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The Northern Territory news Wed 22 Feb 2012

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www.ntnews.com.au Wednesday, February 22, 2012. NT NEWS. 11 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:22-FGE:11 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K 5-year-old children do not need to be taught about safe sex theyre CHILDREN not teenagers!!! ... of palmerston ON NANDOS CONDOMS n ITS JUST A CONDOM. You could have said it was a water balloon and your son would have believed you. Hell, I remember primary school when I was in Year 2 and Year 7 students were using them as water balloons. Daniel of Australia n If they are so old how does that help with public liability when one breaks, someone gets pregnant, or a Sex disease (or just the psychological stress worrying about worst case scenarios from a busted rubber)? What a bunch of muptards. Pork Swordsman n Watch what he is up to next mum and then you might not have to worry. After all he is your responsibility at this age. out of towner n The kid would have had no idea what it was. All you had to say was Thats for big boys and girls and take it off him. Problem solved. No big deal of Rapid Creek n Condoms have a use-by date. I wouldnt be using those ones if I were you. zelly n Surely, after four years, they have expired? Lauren n Defeats the purpose promoting safe sexwith perished profilactics. ivan a ON THE YARN BOMBER n The mystery lives on silence of the lambswool. Sally of Unley, SA n Hmm. Looks suspicously like a council worker (taking it down). Only he isnt leaning against a shovel. Smug of Darwin n This is brilliant. It is adding colour and new life to the streets of Darwin and it is a unique social commentary on perceptions of beauty, and the great divide between higher art (please) and craft. We want more. Mitsy of Darwin ON WAR OVERTAKING IMAGINATION n Australia was not born in war but was established in peacetime in 1901 and our national values were not established in battle but overwhelmingly in the proud achievements of men and women in civil and political society. We might have expressed our values in battle (maybe) but that is not where they arose. Therefore, certainly remember our service men and women, but it would be wrong to let our military history hijack our national history, values and identity with never-ending commemorations. Peter of Melbourne n We were attacked by the Japs. Innocent people died. Why shouldnt we remember them and commemorate those who died for the freedom of speech you now enjoy? Australians died and willingly gave their lives and you accuse us of militiarism by remembering them? Hang your head in shame. Take your left wing loony views out of this country if you think defending Australia from invasion isnt an important national event. Sean G NT of Darwin Speak Up: SHOULD Palmerston Mayor Robert Macleod have resigned? NOHis actionswere possibly justified. Dogs throughPalmerston canbe completely out of control. KAY HEATH, Farrar YESHes broken the law. If I beat youwith a golf club,would yoube happy if Imanaged to holdmy role of power? CHARLIE EARLEY, Bakewell YESHes got a responsibility asmayor. He should not go aroundbashing people. But the dogs should not havebeen in the neighbours yard. BARRY NELSON, McMinn Lagoon NOHeseems like a goodbloke. All hewas doingwas defending his homeandproperty. MICHELLE BARNES, Howard Springs YESHesmade a complete dickheadof himself. JOANNA BOOTHE, Durack 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Rudds a dud, Gillards a goose.With the truth, always loose.What next for our nation, I hear you ask. Simple, Labourmust get the a**e. ON BOMBING OF DARWIN ANNIVERSARY n Tell Dr Grounds to get off her high horse! Remembering the Bombing of Darwin is important to the people of Darwin, so go back to where you came from and keep out of our business. n Ms Foxs comments re USS Peary were embarrassing. Disgusted Mk 2, Palm n To ex-military man. Mate, pull your head in. The people who participated in the bombing of Darwin were volunteers, sea going sailors & not the federation guard whose job is drill. Not much time to practice drill chasing illegal entry vessels around the Indian Ocean. You should acknowledge that, not how good theymarch. STC, Lyons n Very disappointed with the Darwin Bombing Anniversary. Unable to hear what was being said. A few speakers around the park would have been useful. ON MINUTES SILENCE n Maybe if mayor, Prime Minister & GG were listening to the service instead of chatting in the first place they would have known they had been called to a minutes silence. Very disrespectful. Ally, Cas n Wot a hoo ha about GG, PM & Lord Mayor talking during ceremony. Problem caused by lack of clarity from illprepared MC Ray Martin. Beth from Bayview n Talking during the oneminutes silence. Obviously too much arrogance, not enough humility. Brian, Darwin ON OTHER THINGS n To the A-hole who ran over the dog on Essington Ave on Monday morn. Hope u had a s*** day. U didnt even bother to stop. People like u should be culled. n Wonder how much the council clowns will spend to clean up Darwin central on the Marys visit? Clean toilets in the mall, police to clear the humbuggers. Why not every day for locals? n Here is new, radical idea. How about a phone company with good customer service. n On tourist operator. Rob Marchant, you are just a tour operator. Line up like everyone else! n Hot tip for Coles and Woolies in Palmerston. Your constantly empty shelves in the nappy section should be a clue that you need to stock more. Wouldnt think you need a rocket scientist to figure out you are not ordering enough. Kim, Woodroffe n Tattoo bans aim 2 keep out riff raff? What gives this r**** the right 2 call me riff raff. I am 50, have visible tats, worked since 13, married 29yrs, grandchildren, paid tax the whole time, have house and investments, own 2 companies in mining industry. Blah, blah, blah. Stick that up ya. n This is for the texter who said our Jess Mauboy is a mechanical voice etc, What is ur problemo mate? I think ur a whinger & got nothing better to do. Get off ur a** & contribute too society in a positive way. u moron. Just jealous. Get over urself. mate. Jess, Ludmilla Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Sex education amust for kids AS A mum of three young girls, I have no problem with taking my children into a public bathroom and seeing a condom dispenser. How is it any different to explaining a tampon dispenser, if and when they should ever ask? Children should be taught the correct names for their penis or vagina no different to learning heads, shoulders, knees and toes. Children are not born knowing that genital talk is giggle-worthy, it is pushed on to them by their parents own awkwardness passed down from their parents. There is so much shame surrounding the subject of sexuality and there really neednt be. Parents can either choose to educate their children properly or allow their chil dren to be educated by their peers. I feel much more secure in knowing that my 11-year-old knew what was up when she was asked lets play spin the bottle to have sex on her last school camp. Unfortunately, there were other girls who didnt decline like she did. What exactly are parents protecting their children from by not talking to them about sex. We teach them about cars to keep them safe. We teach them about strangers to keep them safe. We teach them about not swimming after eating to keep them safe. Yet, we dont teach them about sex to keep them safe? Cmon! Amy, Palmerston Can we come to terms with life without a Commodore? SOAPBOX Turn and face the strange ch-changes TIMES are changing so fast that we all have trouble keeping up because weve grown accustomed to institutionalised icons of life. But even with provision for minor changes, the speed of change means that some things we take for granted finally end. Like Vegemite. And newspapers. And Holden cars. And well-known Australian industries. And quarter-acre blocks. And many present occupations. We adapt or go under with the changes we refuse to accept. All the above and many others are not just under threat, they are transforming to something else, a form of social osmosis. I am probably the worst resister, and resistance is futile. Strangely, conservatives are the most adaptable because if something doesnt work, changes will be made in the ethos. This is true evolution. PM Gillard may be wrong on carbon tax, or hugely premature, but the environment is dictating much of the changes we are undergoing and those yet to come. So is the world market. Mainly globalisation. World conflict, too! That can be avoided, the former two cant. Can we come to terms with life without a Commodore? Without Australian brands of beer? Without freedom to drive to work?Withoutwork? Foreign workers hand ling our accounts and repairs? No petrol? No houses as we know them to live-in but huge accommodation modules (with disability access)? No seafood, but food in tubes? Will safety officers (coppers) nab crooks by satellite and surveillance modes, and will crims be reprogrammed? No teachers required, either. Education at home by electronic zapping. Just keep theNTNews going! Will we need lawyers, real estate agents, car salesmen, print journalists, and, ha ha, politicians? Sadly, yes, they wont give up so easily without superannuation, but many other occupationswill be lost. Sales staff, pilots, manual workers even bank tellers are on theway out. This is not pessimism, more an ugly reality, and I may not care about it because if I live beyond a certain age, nearly there now, I may be placed in a form of aspic for merciful economic care, subjected to pleasant dreams, later cryogenic storage or given credits to sign up for a sizzler of a farewell, care of Indias insurance line. Irony is that dementia may be lessened or averted by then anyway. Well, it looks grim and things have not got better as I expected, but nothing can daunt the human spirit, love and happiness. Not even change thatwill make my speculation appear short-sighted. For all this heresy and foreboding under UN Article 2040 (N), I may be refreshed (punished). Maybe Iwill be recycled asHendo? Ted Dunstan, Karama Write to THE SOAPBOX, PO Box 1300, Darwin 0801 or email: ntnmail@ntnews.com.au