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The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2011



The Northern Territory news Fri 18 Nov 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, November 18, 2011. NT NEWS. 15 P U B : N T N E W S D A T E : 1 8 -N O V -2 0 1 1 P A G E : 1 5 C O L O R : C M Y K I love theway our southern polliesmake decisions and send the resultant problem to the NT. Lock up your daughters, save for the higher cost of living SEEBELOW ONOBAMA, US TROOPS ANDNEWSPAPERHAT n There are benefits for Darwin and the rest of the Territory. US Marines and 2500 means more $$$$$$ into the NT economy, more jobs, yes good looking potential partners and a strong alliance with Australia. Bring them on. Micah n A US military presence will fortify Darwin and give us some strength close to Indonesia. Indons wont like it. But maybe we wont have to pay them $1 billion a year in please dont hurt me 'foreign aid' money any more. And maybe theyll stop sending the boats down (illegal fishing and people smugglers), end the occupation of West Papua and crack down on their Islamist preachers. krakatoa of wagaman n The hat reminds me of a Monty Python skit.KK n Looks like the Palmo girls are all ready! Remember girls, dont give it away for nothing. Dave of Nakara n This is indeed an historic event: it will be the first time in history that Darwin has welcomed a black man. Pensil Armadillo of Darwin n Make trade not war! ..... Obama makes a good argue ment. The Chinese are in a position to bail out Europe. Emerging as potentially the top superpower, if they do lend money to EU they will have clout to change social policy becoming a new world order but we dont want to subscribe to their atrocious human rights track record. We have to embrace the US presence.Waiting of Darwin n Considering how long Australia has been sponging off the US military, particularly overseas, I guess its time we gave something back to them. Ged of Darwin n I love the way our southern pollies make decisions and send the resultant problem to the NT. Lock up your daughters, save for the higher cost of living, poxy US sailors, drug abuse rises, end to safe nights out, jet noise pollution, an so on. Lonely planet, are you sure Darwin will be a great destination? Dissapointed of Darwin n The US military has exchanges with military personel from all over the world. If you come to Houston, Texas, I guarantee you will be treated with the greatest of respect and hospitality. You teach me about Austrailian Rules Football & Ill teach you about American Football. This will be done while you try our Texas barbeque, tex-mex food and drink our Shiner beer. Austrailia and the USA are two great countries, may they long prosper. MGM of Houston, TX n Much better disciplined than the meathead zuped up doof doof driving ajs we have. You wont hear boo out of the marines except yes sir/maam. Nana n So who is actually going to count the Yanks in and then out again. No one. This is a publicity. No to keep the chinese and Territorians happy. 200-250 doesnt sound too bad but each one will have 5 friends staying with them in the new centre. Why do we really think that the Asylum seekers have been moved into the community & then Wickham Point to make space for the Yanks at Defence Est. Darwin. Behind the black shade we Aussies wont know the differnece. Intellegent Territiorian of Darwin SpeakUp: Are you disappointed Barack Obamas visit was not more public? YES It doesnt bother me thatmuchbut its a shamehewasonly here for twohours. DANIELVEELING,Bakewell NOHeshould have done aSkype conference or something I dont think the effort Darwin has gone to is good value formoney. GRAHAMHAVENS, Jingili YESTheyhave shut down thewhole of Darwin.Maybenext time ifwebeef security up itwill be more relaxed. ROBKING,Nakara NO Im just not interested. He is welcome though and it isworth thehype. JUSTINEWILLIAMS,TheGardens YESBut I can understandwhy its not howwouldwe feel if he got blownup? JULII TYSON,Karama 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Oh boo hoo, poor Lisa Curry found Celebrity Apprentice draining because of her business and family commitments.Why did she sign up in the first place? Joy, Nakara ONOBAMA n Hey mr prez why dont u visit a territory icon uncle sams its only around the corner from the esplande. bob, down ludmilla n Disgusted we cant see the President. The irish had a beer with him.Bryan S n So Obama has a 3 hour stop with no public contact, no need to refuel, and nothing the US ambassador couldnt do? Why? A secret meeting with... THE ALIENS n Australia capitulates to the USA. It is a wonder that Quentin Bryce didnt curtsy to Barach Obama as Julia Gillard goes cheek to cheek with him and rubs his back to officially welcome him to Australia. What an embarassment. SteveKilinko n Who the hell is this obama bloke? n Nobody gives a shi* that Gillard is coming. Obama for prime minister!! WK, Stuart park n Its a pity we the people of darwin wont even get a glimpse of the first black leader of the free world. What has ths world come to. stephen pascoe,moil n I for one do not understand why we the public, cannot see & share in the Presidents visit? As for foreign snippers trained on our people! What gives? Peter, Girraween n Hey obama, ill give you a body piercing for free for you to remember darwin by! Dimmie at Persephone BodyPiercing n WTF no power in Howard Springs again 3rd time in less than 24hrs. Bet Obama & all his circus not without power. Ova it, Howard Springs ONUSMARINESBOUND FORDARWIN n Why did a Royal Australian Regiment move 2 Adelaide for? Id prefer our boys back than 2500 yanks! WTF! Whos stupid idea is this? n Not sure what worries me more cyclones on roids comming our way or 2500 marines comming & staying. Mabe they r the fifo construction cotingent for IMPEX & the Pres only stoped in 2 sign the EBA Enebidable Bombing Agreement. chap, achills ONOTHERTHINGS n thats not warnie on the new advanced hair add its his evil skinny twin brother. n Re: universal snub for alien babes. Hear hear! How can you claim to be miss universe if you only compete against one speck of the universe? Well said.G, acacia n To the idiot in the dirty white ute that did not give way 4pm Wed at Nightcliff roundabout coming off Bagot u almost caused a major accident. How about u use your one brain cell 2 concentrate on your driving instead of the mobile phone stuck 2 your ear u idiot. n To the hot chick that was running the wii contest at Howard springs tavern last friday night you rock. we will be back this Friday you better be there. n Whats going on with the Palmo shopping centre & no newsagent/lotto shop? Bet the Oasis shops,news/lotto r luvin it.BK, Gray n Nothing like a daily dose of information on humanitarian issues.Dr Fly Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Sorry day for Darwin peace SORRY to burst the current euphoric bubble, but it seems Darwin is about to change, and not for the better. Thanks to an independent Julia Gillard decision, our wonderful home is about to become Canberras dumping ground for noisy American jets, totally superfluous warships and US marines who probably imagine themselves Gods gift to women. Darwin doesnt need this, and it will destroy the whole ethos whereby Darwin recently made Lonely Planets Top Ten! Why do we have to be militarily allied with a man who rides the Beast? Doesnt that speak for itself? It is difficult to imagine how such people as he, and the cohorts like PM Gillard who bow to him, can live with their consciences, after they have initiated unnecessary wars that have killed and maimed so many innocent men, women and children over the past 10 years. Arent such people, with so much innocent blood on their hands, more to be despised than idolised? Are their works those of Obama and Gillard etc the works of God? Or do they belong to the Enemy? To paraphrase what someone said recently, does America make anything better? KingRoman, Darwin PICK OF THE PICS Crew member Sergey Muravickiy and Captain Sergey Sinelnik stopped off in Darwin in a replica Viking ship on their epic round-the-world trip Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI