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The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula



The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula

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by B. Wood and D. Sivertsen


Wood, B.; Sivertsen, D.; Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory


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Cobourg Peninsula


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This report describes a land system survey over the Cobourg Peninsula broadly describing landform, soils and vegetation to assist the effective planning and management of the area as a National Park.



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1. Introduction -- 2. Summary Descriptions -- 3. Land Systems -- 4. Soils -- 5. Vegetation -- Appendices -- Acknowledgements.




Land use -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula; Vegetation mapping -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula

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Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory

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iv, 80, [6] p. : col. ills. ; 30 cm.

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APPENDIX II SOIL FAMILY DESCRIPTIONS Gener a 1 The allocation of soil profiles into particular families allows some org anisation of the individual site data into general soil descriptions suit able" for representing the variouos soils of Cobourgat this scale of map ping. Understandably therefore, there will be significant variation in some of the soil parameters with1n the. family description and from repre sentation profiles outl ined here. Many of the soil famil ies observed on Cobourg oPen insul a occur throughout the Northern Later itic Upl and s of the Top End, so the general properties and capabil ity for various forms of uses can" be extrapo 1 ated from other areas where more deta il ed stud ies have occurred. The following descriptions of soil profiles" and a general understand ing of the soil geography outl ined in section 6.3 can be u~ed to allocate most soil profiles found on Cob~urg Peni~sula into a family. Jargon has bee~ minimised, however, ~o enable comparisons with other soils elsewhere and," to avoid ambiguity, specific soil terminology has been used throughout. Terminology used is a~cording to "The Australian Soil and Land Survey Handbook" (McDonald et ale 1984). Soil acidity read ings w~re obtained in the field using a soil pH test kit (Inoculo Laborat~ ories). Previous experience indicates that these figures will be sl.ightly higher in. the field than those obtained ~rom laboratory analysis. The following profile details are site specific. Each horizon description is laid out in the following manner: Descriptive colour. (Mu~sell colour code); hand texture; structure; fabric; consistence; pH. - 50