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The Northern Territory news Fri 17 Feb 2012

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40 NT NEWS. Friday, February 17, 2012. www.ntnews.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 7 -F E B -2 0 1 2 P A G E : 4 0 C O L O R : C M Y K I feel Imwastingmy youth on the 9-5 grind Got a question? Ask Bossy. No-holds-barred advice from our agony aunt Kate deBrito . . . advice your friends are too polite to give A reader fears he is sinking at work after developing eye problems and putting on weight Im scared in 20 years Ill be fat and sore and blind, and regrettingwasting my youth My work is making me fat, sore and blind. Am I wasting my youth? DEAR BOSSY: I just turned 24 and graduated from uni in 2010. I started working fulltime immediately. I took the first job I was offered, it sounded interesting enough and paid quite well for a grad. I had no idea what I wanted to do and didnt have a dream job. I studied finance at uni and loved it but it bores me slightly now. Things started well at work but now after 15 months Im realising office work might not be for me. Firstly, my eyes have been damaged. I got a lot of pain and redness, saw the optometrist, now I have to use special eyedrops and a screen protector, and might even have to get glasses. Work paid for this because apparently it happens to employees a lot. Secondly, Ive been struggling to maintain my weight. I was determined not to put on weight when starting work, so I upped my exercise, but despite the hours I invest in sport I still find Im very slowly gaining because I sit down all day. Thirdly, I have just recently started to get computer over-use symptoms. Work is agreeing to give me time off for my physio treatment because it happens all the time. My job has become boring too. If this is happen ing in my first year, Im scared in 20 years Ill be fat and sore and blind, and regretting wasting my youth! Ive started looking for other jobs as an obvious solution, but so far no success, and Id probably still have at least two of the same problems. I was going to buy a house this year, I have $50,000 saved for a deposit. However, I realised that I could delay that plan and live off casual work/savings and spend time doing the things I really want to do. I want to learn to surf and start judo, and hike more and read novels. Ive planned overseas holidays and I want to volunteer somewhere. Is it more important to accumulate wealth or have a variety of experiences? I dont know! Young and confused BOSSY SAYS: I didnt save money in my 20s and I really reckon I should have. I reck on if you can invest in anything, it is better to do it sooner rather than later. That said, Id do the same thing again and not save or save a bit, and spend my savings or simply piss it up against the wall if it meant getting out of a job that eroded my soul, not to mention my health. But there is a big difference between working the job you are now, which is making you sick physically and is also boring, and giving it all up to live off your savings on a beach in Costa Rica. You may find another company and maybe a slightly different role offers great challenges. It may also offer a clearer path up a career ladder. If you do think you need to try something new theres nothing wrong with taking a mini sabbatical. If it gives you direction and shows you a new way forward then Im all for it. The main piece of advice I can give is to be thoughtful and considered about things. And if you do want to make some changes better to do it now than when you are in your forties. SEND your problems to ntnews.com.au and by emailing Ask Bossy you accept your question may also appear on the Ask Bossy blog. Questions cannot be answered privately. Ask Bossy ADVICE ATTITUDE OPINION with Kate de Brito ntnews@ntnews.com.au with ntAsk Bossy ADVICE ATTITUDE OPINION with Kate de Brito ntnews@ntnews.com.au with nt Theres plenty to celebrate on anyones calendar HE SAID: OK, so not everyone qualifies for Valentines Day. Perhaps you were the only one in the office/workshed/house/cell who didnt get flowers/chocolate/sex . . . thats pretty hard to stomach. Easter would be a bitch if you hated chocolate. Or rabbits. Or religion. Christmas is difficult for many. Boxing Day not nearly as problematic. I mean, who doesnt like a good fight? Mothers Day, Fathers Day . . . a bit teary if mum or dad or both arent around. Or maybe you dont give a toss. Whatever works for you. What I am trying to say is that most days end up rubbing someone the wrong way. So, here are some days in the coming year that everyone can look forward to. World Water Day (Feb 22): I have read that there are people who are allergic to water, but am yet to meet one. So, hooray for water! International Day of Awesomeness (March 10): The website says it will be a celebration of awesomeness. People are awesome every day, frequently dont realise it, and their feats of awesomeness are rarely recognised. We aim to fix that, with a special day to both perform and celebrate feats of awesomeness! World Press Freedom Day (May 3): I am a journalist and am acutely aware of the special place we hold in the publics heart. Hug a journo, we need it. Better yet, give us a scoop, we need that more. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development (May 21): Huh? Week of Solidarity with the Peoples of Non-SelfGoverning Territories (May 25 to June 1): This one lasts a whole week. World Environment Day (June 5): Who doesnt like the environment? Oh . . . World Refugee Day (June 5): Who doesnt like refugees? Oh, wait . . . International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (July 16): We still have an ozone layer? World Space Week (July 4 to 10): The next time some one tells you baby, I need more space tell em theres a whole week for idiots like you! World Food Day (Oct 16): Seriously, anyone not in favour of food? Anybody? Apart from fashion models? International Mountain Day (Dec 11): Who hates a mountain? Come on! See, your calendar is now full of great days. SHE SAID: JD is spot on. Special days are usually filled with angst and repressed emotions, and all that jazz. But all I can say is . . . I have a boyfriend! And Valentines Day was awesome. I got flowers at work, my favourite kind and we had a gorgeous meal on the Nightcliff foreshore. There we were sipping vino on a blanket watching the sun go down, eating way too much and just being awesome. Which is what we do. I know, I know . . . Im bragging . . . well yes. My first real Valentine was spectacular, so you can take all the other days and do what you like with them. I dont need them, except maybe for food day, because lets face it . . . who doesnt love food?