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Sunday Territorian 11 Dec 2011


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38 Sunday Territorian. Sunday, December 11, 2011. www.sundayterritorian.com.au P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 1 -D E C -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 3 8 C O L O R : C M Y K BOOKREVIEWS ATRAIN INWINTER CarolineMoorehead (RandomHouse, $32.95) In 1943 in Paris, 230 women resistance fighterswere rounded up and sent by the Nazis on a train to Auschwitz. British journalist CarolineMoorehead tells the stories of thesewomen who they were, why and how theywere captured and how49managed tomake it home. Its an in-depth insight into life in the camp, focusing on theway thewomen relied on friendship, intuition and a fair amount of luck to survive. LIFES TOOSHORT Grace Saunders (Hachette, $29.99) Grace Saunders is a UK writerwho has a knack for turningwhat could otherwise be hollow advice about life into somethingworth reading. Saunderswalks through themore troublesome bits of being awoman in a modernworld the dating scene, getting married, having a baby,managing a career, maintaining a home, the other zillion roles themodern female has to survive and gives useful suggestions about coping. COLD LIGHT FrankMoorhouse (RandomHouse, $32.95) FrankMoorhouses Cold Light is a companion piece to the authors previous two novels in the Edith series,Grand Days andDark Palace. Moorhouse returns to the central character, Edith Campbell Berry. Its 1950 and Berry, having lost her job following the dissolution of the League of Nations, is back in Canberra. She is hoping for a foreign affairs posting, but her plans are put in jeopardywhen her communist brother shows up. ONE CLICK Richard L. Brandt (Penguin, $29.95) Biographies of internet moguls are a popular contemporary sub-genre. One Click is an unauthorised outsiders look at the tenacity, intelligence and business acumen thatmade Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos for better orworse one of the richest andmost influential businessmen in the US. It examines some of the factory-likeworking conditions at AmazonHQ, a company that has singlehandedly revolutionised the book industry. What are you reading? The Washing of the Spears, by Donald R. Morris. A compelling story of the Zulu nations history and why it went to war with the British Imperial Army occupying Southern Africa during the 1870s. Its the benchmark account of those tragic events. Whatwill you read next? Raising Boys and Raising Girls, by Steve Biddulph. Being a new dad, I think a little advice and some things to think about from someone elses experience are worth the read. Whoare your favourite authors? Stephen King I dont usually find things scary, but this guys stories are so original and so well crafted you really become immersed in each storys world. Stephen Ambrose his accounts of WW2s reality are a very original approach to a literary subject probably overdone by now. D-Day and Band of Brothers are particularly brilliant. Scott Adams captures scenes from the corporate world in his satirical Dilbert cartoons and remind me not to take my own corporate job too seriously. Whatwould you like towrite a book about? A very Australian/Top End-style cooking book. It would be threaded with stories about Australia and some of my own adventures that would bring each recipe to life. SEANKILDARE InpexDarwin generalmanager Europe in the slow lane EUROPE @ 2.4KM/H Ken Haley Reviewer: Rebecca Falconer Wanderer Ken Haley recounts his tales of travelling 26,000km through Europe in a wheelchair. INTREPID traveller Ken Haley traverses Europe in his trusty wheelchair from Russia to Portugal via the Arctic. Haley covers 26,000km by plane, train, bus, ship and hard graft, pushing his wheelchair at an average speed of 2.4km/h, although he reaches 25.4km/h in German mountains near the Swiss border, but a wheel wobble deters him from going faster. The Walkley Award-winning journalist embarks on a quest to uncover that rare species, someone in Europe who admits to being European. The book is broken up into distance, time spent and average speed, which helps the reader appreciate his endeavours. Haley meets all sorts of colourful characters on his adventure, including Norways latter-day Bonnie and Clyde. The gangster couple invited him to stay for the night in their villa near a town called Hell. Luckily his stay with them was anything but and the retired bank rob bers appear to have been upstanding hosts. Haley experiences many acts of kindness on his travels but also hostility, particularly in Paris where he spends some nights on the streets. Many hotels there were booked out for the 2007 Rugby World Cup but he also had trouble securing a room because of the prejudice of some hoteliers towards disabled people. Hotelier Mercy was particularly merciless. It told him it was fully booked, but proceeded to give rooms to other newcomers. After a few days and failing to secure lodgings in 33 attempts he returned to the hotel, where Mercy accused Haley of milking his paraplegia and called the police. The cops turned out to be his saviours and after five hours of phoning around at the station Haley finally got a place to stay. The Melbourne journalist encounters these kinds of extremes in many of the countries he visits and some countries considered to be more progressive have questionable policies. Haley lost his spot on a train to a bike when he was in a toilet and was told on his return: In Denmark our bicycles have seats. Haley also turns detective on his travels and discovers confronting truths about his own European family in Denmark and Germany. The authors writing style is vivid, entertaining, funny, moving and informative. He skilfully weaves interesting historical and cultural references into his experiences, and leaves readers wanting to pack their bags and head to Europe. SOURCE: www.dymocks.com.au BEST SELLERS 1 Diary Of AWimpyKid Book 6 Jeff Kinney, Penguin Group 2 Inheritance Cycle Book4 Christopher Paolini, Random House 3 Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson, Little Brown Books 4Mawson Peter FitzSimons, Random House 5 Scarecrowand theArmyof Thieves Matthew Reilly, Pan Macmillan FICTION 1 AClash of Kings George RR Martin, HarperCollins 2 TheHelp Kathryn Stockett, Penguin Books 3 AFeast for Crows George RR Martin, HarperCollins 4 AStormof Swords George RR Martin, HarperCollins 5 AGameof Thrones George RR Martin, HarperCollins BIOGRAPHY 1 TheHappiest Refugee Anh Do, Allen and Unwin 2 I Steve George Beahm 3 BeingKendra Kendra Wilkinson, HarperCollins 4 Scar Tissue Anthony Kiedis, Little Brown Books 5 Wikileaks Versus theWorld Julian Assange, Text Publishing SCI-FI & FANTASY 1 AClash of Kings George RR Martin, HarperCollins 2 AFeast for Crows George RR Martin, HarperCollins 3 AStormof Swords Part 1 George R.R. Martin, HarperCollin 4 AGameof Thrones George RR Martin, HarperCollins 5 Inheritance Christopher Paolini, Random House CHILDRENS 1 Hunger Games Suzanne Collins, Scholastic 2 Mockingjay Suzanne Collins, Scholastic 3 Catching Fire Suzanne Collins, Scholastic 4 Diary of aWimpyKid Jeff Kinney, Penguin Books 5 TheGruffalo Julie Donaldson, Pan Macmillan