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The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula



The land resources of Cobourg Peninsula

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by B. Wood and D. Sivertsen


Wood, B.; Sivertsen, D.; Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory


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Cobourg Peninsula


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; This report describes a land system survey over the Cobourg Peninsula broadly describing landform, soils and vegetation to assist the effective planning and management of the area as a National Park.



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1. Introduction -- 2. Summary Descriptions -- 3. Land Systems -- 4. Soils -- 5. Vegetation -- Appendices -- Acknowledgements.




Land use -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula; Vegetation mapping -- Northern Territory -- Cobourg Peninsula

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Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory

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iv, 80, [6] p. : col. ills. ; 30 cm.

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Community 3 - Tall Woodland No.3 (TW3); 9 Sites; 23,390 Ha Key De scr i pt ion: Tall Woodland dominated by E. tetrodonta, E. miniata or Me7a7euca viridi f70ra over a mid-dense secondary ~ree and shrub layers over mid-dense to dense perennial and annual grasses. stratum 1: Trees, 14 to 18 m; crown cover 20 to 40% ranging to 70% at some sites; I. -' " _, domin?-nt o species" in~lude Me7a7euca viridiflo;a, E. tetrodo~ta, E. neso phi7a, E. miniata, E. papuana and Erythroph7oem ch7orostachys . . strat~m 2: Trees, 7 to 10 m; often formi~g ? mid-dense vcanopy; dominant sRecies include Termina7ia ferdinandiana, E. tetrodonta, p,andanus spira7is, Erythro ph7 o~in chl orostachys and Lophostemon 7 actifl uus. The shrub 1 ayer tends to ! 0 be very sparse. stratum 3: Grasses, 0.2 to 1. 4, m; 40 to 100% ground cover; species very variabl e, Impera ta c/7 i ndrica, Eri achne squarrosa and Sorghum intrans occ ur most frequently. Community 4 - Tall Woodland Over Mid High Open Forest (TW/MHOF); 1 Site; 130 Ha Key Description: Tall Woodland of E. tetrodonta and E. miniata over Mid ,High Open Forest of Acacia mimu7a over very sparse Sorghum sp. ground cover. stratum 1: Trees, 15 m; crown cover 40%; E. tetrodonta and E. miniata. strat~m 2: Trees, 7, to 8 m; crown cover 65%; Acacia mimu7a with some Grevi77ea pteridiifo7 ia. - 61