, street lighting, garbage collection (etc). Councils look after im portant services on behalf of their communities, as well as performing services for the NT and Australian Governments. They employ hard working staff and have hard-working councillors who are paid allowances for what is often afterhours work, unlike Government ministers who have both generous pay and electoral allowances. The fundamental issue facing all councils in 2012 is revenue. While there has been an increase in overall income for the shires, it is often tied to delivering programs for other governments such as aged care, childcare,water, sewerage. Governments are quick to deliver photo opportunities as they donate new facilities to councils, but not so quick to provide funding tomaintain them. Revenues to deliver services that our communities care about are steadily being eroded. Local Government needs the support of the NT and Australian Governments once the proposed transfer of 8,000km of roads to local government takes place. To date there are no finances on offer. These are the roads that wash away after the Wet, the community roads that are falling to pieces. For remote livelihoods and communities to be sustainable, we need to build remote economies and that means, among other things, having appropriate infrastructure, most of which local government has to look after. Despite all these chal lenges, shire staff have struggled against the odds to provide good service. There are calls to break up the shires or dispense with local government altogether. We believe this is masking discussion of the real issues facing local government. Generally speaking, municipal councils in the NT are more financially viable than the shires because they have more rateable properties, smaller areas to serve and are not expected to deliver as many Commonwealth services. The shire councils have to serve dispersed, remote communities with virtually no rates base, where they are responsible for deliveringmany services. LGANT has been pushing for an examination of the shires finances. We hope data from current studies will match that from interstate and be used to provide a more strategic approach to funding. Other State governments have realised that larger councils can lead to finan cial efficiencies and improve the capacity of councils to better respond to community expectations. The shires can withstand some financial shocks. But like all governments they are under pressure to find the funds to meet increasing demands for higher standards of services. The reform of local government in the NT was a brave, much-needed move. The change to larger councils is also in line with local government around Australia and theworld. There have been significant issues with the establishment of the shires. But they have also delivered improved governance, indigenous employment, better planning and professionalmanagement. We would prefer to work with all parties to improve local government in theNT. KerryMoir, President, Local Government Association of theNT Write to THESOAPBOX, POBox 1300, Darwin 0801or email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au

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