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The Northern Territory news Mon 12 Dec 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Monday, December 12, 2011. NT NEWS. 29 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 2 -D E C -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 2 9 C O L O R : C M Y K Stretch clothing should be prohibited. If you are too fat for jeans, wear something else! SEEBELOW ONHOTPANTS n Towards the end of the school year this happens every year; then once the new school year starts it is enforced for a few months and then the whiners start . . . cant afford clothes etc etc so clothing standards get lost . . . if they can afford skimpy shorts they can afford something decent too: just buy it! Once in a workplace they may have to comform so they can start while at school. Assie of Darwin n I reckon girls and women can wear those skimpy shorts and midriffs on the weekends anytime they want but not at school. Perving is free and OK, as long as you dont gawk. Dave of Nakara n Spot on! Too many fat people that are still in denial. Too tight, too short, dress to the occasion! Dress to your size. Stretch clothing should be prohibited. If you are too fat for jeans, wear something else! Dont try to get into clothing 2 sizes or more down because you were able to wear them 5 years ago. If you want to get into skimpy clothing at least have a body that stays in that clothing and not one that hangs over it or bulges out of it. Wild Bill of Alice Springs Pay attention youth, get noticed for the RIGHT reasons and not the WRONG ones! Be positive examples to one another because you deserve self respect. If you dont respect yourselves it makes it that much harder for others to respect you. YOU DO DESERVE IT! Mama26ofNT ON DETAINEE WINS ART AWARD n Great to see energy being put to this rather than rioting, burning down buildings,or sewing lips together. John H.Doo n So $500 off to Pakistan for wife and kids. Saving for the next boat trip then they will be here. Escaped from Pakistan, its safe for wife & kids but hey they just dont give sitdown money unlike Australia. Join the Afghan army and and fight for your country and let our boys come home. Pete of out bush ONSINGAPOREVDARWIN n Having lived here for 15 of last 20 years, have to agree that Darwin has lost that unique character it once had and has turned into a crimeridden, dirty dump. Crime, itinerants, high-rises built for southern climes not unique tropical homes we once had. Cost of living high. Mitchell Street warzone = drunken Marines vs drunken ADF fighting over limited single female population? Here for work now, not because I love the place. No contest Singapore Dof Darwin City n We should all be happy were here, Darwin is tropical and unique and there is no place in Australia like it. We just need to get on top of law and order. Rappy ofHDoo n Nice pic of Cullen Bay. Why dont you show one of what it used to look like? You know, when it was a beautiful tropical beach and not some shamejob Gold Coast wanabe? And as for dogboxes? Is that what every new housing development in Darwin is all about? What percentage of new dwellings in the last 10 years are real houses you can drive a car around and plant a shade tree next to? dinkdink3@hotmail. comof Rapid Creek SpeakUp: Have you finished your Christmas shopping? YES I had an operation a couple of weeks ago on my knee so I thought I better do the shopping beforehand. RHONDACHAFFER, CoconutGrove YES I started eight weeks ago so I did not have to rush to get everything. BARNEYBERRILL, Leanyer NO I just have to pick up the lay-bys, I am nearly finished. LAURACLOSTER,Wanguri NOBut the Christmas shopping is under control. I am half finished. HELENBLANEY,Tiwi NOBut it is under control. My husband is always a bit difficult to find something for. MARIARICHTER,Darwin 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor I find thewhole institution ofmarriage unappealing but I do believe if two peoplewant to getmarried they should be allowed, regardless of preferences. ONSCHOOLDRESS CODES n High school dress code long overdue, well done; if they present better maybe they will feel better about themselves and their manners will improve n STAMP OUT THE TRAMP. . . CONGRATULATIONS CASUARINA SENIOR HIGH . . . Its about time to STOP the Tramp Parade at our schools and TRY to get some self respect into these girls Michael, Virginia n Re.csc dress code, its another example of schools having to make up for absentee/ slack parenting stevemoil n We are sick of seeing young girls eating their shorts on their way to school. Good on you Ms Elphinstone. Darwinitewith PRIDE ONOTHERTHINGS n You have got to be f&$@!;g joking, doing 100 km/h over the limit and only get a $240 fine. This dumb ass tourist should of been locked up for six months. Its no wonder kids are speeding and drinkdriving when a verdict like this is handed out. WTF of theDoo n @ local lady, hair colour? I like my woman brazilian Dave, Nakara n Shutting drive-through bottle shops is a very sensible idea to reduce the drinkdriving culture that plagues our roadways, and should be given serious consideration along with a blanket zero limit to drive a motor car. Steve Kilinko n Re G Sawyers letter, life@thetop still sounds like a line from a beer ad to me lol. Iain, Howard Springs n Re: the Australia Network fiasco. Just when is this incompetent Gillard government going to get something right? Please Prime Minister, call an election ASAP. Bec. Darwin n Bring in double demerit pts, double fines and suspensions n Poor old Santa. In our day you would have to line up for ages to see him. Now he cant draw a crowd at all. Whats happened over the years? n Dont swim unless sign says safe to do so. where do we find these signs and how many are out there apart from public pools? my guess zero. cull now dtees parap n Shop i work at broken into, wrecked security screen, smashed window, tipped 15,000 dollar bike on its side, stole $13,500 bike. Who knows, maybe the judge will give the poor unfortunate criminal a new bike as punishment. Timalice springs. n I notice at work when we get deliveries they send either two men OR one woman to carry boxes. Does this mean that a woman can do the work of two men? Daisy, Palmerston n Cows would probably last longer if they werent made of steak and leather jackets. BDStuart Park n Emily of Driver, speed limit applies to both right or left lane unless you are on a road where there is a sign that permits this . . . n Thought I saw a girl at hookers ball but I was just mistaken . . . it was just another dude in a dress. darwin needs more girls or its going to turn into a giant throb night club. Aah crap, to late! Nath, leanyer Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Risky uranium not the answer RE: AND another thing (NT News, Friday, December 2). There is no such thing as a bright and profitable future for the uranium industry, despite the news that the only uranium miner in the NT has scraped together some funds. The risks that this industry pose are too dark and too costly. While we may have lots in the ground that is where it must stay. Operators of the Ranger uranium mine will most likely continue to lurch from one crisis to another, risking our pristine environment, the health of workers and the health of surrounding communities. The Rum Jungle uranium mine has never been properly rehabilitated, with popular day spots like Rum Jungle lake remaining closed due to radiation health risks. Then there are exports. On a good day our yellowcake ends up as nuclear waste, which we still have no way to store safely. On a bad day Australian uranium fuels a nuclear disaster like Fukushima, which has left 150,000 people homeless and an estimated clean-up bill of $250 billion. I too want to see a bright and profitable future for industry in the NT, but we need to look elsewhere. Uranium is not the answer. Cat Beaton Environment CentreNT Locals spear cherabin in the waterways around Gunbalanya as smoke from a bushfire drifts across the valley Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS