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Sunday Territorian 11 Dec 2011



Sunday Territorian 11 Dec 2011


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26 Sunday Territorian. Sunday, December 11, 2011. www.sundayterritorian.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 1 -D E C -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 2 6 C O L O R : C M Y K The lunar eclipse today focuses your attention on all forms of travel. For some rams this means a new set of wheels, for others it means getting ready for a trip away. A relative will ask for help and you help out. Relationships: Things look fairly stable in this part of your life. There is love and affection coming your way but it will come quietly and without the flourish you would like, the flourish that you usually need. Money: Looking good. Health: Cuts or burns. This week brings some intensity involving finances or personal possessions. The finances seem to involve work and somehow your health and general wellbeing are associated with them. It is a good time to talk about refinancing. Relationships: The indications are for physical action and affection. This is where some of your dreams come true. Probably not big dreams but some of the little things you started to think would never happen. Money: Improving. Health: The joints. The lunar eclipse today falls in your sign. This brings an about-face in an important part of your life. You will modify your dreams and could start pursuing a new career. This lunar aspect is all about change. Relationships: The changes brought by the lunar eclipse reflect on this part of your life, especially when it comes to marriage or really intimate liaisons. Because the vibes are good, things will soon settle down. Money: Incoming. Health: The tummy. After today things quieten down but this doesnt mean to expect a peaceful week. This week is so close to Christmas things cant possibly go smoothly enough for you to relax. Late this week brings newwork vibes. Relationships: Venus and Pluto being activated in your angle of marriage and intimate relationships brings opportunities for the intimacy you need to get you through the week. Dont let late shopping interfere. Money: Running low. Health:A bit drained. The lunar eclipse falling in your angle of hopes and wishes could well bring something you have been hoping for. This probably wont be a very big deal but it will be important to you and your plans for next year. Relationships: There are splendid stars for your love life but what is also important to you is; there are good stars for things to do with your relationships with young people. This week brings enchantingmoments. Money:More expenses. Health: Tummy region. One of those weeks when if anything can go wrong, it will. You get news of something you thought you protected yourself against happening and threatening to ruin your plans. Suddenly, more responsibility withwork. Relationships: To add to your discomfort, your love life will be a bit of an arid wasteland. There is little point in trying to fight this atmosphere, give them time and things will quietly work themselves out. Money:A bit tight. Health: The joints. The Saturn aspects that you have this week will make you more reserved and cautious in the things you say and write, which is probably for the best because what you say will be remembered and then quoted back to you later. Relationships: With Venus in your angle of the home and domestic affairs this week, things should be friendlier and more family-oriented. A good time for social activities. Money:A shortage. Health:An infection? You will work on a project you want to finish before Christmas and almost finish it only to find you have forgotten some factor or part and its back to square one. Exercise can help ease your sense of frustration. Relationships:Mars in your angle of friendships will bring action in this part of your life. Unfortunately Mars here sometimes tends to make you a little rash and abrupt, getting people off-side and even anti-you. Money: Some coming. Health: The feet. There will be important events in business or occupation. For some this means a new job while for most it will mean more duties within your present employment but usually with additional responsibilities. Relationships:With the lunar eclipse in your angle of marriage and intimate liaisons there has to be big things happening. For some it means the start of a new love affair, however, for most its a revitalising aspect. Money: Looking good. Health: Feeling great. This week brings a glitch with work. Its a bit late in the year for this glitch but you have to sort it out and work a little harder so you can get things ready for the break. Some travel plans have to be scrapped. Relationships: There is tension around the house as things seem to go suddenly and decidedly wrong, leaving you and everyone involved looking for alternatives. At least there will be moments of love and affection. Money: Stretching. Health:Watch heat. There seems to be some good luck for you. This could be wins but this is not the usual outcome of these stars. What usually happens is you get something you really want. This thing will probably involve a hobby. Relationships: The lunar eclipse in your angle of love and romance brings important events in this part of your life. For some this is a birth, for others the start of a love affair or the renewal of an old one. Money:A bit short. Health: Feeling good. This week brings an ending and a beginning. Mostly it means a beginning at work but the ending seems to involve home or domestic affairs. There will also be talk of a removal. Talk of going to where thework is. Relationships: There are good stars for love and romance. For some this means the heartthumping excitement of a new love but mostly these stars mean a revival of a love which seems to have entered a quiet phase. Money:Awindfall. Health: Patchy. Eclipse a good time to ponder changes Theres a full-moon eclipse this weekend so if youre feeling on edge, now you knowwhy. Eclipses were traditionally times that people feared, but theres really nothing toworry about. In ancient times, before there were media astrologers letting everyone know that an eclipse was coming up, if a solar eclipse hit and the sky went dark, people freaked out, and understandably, too. After the eclipse, anything negative that happened was blamed on that strange and sinister day. In this case, its a lunar eclipse, so there will be no dark skies. But even if there were, eclipses are not to be feared. Solar or lunar, eclipses are times when we get a chance to change our lives. Thats a good thing. If you are in a job or a relationship that feels all wrong, the eclipse is a time when change may be forced upon you. Its not about you being punished by the universe, its about the universewanting to help you. So this eclipse week, think about what is not working in your life andwhat you need to let go of. Trust your feelings. Clinging on to someone or something through fear is never wise. Fear is one of the best things to let go of. THE ULTIMATE CROCODILEEXPERIENCE NT News and the Territory Government are teaming up to give away a once in a lifetime experience to increase awareness about the importance of crocodile safety in the Northern Territory. Entries must be received by first mail Wednesday 14th December 2011. For the major prize please tick if you are an adult or child. Children must be at least five years to enter M K T 2 3 0 1 0 1 ADULT CHILD Name: ...................................... Phone: ..................................... Address: .................................. .................................................. Email Address: .................................................. TO WIN: For your chance to WIN, simply fill in the coupon and send it to: BE CROCWISE. GPO Box 1401 Darwin, NT, 0801 For full terms and conditions visit ntnews.com.au/competitions Major Prizes Two winners will receive a trip for two people to accompany the Territory Government croc team for a day where you will inspect crocodile traps and get up close and personal to dangerous crocodiles. There will be an adult prize (for two adults) and a childrens prize (for one child and one adult) Runners Up Prizes We will also be giving away 50 BE CROCWISE runners up packs, each containing a BE CROCWISE t-shirt, a cap and a cooler bag.