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Sunday Territorian 11 Dec 2011



Sunday Territorian 11 Dec 2011


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www.sundayterritorian.com.au Sunday, December 11, 2011. Sunday Territorian. 41 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:11-DGE:41 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K To solve this puzzle each 3x3 box, each row and each column must contain all the numbers from 1 to 9. Solution, tips and computer program at www.sudoku.com Solution published tomorrow Ye st er da y s So lu ti on Su d o k u V e ry E a sy Cryptic Regular ACROSS 1 Hard 4 Flowers 8 Greek letter 11 Contract clincher 12 Trial period 13 Shortens 14 Cogitate 16 Deciduous tree 17 Courageous person 18 Vestment 21 Low-fat cheese 22 Keg 25 Reckless 26 Branch of knowledge 28 First appearance 29 Finger 31 Locomotives 32 Jeered 33 Drains 34 Spot 37 Perpetual 40 Manages 41 Insinuate 43 Cliffs 44 Difficult position (3,4) 46 Outlaw 47 Farm 48 Upright portion of a step 49 Allegiance 50 Brave (coll) DOWN 1 Globular 2 Wrinkled 3 Washer 4 Bargains 5 Naming 6 Stamp 7 Astounds 8 Right side of a ship 9 Flow 10 Wiped out 15 Till 19 Sequin 20 Fate 23 Massage 24 Tenant 25 Muscleman (4,7) 27 Ridiculous 30 Childs toy (5,4) 32 Respiration 35 Speech 36 Carry 38 Sudsy 39 Doodle 42 Nuisances 44 Mountainous 45 Accurate ACROSS 4 Considered mythical and at the United Nations I find it cropped (7) 8 Being a model of excellence father beheads the dragon (7) 9 Im going to the factory to instil it (7) 10 How to trust an outpouring of naughty school- children (7) 11 Required by law to give a big dole handout? (7) 12 Sang patriotically by my little one at the border (6) 14 Essay on a theme produced by the little sister (6) 18 Being easy in mind was able to swindle the camper (7) 21 The result of having to come out of the New Order (7) 22 Father uses the solar variance to shelter him from the sun (7) 23 Sluggishness caused by putting on some finer tiaras (7) 24 The sheep lost blood then wandered off leisurely (7) DOWN 1 At Pauls request we have produced this useful implement (7) 2 You trot off and fish (5) 3 This is no age for you to worry so much (7) 4 We are in complete agreement that our boy should attend university (6) 5 Its not altogether simple to drive (5) 6 Love the mountains for the fruit to be found there (7) 7 Ted gets a rejection despite being well known (5) 13 After tea my little one shows spirit with a burst of ill temper (7) 15 How I hate her and her Scottish upbringing (7) 16 Included Vera, Les and a few others (7) 17 In a way Id lost but remained impassive (6) 18 So heady on meeting the queen that you skip like a goat (5) 19 Support needed by an artist (5) 20 It takes Tom to come up with such a meaningful phase (5) 1 11 13 18 25 29 33 41 46 48 2 19 42 3 30 4 20 26 31 39 43 49 17 34 5 14 21 35 40 15 36 6 12 27 47 7 24 37 44 22 8 16 28 32 50 9 23 45 10 38 1 8 10 12 18 22 24 2 13 3 19 4 9 11 17 21 23 14 5 15 6 20 7 16 Test your general knowledge Cate Blanchett Daniel Radcliffe 1. The Australia-India cricket Test series starts onwhich day? 2.Who is Australias Communications Minister? 3. Captain Cook is rhyming slang for what? 4.Australias Kit Willow Podgornik is associatedwithwhich industry? 5.Dendrology is the study of what? 6.Which Australian actress starred with Cate Blanchett in the film, Elizabeth: The Golden Age? 7.What does the EEC stand for? 8.Whowrote the English classic novel, Lady Chatterleys Lover? 9. Ramadan began onwhat date this year? 10. Cane toads came to Australia fromwhich part of theworld? 11. In which Italian city would you find the famous Rialto district? 12. Filipina ImeldaMarcoswas famous for collectingwhat? 13. The Seychelles are located in which of theworlds oceans? 14.Who coaches Sydney FC? 15.Whatword for tinnedmeat also means unsolicitedmessage? 16.Whatwas the final score in the recent LA Galaxy versus Melbourne Victory soccer game? 17.Where does Tokaywine originate? 18.Daniel Radcliffe stars in which Australianmovie? 19. Is a Sydney rock oyster larger or smaller than a Pacific oyster? 20.Whowon the tennis US Open before Roger Federers four years of victories? 21.What do you call a tray on wheels? 22. SoccerooMark Schwarzer plays for which English football team? 23.A ukulele has howmany strings? 24.What puts the sour flavour in a beef vindaloo? 25.What doesWHO stand for? 26. JosiahWedgwood is associated withwhich industry? 27.Actress JaneWymanwas married towhich famous American? 28. Is WoopWoop on the coast or in the bush? 29.A unicycle has howmany wheels? 30.Who is Australias tennis player of the year? Solutions Page46 THIS DAY INHISTORY Today isSunday,December11, the 345thdayof2011. Thereare20 days left in theyear. Highlights inhistoryon thisdate: 1792 - Frances King Louis XVI faces charges of treason.He is convicted, andexecuted the followingmonth. 1816 - Britain restores Java, Indonesia, to theNetherlands. 1845 - Sikhs cross Sutlej River in India and surpriseBritish, causing outbreak ofAnglo-SikhWar. 1894 -Worlds firstmotor showopens in Pariswith nine exhibitors. 1930 - Bank of theUnited States in NewYork fails and closes all its 60 branches. 1946 - TheUN International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF) is established. 1991 - Leaders of 12 European Community nations agree to establish loose federationwith common foreign policy and single currency by 1999, laying thegroundwork for the EU. 1995 - NSWPolice Royal Commission hidden camera reveals a senior detective having sexwith a prostitute, soliciting drugs andhaggling over child pornography; Actor JohnBlakewins Australias biggest personal injury payout of $32million after a 1986 car crash left himparalysed andbraindamaged. 1997 -More than 150 countries agree at a globalwarming conference in Kyoto, Japan, to control the Earths greenhousegases. 2004 - Doctors sayUkrainian presidential candidateViktor Yushchenkowas poisonedwith dioxin whichmayhavebeenput in the opposition leaders soup, producing severe disfigurement andpartial paralysis of his face. 2007 - Two truck bombs shear off the fronts ofU.N. offices and agovernment building inAlgerias capital, killing at least 31 people andwoundingnearly 200 in an attack claimedbyAl-Qaida in IslamicNorthAfrica. 2008 - FormerNasdaq stockmarket chairmanBernard L.Madoff is arrested on a securities fraud charge, accusedof running a phony investment business that lost at least $50billion. TodaysBirthdays:MosDef, American rapper and actor (1973-); HamishBlake, Australian comedian (1981-). Solutions to both puzzles page46

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