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The Northern Territory news Sat 10 Sep 2011

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, September 10, 2011. NT NEWS. 31 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:10-SGE:31 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: SHOULD politicians be allowed to change parties? NO I think its up to the electorate andnot the politician. MATTHEW CUBILLO, Millner NO I dont believe they should. Your views are onewayor the other. Howcan you changemidway through your career? It just doesntwork. COLIN WOUDSMA, Darwin City DONT KNOW I dont really care. Does anyone carewhat politicians say? NORMA VASSES, Stuart Park YES I guess if they really believe inwhat the other party says, theymight do a better job on theother side. NICOLE JONES, Larrakeyah NO I dont follow politicsmuch. But you shouldnt be allowed to changeparties half way through your term. KEN VIEGAS, Marrara 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Pervert Alert - There are some serious sickos in theworld! If/when they are caught, they should be named& shamed!! Worried Mum, Darwin. ON EVERYTHING n As a remote area worker in Darwin for rnr I cant help but laugh at Darwin escort agencies. Darwin escort agencies provide a terrible service at a very high price. Cant blame people for paying less for better service. The government should be legalizing brothels as there is a need in Darwin. n As a CLP voter,i am disgusted 2 c that Labor turncoat,Alison Anderson is now endorsed by the CLP!That extra vote in Alice Springs is now gone in Fong Lim! Tiff.Millner. n Build above the Vic? Why? Turn it back into a historic, old style local hotel and I (loooong term local) will go back there. Why do we have to tart EVERYTHING in this town! Think of something else Nicky boy. n Ahhh NT wheather. Glad to be home even if it is only for a visit. Stay wild and free NT, dont listen to the haters. Midget of anula n Exactly who is running this country - the Government, the Opposition, the Independents or the Greens? For goodness Gillard, call for a General Election. Brian. Darwin n Has anybody seen the shit that is served at RDH cafeteria , maccas would be an improvement !!!! n To all the dog walkers at dripstone cliffs.....clean up your dogs Crap....Its disgusting and lazy leaving it on the beach. n The proposed carbon tax is all about revenue raising and wont do a thing for the environment the govt stand to collect a windfall as the gst goes on top of the carbon tax john daly waters n To peter westcoast, the crew involved in people smuggling arent as naive as you make out. They are the worst kind of criminal. Your letter is ridiculous n To all the queenslanders bitching about how bad the N.T is and then raving about how good qld is,i ask you, why did you leave and what the hell are you doing here if qld is so great? n I was so sickened with the story about the cat that was kicked and now is damaged over what these scum. How could any child or adult do something like that. I couldnt even read it all because it hurt somuch. n Hey Mr in ya big silver 4wd,when u are merging into traffic u are supposed to merge with us on the highway,we dont have 2 slow down 4 u, U dumb old codger n NT gov Katherine signhopeless! How many international visitors will know who Cadell Evans is? Mike n Detainees have illegaly entered aust,so they are locked up. Send them all home and stop them jumping the queque n A lot of parents wont go with the kids if v8s goes to night racing. Dave, palmo Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Idiots, but hey, its their choice WHY are sections of the public and officialdom getting their knickers in a twist over wakeboarding in crocinfested waters, planking, and other such activities? The people who do these things are doing it to get their fifteen minutes of fame (which the media seems only too happy to provide); are just thrill seekers enjoying the challenge; or, as seems to be the opinion of most observers, just plain idiots. Why should it bother anyone else what these people are doing as long as it has no effect on anyone but the participants? I say let them carry on with their little adventures its their life, not mine. But, should things go wrong for them they should not expect nor receive sym pathy nor should they expect or receive any assistance which may endanger the lives of others, i.e. their rescuers. If they sustain injury, the costs associated with that injury are the responsibility of no one but themselves. That also applies to any costs associated with getting them out of trouble. While I personally would not participate in any of these daredevil antics, it is not for me to tell these people what they should or should not do to make their lives more exciting if thats what they do it for. The human race throughout the centuries have had risk takers and we are all the better for that. Vivi e lascia vivere. B. Cook, Darwin A dingo bounds through the wetlands at Twin Hills Station in the NT Outback Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD PICK OF THE PICS Well doneNTNews...First thing in themorning, the kettle goes on and then computer...Great way to start the day... coffee andNTNews. Keep up the greatwork c.g. of melbourne ON MASSAGE PARLOURS n Shes right, Darwin Hookers are way too expensive! Dave of Nakara n There goes the funding for the Labour party. They are the ones offering the rub and tugs for $60 (not that youd pay that much)! Investigate the government they are F***ing me for $1000.00 every fortnight and I dont get a happy ending!!! TC of TC n Confucius say, if you go to bed with sex on mind you wake up with solution in hand. Save yourself $300, honestly....didnt know we were that short of women up here. Barry of Leanyer ON CROC STUNT n Fella, dont apologise for your actions if you got your rocks off because the Crocs wont apologise for taking a chunk out of your hide. Good for you, if it rocks your boat. I just dont want the tree huggers & do-gooders screaming for the Crocs head if someone does get taken.Go hard!! Bella of NT Gulf Region n So, what would you say if a croc did grab you wakeboarding. Unfortunatley, the authorities would be required to at least search for a body, putting their lives in danger, and what of the crocs that are shot because a single croc takes lunch on the run. Being stupid is up to you, but actually knowing your being stupid and prepared to risk other lives by your stupid actions, well thats just plain madness. You should be locked up. VOTE Crocs n Its actually more dangerous driving out of Darwin at 5 oclock in the arvo its unreal how may F***wits are on mobile phones. They change lanes without looking, travel at 50kph in 50 or 90 speed zones. Lock the right hand lanes down so traffic cant flow, and yes most of them are young females Lance Hardwood of Farrar ON SCOFFEE AND BIKINIS n Addicted. I used to drink up to 10 a day (back in the day when they used to be .80cents). Now, I set my limit at 1 a day. Maybe sneak in a second every now and then... Darwin Ice coffee rocks, the southern stuff tastes like dishwater and you need to lick your armpits to get rid of the taste. JM of Darwin n I now need to buy a bikini and pour iced coffee on myself. Scott of Wulagi n that picture makes me wanna go out and buy an iced coffee.. I dont even drink it.haha camlouie. of earth ON POO REPORT n We want the TRUTH , the whole truth and nothing but the TRUTH of (this) report anf lets hope if a crime has been committed it will be proportionate to the fine and punishment and not a woefull pittance of $19,000 Waiting of Darwin n Can the task force examine the rocks left of the Nightcliff jetty. Ive lived in Darwin my whole life and in the 70s/80s/ 90s the rocks were very clean, now theyre completely covered in a green/brown sludge. Its has changed completely. Angela of Nightcliff ON BEING LIKED n NT News has done a great job of making its website the 'Place to go'. Its more than an online newspaper, its created a community. The links with Facebook have undoubtedly contributed to the success, this is something that many larger organisations, both print and conventional fail to do. Mikey of Bairnsdale