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14 NT NEWS. Monday, December 12, 2011. www.ntnews.com.au Conroys coremeltdown After blubbing during his speech on uranium, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy gains a supportive handshake from Senator Doug Cameron Picture: RENEE NOWYTARGER My family rememberswhen they came and took away all themilk for months ITS the Case of Conroys Curious Tears and how tragically easy it is to become an overnight hero of the Left. Stephen Conroy is the Gillard Governments Communications Minister, disliked by Labors Left for being a faction boss of the Right. Heavens above, hes even a warming sceptic. So it astonished many to see Conroy cry at Labors recent national conference. Even more astonishing, he cried as he spoke against Prime Minister Julia Gillards plan to sell uranium to India. Gillard has reason on her side, of course. India is a democracy and an ally. Our uranium would be used only for electricity generation in a country very short of the stuff. Anyway, we already sell uranium to China, which is not a democracy and, unlike India, has a history of helping nasty or unstable regimes with nuclear weapons. Then theres the jobs we would create, the cash we would earn and the friendship with India we would repair. Its a no-brainer. Its in our national interest, as well as Indias. So what on earth was Conroys argument against it all? Stand by: He had an uncle who worked at Windscale, a nuclear reactor in Britain which in 1957, six years before Conroys birth, had a fire. Heres how Conroy put it: His now retired uncle was involved in all the coverups of the Windscale fire. which released some iodine131 into the atmosphere. My family remembers when they came and took away all the milk for months because you couldnt drink it, Conroy declared. His cousins and another uncle still worked in the nuclear industry and his uncle had said: If youve got a choice, dont be in it. For this rationalisation of unreason, Conroy got a standing ovation at Labors convention as a Left-wing idol, which shows how much the Left prefers tears to thought, fantasy to fact. Scary. First, a question. If Conroys family really thinks the nuclear industry is so horrific, why do several of those same relatives still work in it, more than 50 years after Windscale? Why is it OK for them to earn a buck from nuclear, but not Australia? Are they just having their yellowcake and eating it too? Second, a correction. Milk was not taken away for months around Windscale, just for one month, as a precaution. Yes, the Windscale fire did cause some contamination, but no one was evacuated at the time and Britains Medical Research Council Committee concluded it is in the highest degree unlikely that any harm has been done to the health of anybody, whether a worker in the Windscale plant or a member of the general public. Some surveys have since claimed anywhere between 31 and 240 people could have later died from the exposure, but these seem based on a theory thats increasingly challenged that there is no safe dose of radiation. The fact remains that not one death or serious illness has ever been linked to the Windscale fire. A study in 2010 of 470 Windscale workers the people most highly exposed to any radiation concluded no significant health effects are associated with the 1957 Windscale fire even after 50 years of follow-up. Whats more, the hero of that fire, Tom Tuohy, died only three years ago in Australia, aged a handsome 90. If anyone had received a deadly dose, it would be Tuohy, who during the fire repeatedly climbed to the top of the exhaust to look down at the glow to see if the fire-fighting was working. As he said: If youre staring straight at the core of a shut-down reactor, youre going to get quite a bit of radi ation. Tuohy took that chance, yet died of old age. So why does this history matter? It matters because it so clearly didnt matter to Conroy and the hall of Labor delegates who cheered him and hailed him a hero. The facts did not matter. All that counted were Conroys tears. P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 2 -D E C -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 1 4 C O L O R : C M Y K Jones the victim ofwar on his freedom to speak and ours to hear Alan Jones ALAN Jones is just the latest victim of a new war on free speech. Of course, just saying Alan Jones will make the traditional free-speech poseurs relax. What do they care about Jones? About as much as they care about the Gillard Governments media inquiry into newspapers too critical of Labor and the Greens. Last year 2GBs Jones aired three segments criticising the NSW De partment of Environment and Climate Change for hounding farmers whod cleared native vegetation. In a normal society youd say Jones is entitled to his views. Dont like it, turn off. Ah, but there is a problem. Commercial radio and tele vision stations are bound by a code that insists reasonable efforts are made or reasonable opportunities are given to present significant viewpoints when dealing with controversial issues of public importance. Its a hangover from when there were far fewer electronic media outlets. So Jones has been reprimanded by the Australian Communications and Media Authority for not interviewing people who would stick up for the department. A telling thing is that the anonymous complainant never bothered to ring Jones on talkback to object.There seems now to be a concerted effort on the Left to use this code to force certain broadcasters to air opinions they disagree with. And I do mean concerted. The ABCs Media Watch in March suggested someone use the commercial broadcasters Code of Practice to force climate sceptic broadcasters to also air the warmist case. Jones was mentioned. And bingo, ACMA is now interviewing another complaint against Jones. I suspect the hand of GetUp, the new Labor front. Jones is just the latest victim of a new war on not just his freedom to speak, but yours to hear. TXTS of theweek Was a serial drink driver when young. Lost a lot, work, home, family n friends. Got a decent limp due to sippin whilst speedin. Aint worth it people. Nuff said. where does hendo think all the people living in his 'high density' housing are going to store their 10 cartons of empties to get $24 back. dumber idea than the plastic bag farce! joe, stu pk They said it It is really disturbing that these girls think they can just get awaywith it Shop owner Sandra Eagle was punched, kicked to the ground, and dragged more than 2m by her hair in an attack at Woodroffe Fresh Food Supermarket, in Palmerston. Her attackers were a pack of teenage girls Territorymoment AN INNOVATIVE scheme to keep the streets of northern Taiwan clean has seen thousands of citizens dutifully collecting bags of dog poop in the hope of winning $A2000 in gold. More than 4000 residents of New Taipei City, which surrounds the capital, have signed up for the competition since it was launched in early August, and have so far collected 14,000 bags of the stuff. A few spots in the Territory could perhaps do with such a scheme.

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