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Fujita Salvage Company Manuscript Collection, 1959-1960.



Fujita Salvage Company Manuscript Collection, 1959-1960.

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MS 52


Fujita, Senichiro


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Darwin Harbour


Paperwork relating to the salvage of World War II ships in Darwin Harbour by the Fujita Salvaging company from 1959-1960. Also includes a facsimile copy of some of the documents and photographs donated by Mr. Senichiro Fujita in June 2010.


Some documents in Japanese language. Photos relating to these documents can be found in the Senichiro Fujita Collection, digitised on Territory Stories.

Table of contents

Contract (26 p. : 21 x 30 cm) -- Correspondence from M. L. Tyrrell, Official Secretary to the Governor-General to H. Kobayashi, Fujita Salvage Co. Ltd. (1 p. : 30 cm) -- Correspondence from Pattie M. Menzies to H. Kobayashi, Fujita Salvage Co. Ltd. (1 p. : 30 cm) -- Correspondence from Rev. NC to H. Kobayashi (1 p. ; col photos. : 30 cm) -- Correspondence from Roger Nott, Administrator Darwin NT to Mr. R. Fujita (1 p. : 30 cm) -- Correspondence from H. Kobayashi, NOVENCO Nippon Ltd. (2p. : 30 cm) -- Handwritten diary (25 p. : 30 cm) -- Fujita family tombstone (2 p. ; col. photos : 30 cm) -- Opening ceremony United War Memorial Church Program (2 p. folded : 30 cm) -- Salvage timeline (2 p. : 21 x 30 cm).




Fujita Salvage Company Limited; World War, 1939-1945 -- Northern Territory -- Darwin; Salvage -- Northern Territory -- Darwin Harbour; Shipwrecks -- Northern Territory -- Darwin Harbour

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