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The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula



The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula

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by B. Wood and D. Sivertsen


Wood, B.; Sivertsen, D.; Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory


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Cobourg Peninsula


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This report describes a land system survey over the Cobourg Peninsula broadly describing landform, soils and vegetation to assist the effective planning and management of the area as a National Park.



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1. Introduction -- 2. Summary Descriptions -- 3. Land Systems -- 4. Soils -- 5. Vegetation -- Appendices -- Acknowledgements.




Land use -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula; Vegetation mapping -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula

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Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory

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iv, 80, [6] p. : col. ills. ; 30 cm.

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are too small to be mapped separately at this scale and the relative abundance of ~ach component varies consid erably from place to place. This complex occurs in the southern and eastern sections of the Peninsula in Scarp, Wang~J u and Irgul land systems. The dominant lan9form is an undulating surface consisting of low. ridges, domed rises and shal~ 19wo interveninq valleys. Points of. greater relief, e.g. Mount Roe, Mount _Bedwell and Bay Hill are al so part of this, landscape. Soils vary considerably with the landform; lithosols dominate on the ridges whilst yellow earths and yel)ow podzolics dominate in the intervening depressions. As statedpreviou.sly, this community is made up of three rna ifl components, two of wh tch have al ready been described. The third component, found only in the vall ey~, part ic ul arly where intermittent seepage occurs, is dominated by Me7a7euc? v~ridif7ora in assoc iation w~th Euca7yptus papuana, E. 7atifo7ia and E. po7ycarpa. Lower strata in this compo.nent are extrem ely variable alt~ough the goround cover, usually grasses with some sedges, is dense. This community is similar in some respects to map unit 9. The conservation value of this community as a whole is medium at best since the various. component~ are better represented in other communities. However, areas, contained wi.thin this map unit wil~ have a high value, for example, Mounts Roe and Bedwell. EucalYl!tus tetrodonta - ,Eucalyptus miniata over Acacia mimula. (Map Unit 4 - 1.3 km 2) The small peninsula between Sh,amrock and Silvid Bays on the. south coast of Cobourg, part of wang~~ u land system, contains a small plain of deep pale sand with a colour B horizon which forms the substrate for t his community. The upp~r stratum is dominated by Eucalyptus tetr odonta and E. miniata about fifteen meters tall with a sparse canopy (i.e. a Tall Woodland) whilst the second - 37